Desirée Atkins - born Allison Sanders, and temporarily known as Desirée Atkins-Luthor - is a metahuman with the ability to use pheromones to influence the thoughts of those she kisses. She was in Smallville during the 1989 meteor shower when she acquired her power.

Early Life

Her boyfriend killed her parents, under orders from her, and she inherited their fortune. Five years later, she married a wealthy man and became a schoolteacher, but one of her students (whom she controlled, like with her old boyfriend) killed her husband. Again, she inherited a great deal of money, but she lost it in bad investments.

Season Two

She managed to seduce and marry Lex Luthor, continuing her pattern. She got a job as a biology teacher at Smallville High, intending to duplicate her previous pattern by having one of her students kill Lex for her. However, she failed to seduce Clark Kent, his Kryptonian nature rendering him immune to her abilities, forcing her to frame him for arson, exploiting some of the accidents he had caused with his recently developed heat vision, as well as then used her powers to convince Jonathan Kent to kill Lex by convincing Jonathan that Lex was hurting her. Clark was able to use his heat vision to save Lex by melting the bullet from his father's gun mid-flight and Desirée was sent to prison. As a result of her true nature becoming public, Allison was imprisoned for homicide and attempted homicide, and her employment at Smallville High School was terminated. It was also safely surmised that the attempt on Lex's life was grounds for annulment of their sham marriage.

Powers and Abilities

  • Super Pheromones

    Desirée releasing her pheromones.

    Mind Control: Desirée's gift is rooted in seduction - a combination of her own sexual allure as well as the metahuman potency of her pheromones. This causes an immediate infatuation and susceptibility to her suggestion, to the point of always taking her side and loosing all sense of principal.


  • Desirée means "desired", likely alluding to her powers.



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