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Dax-Ur's shield.

Dax-Ur owned a shield in the shape of a Kryptonian pentagon.

Powers and Abilities

Dax-Ur shield being activated.

When the shield was held in Clark Kent's hand and Dax-Ur's name was spoken, Dax-Ur's shield emitted the high pitched sound of a Kryptonian beacon and teleported him to Dax-Ur's location.

Brainiac was able to hear the sound from Suicide Slums, signifying that the beacon sound has considerable range.

Early History

The shield was brought to Earth by Dax-Ur, one of Krypton's greatest scientists. He lost it a century ago, and it somehow ended up in a time capsule buried in Smallville.

Season Seven

Clark holds Dax-Ur shield.

The Weather Girls came to Smallville, looking for a treasure map to a hidden time capsule. It supposedly led to millions of dollars of gold bars. They entered the "Miss Sweet Corn" beauty pageant as a distraction.

Clark and Kara recovered the shield from the time capsule. Clark learned how to use the shield from Brainiac, who was posing as Lionel Luthor, Jor-El's emissary.

Clark then used the shield; it emitted a beacon while it teleported him to Dax-Ur's location.