Dr. Donovan Jamison was the CEO at NuCorp, a high-tech energy firm.[1]

Early life

Dr. Jamison was arrested for selling or trading sensitive technology secrets about detection of minerals to an unknown source in 2002. He was exposed by his assistant Rebecca Jones, but maintained that he had been set-up or framed throughout the trial. Shortly after being arrested, NuCorp asked Dr. Jamison to resign.

The case was highly publicized and scrutinized. There were reports that the judge presiding over the case might be biased towards the defense, having once owned a significant amount of NuCorp stock, which eventually resulted in the judge recusing himself from the case. When he was replaced by a judge with a hard-line, anti-business track record, this raised some to speculate that Dr. Jamison was being framed, or at least insuring the possibility that Dr. Jamison would get the harshest punishment available.

After speculation that Dr. Jamison would complete a deal to avoid jail time, he disappeared. (see the Smallville Ledger articles below for more information)

Early Research

Chloe Sullivan learned of Dr. Jamison's involvement in research with mineral rocks with Dr. Arthur Walsh and Dr. Steven Hamilton in 1990, and went to interview him. She learned that after his arrest, Dr. Jamison pled guilty to a lesser charge.

Dr. Jamison caught Chloe and Pete Ross sneaking around, and took them to an underground laboratory in which he was experimenting on the bodies of deceased metahumans. He claimed to want to cure meteor rock infection, but also revealed that he also wanted to cultivate the powers for himself. Chloe and Pete escaped his attempt on their lives by causing an explosion in the lab. Dr. Jamison's research lab was flooded, but his whereabouts were unknown. (Chloe Chronicles, Volume Two)

Project Ares

Four years later, Dr. Jamison became a primary physician on Lex Luthor's Level 33.1 project, which continued his aim to cultivate metahuman powers into one super-powered individual. He was working at the Corto Maltese Level 33.1 facility when it was destroyed by the Justice League.[2] However, Lex had plans to take the research one step further and create an army of super-soldiers, and was successful with the creation of the Mark IV prototype of the sub-project Project Ares.


After studying Bizarro's DNA, Dr. Jamison realized that it was sufficient for Lex's army of clones. However, as he was about to tell Lex, Bizarro (possessing a small boy) lunged through a window and killed Bartlett, Project Ares' supervisor. Dr. Jamison tried to escape, but Lex betrayed him and locked the metal doors, leaving Jamison trapped with the blood-thirsty Bizarro.

Ledger Articles

  • [1] Dr. Jamison is arrested.
  • [2] Details on his upcoming trial.
  • [3] Speculation that the judge might step aside.
  • [4] The presiding judge agrees to step aside.
  • [5] A replacement judge is found.
  • [6] Report on the first day of the trial.
  • [7] Speculation that Jamison will probably reach a deal to avoid jail time.



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