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Darius was a security guard working for Lex Luthor.

Season Three

He conspired with Lionel Luthor to break Lex's psyche first by drugging his scotch and next by faking his death. After Lex stashed some evidence against Lionel in his safe, an intruder entered the mansion and shot Darius and tried to shoot Lex. Lex escaped and sought refuge at the Kent Farm.

When Clark Kent went to the mansion to retrieve Lex's evidence, he found the safe empty and the window repaired: a small shard of glass was the only evidence of the break in. Lex consequently threatened to kill both Darius and Dr. Claire Foster for her betrayal. Eventually, Darius' double-cross was uncovered by Clark, who used his super strength on the guard in order to get the truth. Darius' present status is unknown.