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Destiny refers to the concept of life as a pre-determined sequence of events. It is a major theme in Smallville.

"One of the most important things that my adoptive parents taught me is that we shape our own destiny." – Clark, to Kara Kent, Lara

Clark Kent's parents personify his struggle between destiny as an unchangeable fate and an individual choice.

  • Clark's biological father Jor-El believed in the concept of destiny as fate. While on Earth during his youth, Jor-El refused to remain with the woman he loved because he had to return home to fulfill his destiny; he despaired that he could not change it. (Relic)
    • Raya told Clark that Jor-El sent him to save Earth from extinction because he felt guilty that he couldn't save Krypton. (Fallout)
    • Clark's biological mother Lara-El also believed in destiny. She visited the Kent Farm in 1986 without arousing any suspicion, so that the Kents could raise her unborn son Kal-El, as it was "destined" from Jor-El. (Lara, Blue)
  • Clark's adoptive father Jonathan Kent rejected the concept of destiny as fate, and encouraged Clark to choose his own future. So strongly did Jonathan believe in this principle that he risked his own life to restore his son's freedom. (Exile)

Clark hasn't decided if he believes in fate. Sometimes he insists on making his own choices, while other times, he despairs that he has no choice. (Extinction)

Clark has yet saved hundreds or even thousands of lives, and sometimes he has obviously altered personal fate, as seen in Hereafter. However, Jor-El remarked that even Clark cannot alter destiny. (Solitude)


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