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The Department of Domestic Security (or DDS) is a branch of the government that deals with various projects relating to threats to the United States of America.

Known Agents

Season Seven

One DDS project was Project Starhawk which focused on the threat to Earth by aliens (including Kryptonians). The leader of Project Starhawk was Agent Carter, who knew the weaknesses of Kryptonians and found Kara Kent's ship. He also opened her ship and retrieved her blue crystal from the ship which he planned to use to find information about Kryptonians. When Kara came looking for her crystal in Washington, Agent Carter captured her with kryptonite handcuffs and used a memory device to find out more about her origins. He also planned to use this equipment on Clark Kent when he came to rescue her but Carter was shot by Lionel Luthor and presumed dead.

Special Agent Vanessa Webber was assigned to monitor Chloe Sullivan when she was caught hacking into various government databases trying to gain access to satellites so she and Clark could find the whereabouts of Brainiac and Kara. She captured Chloe and also blackmailed Jimmy Olsen into helping her arrest Chloe until he freed her from her capture. Then, Lex Luthor made sure that Vanessa dropped the charges against Chloe and planned to use this to blackmail and use Jimmy.

Alternate Reality

In an alternate reality to which Clark Kent was sent in 2008, Linda Danvers was appointed head of the Department of Domestic Security by the President of the United States: Lex Luthor. When Lois Lane received vital information about Lex's hoax threat from Nancy Adams, Linda's men captured her. Lois was later saved by Clark via his superspeed to grab Lois when Linda was distracted.