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Detective is the second story arc of Smallville: Season 11,[1] a comic book series from DC Comics that follows the continuity of the television series. It features the first appearance of Bruce Wayne/Batman. It also features the first appearance of Barbara Gordon/Nightwing.[2]


From DC Comics: "In this collection of issues #5-8, Superman discovers a vigilante in Metropolis on the trail of a killer—and this mysterious Batman will stop at nothing to find his parents’ killer, even if it puts him on a collision course with The Man of Steel!"


  • Smallville: Season 11 #5 (Released on September 5, 2012)[3]
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 13: Detective, Part 1 (Digital Release August 17, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 14: Detective, Part 2 (Digital Release August 24, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 15: Detective, Part 3 (Digital Release August 31, 2012)
  • Smallville: Season 11 #6 (Released on October 3, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 16: Detective, Part 4 (Digital Release September 14, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 17: Detective, Part 5 (Digital Release September 21, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 18: Detective, Part 6 (Digital Release September 28, 2012)
  • Smallville: Season 11 #7 (Released on November 7, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 19: Detective, Part 7 (Digital Release October 12, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 20: Detective, Part 8 (Digital Release October 19, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 21: Detective, Part 9 (Digital Release October 26, 2012)
  • Smallville: Season 11 #8 (Released on December 5, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 22: Detective, Part 10 (Digital Release November 16, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 23: Detective, Part 11 (Digital Release November 23, 2012)
    • Smallville: Season 11 - Chapter 24: Detective, Part 12 (Digital Release November 30, 2012)


Trade paperbacks[]

  • Smallville: Season 11 Volume 2: Detective (Released on August 14, 2013)


Chapter Thirteen[]

Superman SV S11 57263e498652a37ef3f304dd056c90ae

Lois & Clark spend an evening together in the Fortress.

Due to Lex's capability to track Superman's location anywhere on Earth, Clark and Lois have been unable to see each other for 3 weeks. However, thanks to Oliver repositioning of one of his satellites to temporarily block Lex's tracking satellites, Clark is able to travel to the Fortress of Solitude undetected, and the ability of the Fortress to shield Clark's radiographic signature allows him and Lois to rendezvous there for an evening and spend some intimate time alone. Clark also researches the information available at the fortress in an attempt to discover a way to remove the radioactive isotope Lex is using to track him from his system. While Emil is trying to figure out about the destruction of Earth-2.

Batman Smallville smvch13pd20jpg-440672

Batman and Nightwing decide to leave for Metropolis.

In Gotham, Saul, a minor weapons dealer, is about to sell hi-tech weapons to members of Intergang when Nightwing shows up. Saul escapes, as everyone else is down, but is ambushed by Batman, who was watching ten stories up. After Batman interrogates and threatens him, Saul reveals that his Intergang contact is a criminal named Joe Chill. In the end, Batman tells Nightwing to go to the cave and make preparations because they are heading to Metropolis.

Chapter Fourteen[]

Superman SV S11 Lex and Otis

Lex confiding in Otis.

It's morning once again in Metropolis and Otis walks in on Lex sleeping in his office. Otis reminding Lex about his appointments of the day. He's meeting with a representative of Waynetech. Lex never makes it up to his penthouse anymore; he stays up all night at his office laptop watching Superman's energy signature fly all around the city fighting crime and saving lives. Lex then talks about how much he doesn't trust Superman; Superman has gotten under his skin, though he suspects that in his missing memories, Lex might have known Superman. Superman does behave like he knows Lex. Lex also points out since goosing Superman with the radioactive isotope that allows him to track the Man of Steel's movements, Superman's heroic activities have increased four hundred percent. Why, it's like Superman has nothing else to do anymore.

Back to the basement of the Daily Planet, Jeff is pondering about Clark's puppy eyes and his secrets. Lois arrives and is surprised to see only Jeff there, but everyone is busy with Superman stories.

Superman SV S11 Guns 2

Superman talking with Dan Turpin while taking down some criminals.

Some thug wearing a LexCorp teleporter vest takes a School Bus with children hostage which is suspended in the air by a crane. Across town, police officers headed by detectives Dan Turpin and Maggie Sawyer, is dealing with a hostage situation. There's a school bus suspended high above the streets by a crane and some thugs wearing high tech teleportation vests are holding young children hostage. One child decides to get super heroic, opens up his shirt to reveal a Superman logo underneath, and thinks he can zap one of the bad guys with heat vision. Instead of getting his head blown off, the boy is saved by real heat vision melting the gun, and the real Superman ripping through the roof and hefting the bad guy into the sky. The rest of the thugs teleport away then reappear and open fire on the police. Superman saves the kids. Ready to go to LexCorp.

Chapter Fifteen[]

After he deactivates of the bomb, Superman rounds up the teleportation thieves who apologize to the children for kidnapping them, hitching their school bus up on a crane, and then trying to blow them up with a bomb. 

Superman SV S11 Bruce detective

Bruce analyzing Clark's love life

As Superman politely soars off with one of the teleportation vests, Dan Turpin meets Bruce Wayne and Barbara Gordon visiting Metropolis who got to see Superman in action firsthand. Barbara is more impressed than Bruce is, or more impressed than Bruce is letting on. Bruce however reveals that it looks like Superman is taken. Bruce Wayne is keen on getting the meeting with Lex over with and getting out of Metropolis post-haste stating that "Metropolis is... unnerving." Barbara pokes fun at him for Metropolis' lack of killer clowns "with guns in their mouths" and alligator men in the sewers chasing penguins ... that are trained to kill. Mr. Wayne explains to Barbara that he's dilly-dallying to be late on purpose to meet with Luthor to keep up appearances as an irresponsible billionaire playboy.

Later, at the Ace of Clubs, Lex and Bruce have their lunch meeting on the patio while Barbara Gordon is having lunch with Otis. Bruce and Lex are discussing why billionaires have the right to order off menu and WayneTech building a Super Collider in Antarctica, but Barbara tells Otis that Michael Holt and Ted Kord have joined in on the Wayne Super Collider project. Otis wonders aloud what it's like to work for a different rich guy. Barbara says they're all the same. Lex passes on participating and cites that he's still rebuilding Lexcorp from the damage Tess Mercer and Lionel Luthor did when they ran the company. Bruce makes no bones about him being really cool with not getting in business bed with Lex Luthor. Then, some revelations: Thomas Wayne opted out of joining the Veritas that Lionel Luthor help founded to find the Traveler. Lex and Bruce's lunch is prematurely ended by Superman.

Superman SV S11 Superman ruins lunch

Superman needs to talk with Lex.

Later, at Lexcorp R&D, Superman and Lex are all forced friendly-like as Lex analyzes the teleportation vest and admits the technology is his, but it was stolen. Stolen, in fact, during a series of robberies made on Lexcorp and other companies, one of which was foiled way back by the Green Arrow and Superman. Lex surmises that whoever created these teleportation vests using all that stolen technology would have to be very familiar with Lexcorp's patents and proprietary coding. Which leads Superman to Stryker's Island prison and The Toyman. Safely incarcerated and seemingly not a suspect, according to Warden Draper, since he's been under constant supervision in "hyper-solitary". Superman is stymied. Meanwhile, imprisoned elsewhere at Stryker's is Bruno Mannheim, the head of Intergang, who's acting like a raving lunatic while palming the Crime Bible, which he says was given to him by G. Gordon Godfrey. Next thing we know, Mannheim has escaped his cell, but to end being interrogated by The Batman. The Batman has Mannheim, and he only wants to know where Joe Chill is. 

Superman SV S11 AEv9J

Batman vs. Superman. Who will win?

Mannheim claims he's gone straight, that the Crime Bible changed his life, and a lot of nonsense, but the Batman's having none of that. Next thing we know, Superman arrives on the scene. Superman meet Batman and tries to talk to Batman. Instead, he gets Batman manifesting thermal energy and then punching Superman in the face.

Chapter Sixteen[]

At Watchtower, where Chloe gets a disturbing phone call from Emil at S.T.A.R. Labs. Oliver arrives with coffee for Chloe. Chloe tells Oliver that Emil is close to accessing the black box from the late Earth-2 Chloe's spaceship. Meanwhile, Oliver has no lead on whoever it was in the cornfields that killed Chloe-2. Plus, Oliver's been getting gibberish emails that he'd like Chloe to get to the bottom of, if she's not too distracted by this "Crisis". Later, Watchtower's Trouble Alert alerts them to a prison breakout at Stryker's Island. Oliver gets his Green Arrow suit and bow and arrow and immediately heads to Stykers.

Batman SV Super Bat Fight 1

The Dark Knight vs The Man of Steel

Superman and Batman are fighting and talking to each other. Batman easily evades Superman's attacks, as he activates a red sun device from his suit, as well as surprises, such as sticking bombs on Superman when he didn't know they were there. Superman knows Batman must be human, while Batman reveals he knows Superman is alien from the "S" symbol on his chest (referencing the markings left by Zod's army; unique blueprints for the Solar tower Zod was building; the caves in Smallville with strange drawings; and files from the ruins of Checkmate HQ). Superman "apologizes" for not spending nearly enough energy worrying about Batman as Batman has worrying about him, but he regarded "the Batman" as nothing more than a rumor. Batman hides from Superman and it seems to work, but after saying those references, Superman finds and plummets Batman from the rooftop and down three floors. Superman suggests that the fighting stops, but Batman reveals that the fight is a distraction.

Batgirl Smallville SVNightwing v Arrow

Green Arrow Vs Nightwing

Elsewhere in Stryker's, Bruno Mannheim is on the run as Nightwing arrives with her electrified weapons and with the Batwing. Next thing she knows, an arrow from Green Arrow smoke bombs her. Nightwing attempts to annoy Green Arrow by repeating whatever he says. As Arrow and Nightwing fight, the Batman bids Superman adieu, leading Clark to recall the exact words when Bruce Wayne left the meeting with Lex Luthor at the Ace of Clubs and realize the truth. Clark asks why Bruce wants Mannheim leading Bruce to reveal the connection between Intergang and Joe Chill. Superman starts to sympathize with Batman.

Batman SV Super Bat Fight 2

Batman has an Heart to Heart with Superman

Meanwhile, Green Arrow and Nightwing haven't gotten the memo from their respective bosses that they've reached a détente and it's time to stop fighting. Evenly matched, Arrow and Nightwing have spilled arrows and Batarangs all over the place trying to smack each other down. Superman arrives to break up the fracas when Bruno Mannheim pleads for sanctuary from the Man of Steel. Superman then snatches Mannheim and takes him up, up, and away for questioning.

Chapter Seventeen[]

Green Arrow races out of Stryker's, confirming Chloe's report that not only did Superman and Batman break Mannheim out of prison, but that Batman has a hovercraft that's invisible to radar. Ollie suggests to himself to make further investments.

Smallville Bat smiles

Batman and Nightwing on the Bat-plane.

Nightwing is sorry for losing Mannheim, but Bruce with his mask is off, is giving a creepy smile. Barb also points out hairline fractures all over Bruce's body before mentioning the tracking device Bats planted on Superman. Bruce jokes that Supes must like him, because he didn't throw him into space.

Untitled-6 (3)

Superman interrogates Bruno Mannheim.

In the sky, Superman says he's sorry to be using extreme measures on Mannheim. Mannheim doesn't know anything, but Superman points out he's lying, and knows his better half will have a talk to him over this. Just then, in front of the Batwing, Mannheim falls from above before Superman catches him below. Mannheim spills the beans: Intergang wanted to protect themselves from the invasion, Mannheim decided against it but offered Joe Chill to help them. But now, Chill is off the grid, rumored to be in FBI custody. Superman grabs the tracking device and asks Batman if he catches that. The Batwing storms off, Superman takes that as a yes.

Untitled-8 (1)

Chloe tells Oliver about the new imformation she found out about the encrypted e-mails.

At Watchtower, Chloe jokes with Ollie over getting beat up by a 19–20-year-old girl, mentioning that the Wonder Twins are a call away. The talk leads to encrypted e-mails Ollie's been getting, and while there is a pattern, Chloe says he won't like where it leads.

Meanwhile at the Daily Planet, Superman helps Lois find him in the sky by sparking his heat vision. After the talk over what he did to Mannheim, Lois confirms Chill is in FBI custody. As for Toyman being a suspect, the answer is no, but Lois learns that an Oswald Loomis did try to visit Toyman dozens of times before turning away. Superman wants to talk with Batman again and has a way into contacting him.


Bruce sees the Bat-signal.

At a supply ship called Leviathan docked in Metropolis is an HQ for Batman and Nightwing, where inside they are getting medical treatment. Bruce mentions his woman at Interpol liasing with the FBI and has found Chill's location: Suicide Slums. Barb jokes about how Superman figured out who Batman was, and Bruce jokes about maybe she could be Superman's Supergirl. Barb points out how she'll hate it like she hated the name "Batgirl", as well as the fact that Superman has or had a Supergirl. The cameras pick up something and Bruce decides to head out alone, while Barb is in the Hub, when he looks outside to see what it is: the Bat-Signal.

Chapter Eighteen[]


Batman and Superman agrees to team up.

Batman arrives on the rooftop source of the signal to find Superman waiting for him. Superman knows enough about the Batman that this is the specific way to call a meeting with him. Superman also knows Batman and Nightwing located Joe Chill's safe house in Suicide Slum.Superman doesn't want Batman tearing through Suicide Slum hell bent on revenge for Joe Chill, so he proposes "a joint investigation mutually beneficial to both of us." They make sure Joe Chill is safe from Intergang and then find out who's manufacturing the weapons he's peddling, and Batman agrees.

Untitled-6 (2)

Lex finds out the truth about the e-mails.

Meanwhile, at LexCorp, Lex Luthor is enjoying video of the showdown between Superman and Batman. Lex keeps pausing and rewinding Batman, powered by red sun energy, beating up Superman. Lex also thinks he has a television that allow him to enhance and move around corners inside the frame. He's bummed when Otis reminds him his TV can't do that. Otis liked the other match between Nightwing and Green Arrow better. Oliver Queen then bursts into Lex's office to accuse Lex of harassing him with those coded emails. When Oliver leaves, Lex notices the time stamps are all from the dead of night.


Batman and Superman examining the building.

At Suicide Slum, Superman and Batman are on a stakeout. Batman is irritated by Superman's penchant for conversation, but Superman seems to really be enjoying having a partner in crime fighting. Superman revealed that he didn't want to draw attention to it and compromise Batman's security because he knows Lex Luthor is watching all his movements. Superman and Batman then scans the building and Batman's night vision goggles spot some extra snipers Superman missed when he bathed the building with X-rays. Batman then easily and stealthily penetrates the safe house and finds Joe Chill's room, though Superman beats him there with Super speed.

Back at LexCorp, Otis sees Tess take control of Lex and rises from his peaceful slumber and sleepwalks to his office, speaking gibberish and caressing Otis' face. Then she starts sending out the emails.


The Prankster and Mr.Freeze team up.

At the safe house, Chill, a lifelong criminal, isn't exactly repentant about killing Batman's parents, whoever they were. Batman can't be specific, and Chill has killed a lot of people for lots of reasons. This isn't good enough for Batman, who loses it, until Superman literally slaps him down. Superman calmly explains to Joe Chill that they're really here to find out where they can find a man named Loomis, who they believe is manufacturing the weapons Chill fenced for Intergang. But they don't have to look very far because Loomis is already there. Batman and Superman spring into action with Heat Vision and Batarangs, but a burst of cold takes out both. Loomis isn't alone. He has help from Mr. Freeze.

Chapter Nineteen[]

K bullets

Superman gets shot by kryptonite bullets.

Lois Lane arrives at Stryker's Island to question Toyman about Prankster. Toyman reveals that Prankster had stolen his idea for Kryptonite bullets. Superman and Batman are fighting Prankster and Mr. Freeze. Batman reveals that Mr. Freeze is Victor Fries. Prankster reveals that he wants to prove himself to the Intergang. While Superman tries to distract the villains, Batman and Joe Chill try to escape. Superman gets shot by Kryptonite bullets while Mr. Freeze kills Joe Chill and frames Batman for the crime.

Chapter Twenty[]

Untitled-4 (1)

Batman realises that Superman is wounded.

Lex and Oliver argue about the e-mails that keep flashing on Oliver's computer, and Lex comes to realize that Tess has been controlling his body while he's asleep in order to send them. Meanwhile, Lois and the FBI argue about what has happened. Batman frees himself, and sees that Chill is dead, and Superman is critically wounded. Batman contacts Nightwing to inform her about Superman's condition. The FBI comes in to arrest Batman. Batman escapes with Superman within the Batmobile. Lois joins the police and the FBI in the pursuit chase.

Chapter Twenty-One[]


Chloe hacks into the traffic system so noone will get hurt during the chase.

Upon dropping off his last passenger, a bus driver doses off in the middle of the street, only to be taken up by the Batmobile going through his bus. News stations cover the pursuit of the "murderer Batman kidnapping a wounded Superman" just as Lois and Ollie meet up (wondering where Batman is taking Superman) and Chloe is hacking into the traffic system so no one is hurt during the chase.

Inside the Batmobile: Nightwing comments on the stress she's feeling over Superman being hurt and Batman being chased, just as Superman tells Batman to call him Clark and Batman, relieved that Clark is still alive, asks him who to call to save him. Nightwing calls Chloe, who in turn calls a choked-up Lois; Nightwing gives her the situation: Superman has four Kryptonite bullets, none to the heart, but his vitals are fading. Nightwing, later, gives Batman Lois' message: get the Kryptonite out, and then expose Superman to yellow sunlight. But as Batman says, he's already having his hands full.


Green Arrow and Lois in a freeway chase.

A roadblock is set up, with cops surrounded, so Batman can't "go through it" like before, so he comes up with a different idea. Shifting the front tires to a "X" position, and firing the boosters from below, the Batmobile literally goes around the roadblock from above. The cops, and even Lois and Ollie, can't believe what they saw. A helicopter approaches, with an EMP on board, and Batman knows this and but can't do anything about it, until Ollie messages him that he can. Ollie simply "pops up" to the helicopter, and it goes away.


Green Arrow gets arrested.

Nightwing takes control of the Batmobile, leading it outside the Leviathan ship. Batman performs the surgery inside the car, just as Lois arrives and she sees it happening. After getting the bullets out, Batman reprograms his vest and splash Clark with yellow sunlight, just as the police report that they lost the Batman. Chloe is relieved that it's over, but Batman and Nightwing respond that it isn't they need to make sure that the authorities know it was Freeze and Prankster who killed Chill. Ollie agrees, but also asks for his lawyer to be called too: he's been arrested.

Prankster and Freeze meet up and Freeze comments on our heroes' "heroics." It is here that Prankster reveals his prank: the Kryptonite bullets were homing devices, and they now know where Superman, Batman, and Nightwing are -- Leviathan.

Chapter Twenty-Two[]


Lex asks Tess about her connection to Superman.

Otis hands a partly burnt popcorn to Lex, noting that it is early, though it's never too early for entertainment as Lex says. Giving Lex alone time, he soon has a brief argument with Tess. Lex notes that Tess couldn't figure the typing out, and when Tess asks why he's in a good mood, he points out what's on the news: Superman has been shot, and Batman is on the run. Tess points out her death by his hands, a memory he does not have anymore, but Lex isn't angry over she did, as Luthors are "survivors" and she did what he would've done if the roles were reversed. Lex will now be strapped to his bed, preventing her from doing what she did again. He also notes that Tess might have a connection to Superman, as she hopes he's okay as she watches the monitor where his signal is (from the radiation Lex gave him).


Superman and Batman with the armored suits.

Inside Leviathan, Clark wakes up with Lois by his side, where Lois reveals the world still thinks Batman killed Superman, and she can't help but be tempted by the huge story she's been given Batman isn't a myth and is Bruce Wayne. Barbara Gordon, introducing herself to the two, gives Clark some orange juice before he heads out to speak with Bruce, who is hard at work at the armory. Bruce asks why Clark hasn't destroyed Lex' satellite, but Clark points out Lex would build more, and that he prefers hope and inspiration over fear and brute force (in a way, criticizing Bruce's Batman). Bruce tells Clark that he's been having a hard time finding Prankster and Freeze, because Freeze needs to be in extreme colds to survive; Clark points out the Hobbs River as an idea, but the list is too big. Then Clark has an idea: use Lex' tracking from himself to read other types of radiation, like Kryptonite. Bruce tries that, and then successfully, finds the villains' location. Given Clark's weaknesses, and Bruce still being human who can't survive colds 40 below; Bruce reveals what he has built: armored suits for Superman and Batman to fight in. In order to still keep a low profile, the two heroes head out into the sewers with another one of Batman's vehicles: the Batboat.


Chloe represents her husband.

In interrogation, Ollie tells the interrogator, yet again, that he was not helping a criminal escape but helping another hero who needed medical attention after being hurt by two other villains. The interrogator doesn't believe it, but then two agents enter and inform the interrogator that Ollie's representative has arrive with proof that Batman is not a murderer, Green Arrow is innocent, and the two men responsible are Prankster and Freeze. And who is Ollie's representative? His wife, Chloe.

At the dock near the Leviathan: agents of Intergang kill a dock worker, then proceed heavily armed to enter the ship, where Lois and Babs are the only ones there. At their hideout; as Intergang enters Leviathan, and Freeze prepares himself, making a comment that all the money he's made working with Intergang will help fund the next round of treatments for his wife, Nora, Prankster says that Freeze's job isn't done yet, and double-crosses him by shutting down his suit using his own upgrades. As Prankster says, he wants to show the world what it really means "to get pranked."

Chapter Twenty-Three[]

At Nellis Air Force Base outside Metropolis: two military personnel are commenting over one's new Captain Carrot toys when the alarm goes off because the armed UAVs (unmanned air vehicles) are going online, unaware that they are being controlled by those same Captain Carrot toys.


Batman and Superman in Victor Fries's hideout.

At Freeze's hideout: Superman and Batman find no one there, at least until Prankster appears using a robotic suit Toyman was developing, complete with Kryptonite on the chest. He reveals that Freeze is under his control, and is attacking the citizens, but in actuality, his suit's fuel cells are overloading, and will explode. And with Freeze above the city's water purification plant, anyone within one mile will die. Batman heads out in the Batboat to take care of Freeze, while Superman goes to handle Prankster.


Green Arrow against Mr. Freeze.

Leviathan: the ship's cameras pick up Intergang from all over, and Barbara suits up with Lois by her side (Barbara says she's ready for an ass-kicking, and when Lois tries to fix her statement, Barbara reassures her that she knows what she said). Green Arrow appears and stops Freeze from attacking the cops but Freeze yells at Arrow to get clear as he is about to explode, affecting the plant below. Babs and Lois take care of Intergang while counting how many they've taken out (Lois took out 10, Nightwing took out 9) when the leader and two other men appear pointing their guns at them.

Prankster and Superman hold their own, until Superman's armor is destroyed thanks to Prankster's robot suit. Even with the Kryptonite now affecting and blinding him, Superman notices an area of the robot suit with its wires exposed. Superman then takes the wires and uses his heat vision to short circuit the suit. With Prankster out, and both the robot suit and Kryptonite buried behind rubble, Superman wins the fight.

Untitled-7 (0)

Superman saves the day.

Superman asks Prankster if working with Intergang was worth it, but Prankster says it was awful and didn't like working with them, and it wasn't until Superman and Batman's appearance that drove him to outsmart them before they got tired of him. When Prankster says that the blood of Intergang will be on Superman's hands too, Superman says "what did you do?" with Prankster replying, "I won." Just then, the armed UAVs fire on Leviathan, with Intergang, Nightwing and Lois still inside, and it begins to sink, but Superman saves the day.

Chapter Twenty-Four[]


Chloe tells Oliver that she is pregnant.

In Metropolis, the next morning, Lois Lane talks to Superman about the news headline of today. Superman and Batman have been hailed as heroes by the Daily Planet, labeled World's Finest in the paper. In Gotham, Superman speaks with Bruce Wayne about his (Bruce's) parents. Bruce puts the flowers down and reveals that he and Superman are at the spot where his parents died. Bruce and Superman agree to work together if necessary.

Later, Oliver and Chloe talk about the possibility of Mia Dearden become his (Oliver's) sidekick. Just then, it starts to snow. The reason is Superman used Mr. Freeze's freeze gun to create snow. At last, Chloe reveals that she is pregnant.

At Lexcorp, Lex Luthor wants Tess who is still inside him to tell him everything.

Main Characters[]

Recurring Characters[]



  • The title refers to one of the common nicknames for Batman, the "Dark Knight Detective." and is known to be the World's Greatest Detective.
  • Ra's al Ghul always refers to Batman as "Detective" in the comics.
  • Detective Comics #27 (May 1939) featured the first appearance of Batman (as "The Bat-Man"). That superhero would eventually become the star of the title.


  • Antagonist: Oswald Loomis/The Prankster
  • Nightwing mentions Police officers "Montoya" and "Allen" came in running interference. She is referring to Renee Montoya, initially a police detective from the Gotham City Police Department. Renee is outed as a lesbian by Two-Face, and later resigns from the police force, disgusted by its corruption. After being trained by the first man to bear the name, Montoya now operates as the Question , while Crispus Allen, after he was killed by a corrupt police officer named Jim Corrigan, became the third host for the Spectre.
  • Barbara Gordon alludes to the JokerPenguin and Killer Croc when talking to Bruce.
    Superman SV S11 batmansmallville1

    Barbara mentioning Joker, Penguin and Killer Croc.

  • Mr. Freeze mentions trying to save his wife, Nora, during a conversation with The Prankster.
  • Batman wears an armored Batsuit that bears a resemblance to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.
  • The voice of Batman is based off Christian Bale's interpretation to disguise Bruce's voice with a dark growl.
  • Bruce Wayne's visit to Metropolis revolves around a meeting with Lex Luthor. Usually when Bruce would be coming to Metropolis in the comics to cover his true motives as Batman, he'd set up a business venture between Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp to explain his presence in the city to the public eye.
  • Batman and Superman's first encounter usually always involves a physical altercation before they put aside their differences and come together as one to team-up for the greater good.
  • The scene where Batman is in the Batmobile with the injured Superman, while being chased by the police, is very similar to the scene in Batman Begins with Batman and a poisoned Rachel Dawes. Batman even tells Superman to "stay with him" the same way he does to Rachel in the movie.
  • Three of Batman's primary vehicles of transportation on land, air and sea appear - The Batmobile, The Batwing and The Batboat.
  • In the comics, the name of the supply ship which Batman used as his headquarters in Metropolis, Leviathan, was the name of the shadowy organization, leaded by Talia Al Ghul in the pages of Batman Incorporated.
  • The brunette girl, sitting next to Billy on the bus, seemingly reappears in Hollow, where her name is given as "Mary". If Billy is "Billy Batson" and Mary is his sister, then she could be Mary Batson (Bromfield), the girl who becomes "Mary Marvel".


  • The Fortress of Solitude was last seen in the series finale.
  • Jeff Hage was last seen in Finale, Part 1.
  • Dan Turpin was last in Bulletproof.
  • Maggie Sawyer was last seen in Descent.
  • Bruno Mannheim was last seen in Stiletto.
  • Winslow Schott was last seen in Prophecy.
  • Ted Kord was last seen in Booster.
  • Michael Holt was last mentioned by Lois Lane in Absolute Justice.
  • Virgil Swann, Thomas Wayne and Lionel (from Earth-1) are seen through flashback.
  • The Kawatche Caves were first seen in Skinwalker and last seen in Reckoning. It was last mentioned by Jimmy in Quest. Also, it was seen during Clark's trials in the series finale.
  • Checkmate was mentioned by Batman. The organization's castle headquarters was last seen in Sacrifice when Zod destroyed it.
  • Mia Dearden is seen through Oliver's dream sequence. She was last seen in Disciple.

Flashback Sequences[]

  • Lex tells Bruce about Tess and Lionel-Earth 2's involvement from Scion.
  • Batman mentions to Superman about the Kandorians' attack on the world monuments, which was first seen in Salvation.
  • The RAO Tower was destroyed by Clark in Persuasion.
  • Kyla Willowbrook and Clark both discovered the Kawatche Caves in Skinwalker.
  • Clark, Jonathan and Martha are seen talking in the Pilot.
  • Clark talking to Jonathan's ghost was first seen in Lazarus.
  • Tess's romantic trysts with both Oliver and Emil were shown in Committed and Fortune.


  • In "Detective" Lois states that Clark doesn't need to sleep. However, in the episode "Slumber" it is clearly shown that Kryptonians, like humans, do need to sleep. However, considering Clark was weaker than he is now he probably needed less sleep as he grew more powerful. "Prey" also showed that Clark still needs food source and fuel. It could be that because Clark was raised like a human that he to maintain his cover ate and slept and therefore became a habit.



Coming Soon


  • The "billionaire with high-tech toys", as mentoned in Season Ten's episode Fortune, Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman, makes his debut appearance in Smallville.[4]
  • Nightwing, Batman's sidekick in this arc, was originally supposed to be Stephanie Brown rather than Barbara Gordon.
  • According to Bryan Q. Miller, Bruce Wayne has been Batman for a couple years longer, around the time Clark started being the Blur.[5]
  • Bruce's age is on par with Oliver and Lex.[5]
  • Bryan Q Miller has mentioned it’s a Batman/Superman tale, "but since we’re an ensemble piece, there are definitely different pairings and interactions that we’ll see, not just between Nightwing and some of our players, but between Babs and the gang. It’s Bruce’s journey, though, through and through."[6]
  • Detective picks up three weeks after Guardian. As Lois and Clark struggle to deal with their Luthor-imposed change in status quo, a storm is brewing in a rainy, industrial pit of a city – Gotham. Batman, almost a decade into waging his war on crime. He’s got toys. He’s got skills. He’s got anger. And he’s got a partner – our female Nightwing, Barbara Gordon
  • Bryan confirmed via Twitter that "Batman's Voice" is inspired by Chris Nolan's version done by Christian Bale in The Dark Knight trilogy[7] He also confirmed that he left the design of Bruce Wayne with open for the artist (CrissCross) to play with and landed somewhere between Benjamin Bratt and Simon Baker.[8]
  • According to Bryan Millier, Bruce doesn't take Green Arrow seriously which means in this season, Green Arrow will have to step his game up.[9]
  • During the school bus hostage situation, a kid named Billy confronts the kidnappers wearing a Superman t-shirt. This is probably a reference to Billy Batson, known as Captain Marvel.


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