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"It's not every day a fellow Kryptonian asks me for help." - Dax-Ur, to Clark, Persona

Dax-Ur was a Kryptonian scientist whose work led to the creation of the Brain InterActive Construct.

Early life

Dax-Ur was born on the planet Krypton and grew up to become a scientist. He began work that led to the creation of the Brain InterActive Construct. However, Dax-Ur soon realized that his creation had the potential to cause the destruction of worlds. To clear his conscience, Dax-Ur banished himself to Earth, arriving in the early 20th Century. He planned to study the effects of the yellow sun on Kryptonian minerals, but discovered that it was the sun's effects on himself that was significant. He could save the human race, but Dax-Ur eventually chose to give up his powers with Blue kryptonite, when he met a human woman named Grace and married her. With Grace, Dax-Ur fathered a son, Max.

Powers and Abilities

Dax-Ur inherently possessed kryptonian superpowers under a yellow sun, but suppressed them with blue kryptonite to live a normal life. He was a leading scientist on his planet and his work led to the creation of Brainiac.


Dax-Ur is vulnerable to various types of kryptonite, like any other Kryptonian. However, he had chosen to become vulnerable by wearing a blue kryptonite bracelet, which painlessly depowers a Kryptonian (unlike green kryptonite). Ultimately, he was vulnerable to Brainiac's attack, who drained information from his brain in order to figure out how to repair himself, which left Dax-Ur in an unknown state.

Season Seven

Dax-Ur holding his beacon

When Clark Kent returned from imprisonment in the Fortress of Solitude, he asked Lionel Luthor for help in finding Dax-Ur and defeating Bizarro. Lionel instructed him to use a special Kryptonian shield to locate Dax-Ur: Clark took Lionel's advice, unaware that the senior Luthor was actually Brainiac in disguise.

Clark and Dax-Ur

Clark managed to put Chloe Sullivan's prior suspicion toward Bizarro to rest and confirm that he was the real Clark. He subsequently took Dax-Ur's shield from Chloe and located Dax-Ur, inquiring why he gave up his abilities for Grace and Max. Dax-Ur answered the question and asked for Clark's name, adding that it wasn't everyday that a fellow Kryptonian asked him for help. He gave Clark a chunk of blue kryptonite, assuming Clark also wanted to give up his powers in exchange for love and family.

Brainiac downloads Dax-Ur's knowledge.

Unbeknownst to Clark, however, Brainiac had followed him and confronted Dax-Ur, informing his creator of his weakened state. Dax-Ur attempted to regain his powers by removing his bracelet, but Brainiac stopped him and forcefully drained the information he needed from Dax-Ur's mind. It is unknown if Dax-Ur survived.


Clark: I'm looking for someone.
Dax-Ur: Well... If they live all the way out here, I probably know them.
Clark: Dax-Ur?
Dax-Ur: Dexter? No... no... nobody around here on that name. (he walks the other way)
Clark: Actually he's not from around here. He is from Krypton. And so am I. (he tosses the beacon to Dax-Ur) I'm Kal-El.
Dax-Ur: The House of El. You always were survivors.
Season Seven, Persona

Kryptonian Shield

Main article: Kryptonian beacon

Dax-Ur's shield.

Dax-Ur owned a Kryptonian shield what emitted a certain beacon once it is activated.


Marc McClure as Jimmy Olsen.

  • Dax-Ur was played by Marc McClure, who played Jimmy Olsen in four Superman movies as well as 1984's Supergirl.
  • Dax-Ur stated that he could save the human race after realizing that he had gained superpowers from the yellow sun's radiation: this is Clark's destiny on Earth which Jor-El sent him to Earth for.
  • While he was clearly harmed by Brainiac's download of information, it is unclear whether it killed him or not. Since he was never showed or mentioned again after Persona, his current status is unknown.
  • It is unknown whether or not his son Max inherited Kryptonian abilities, something Conner Kent did when his Kryptonian DNA started to take over. Although Max was conceived when his father was wearing a bracelet that contained blue kryptonite, that makes all Kryptonians to lose their powers under its effect, it does so by anulling the manifestation of their powers, rather changing directly their DNA, so he most likely does.


In the Comics

  • There is a Superman villain named Jax-Ur, who first appeared in Adventure Comics #289. Jax-Ur was a Kryptonian scientist, whose led caused the destruction of Wegthor, a Kryptonian moon. For his actions, Jax-Ur was banished to the Phantom Zone, eventually breaking out and fighting Superman.
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