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Delia Watkins is a former student and cheerleader at Smallville High School, who was in the same class as Clark Kent.

Season Four

On her last day at Smallville High, she was captured by Brendan Nash, a classmate who had the ability to turn people into wax statues. He had forced his father to recreate the interior of the school in an abandoned factory and made his kidnapped classmates pretend to be in school forever. She was placed in the faux school along with Chloe Sullivan, Lana Lang, Wendell Johnson, Lisa Mason and Haley Timmonds.

When Chloe found herself in the school, she encountered Delia walking down a hallway with Lisa. Delia advised Chloe to "play along" because Brendan was watching them. Clark realized that along with the others, Delia never picked up her cap and gown for graduation and he and Lois were able to help Chloe, Lana, and Delia escape from Brendan's delusion unharmed.



  • It is unknown if Delia Watkins was among the hundreds of students, shown graduating from Smallville High, in the spring of 2005. If she was, then Delia technically makes a second appearance in Commencement.