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The Daily Star is a Metropolis newspaper.


The Daily Star building has never actually appeared on the show. However, the newspaper itself has been seen in one episode:

In the Comics

The Daily Star in the comics

The Daily Star is a newspaper publisher on Earth-2, where the Golden Age Superman of Earth-Two worked as Clark Kent. In the Silver Age continuity, Perry White was promoted to editor-in-chief upon the retirement of the Earth-One version of George Taylor (this took place while Clark Kent was in college). The Perry White of Earth-Two, however, was a lead reporter for the Daily Star and "filled in" as editor from time to time when Taylor was away.

Clark Kent of Earth-2 advanced his reporting career to become Lead Investigative Reporter for the Daily Star. But, always mindful of his dual persona, he largely maintained a retiring manner. In the meantime, Kent (and Superman) befriended Jimmy Olsen, who'd started as a pre-teen office boy at the Daily Star in the 1930s but became a cub reporter when he published the story of Superman's defeat of the Archer (Superman #13).

In the late 1940s, would-be crime lord Colonel Future challenged the Wizard, a rumored sorcerer, to eliminate the Man of Steel. The Wizard cast a spell to rid the world of Superman, but merely made Clark repress the memory of his alter ego. As a result, Kent became an aggressive, crusading reporter who won the heart—and hand—of Lois Lane. But when she discovered Clark's secret on their honeymoon, Lois tracked down the Wizard and made him reverse the spell. (Action Comics #484). George Taylor retired in the early 1950s, and Kent was selected over Perry White as the new Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Star. Lois Lane-Kent was promoted to Lead Investigative Reporter while James Olsen became a managing editor. Lana Lang joins the Daily Star staff as a television critic.

When Superman first appeared in comics, in June 1938's Action Comics #1, his alter ego, Clark Kent, worked for the "large metropolitan daily" newspaper (Action #7, Dec 1938) the Daily Star under editor George Taylor (Superman #2, Fall 1939). With the exception of Action Comics #2, when Kent (and Taylor) inexplicably worked for the Cleveland Evening News, the above arrangement remained unchanged through March 1940 (Action #22).

Kent apparently had persuaded Taylor to hire him only shortly before the first issue of Action by phoning in an exclusive account of Superman's first public act—thwarting an attempted lynching at the county jail (Superman #1, Summer 1939). Before long, Kent was referred to as the paper's "ace scribe" (Action #9, Feb 1939) and "ace reporter" (Action #6, Nov 1938). He often butted heads with Lois Lane, an aggressive, career-minded journalist who'd started as the Daily Stars "sob sister" (Action #7, Dec 1938) and "lovelorn editor" before earning her stripes as a full-fledged "news reporter" (Superman #3, Winter 1940) and war correspondent in Europe (Action #22, Mar 1940).

Then, in Spring 1940 (Action #23), without any in-story explanation, the newspaper suddenly was referred to as the Daily Planet, an especially amusing development for Kent and Lane, who were abroad and in the midst of a multi-issue storyline when their place of employment changed names (the alteration had been made earlier in the newspaper comic strip, with Nov 13, 1939's #259). In reality, the fictional newspaper's name was changed to avoid a name conflict with actual papers that had "Star" in their titles.

George Taylor remained the editor (Action #25, June '40) through November 1940 (Action #30), after which new Daily Planet editor Perry White inexplicably appeared (Superman #7, November–December 1940). Kent and Lane made no reference to the management change, though they clearly were not as enamored of White as they'd been of Taylor.

In the post-Crisis universe, the Daily Star is occasionally mentioned, suggesting its a separate newspaper. In week 38 of the comic book, 52, it is implied that the Star is owned by Lex Luthor, or at the very least, is highly sympathetic to him, and skeptical of metahumans.

In the relaunched Action Comics in the new 52 set 5 years in the past, Clark works for the Daily Star's Crime Desk under Taylor, while Lois and Jimmy work for The Daily Planet with Perry White, Lois and Jimmy are doing their best to pressure Clark into accepting the offer Perry made of joining the Planet. Whereas in the Superman comic set at present day he works at the Planet until Superman # 13 where he quits the Planet for numerous reasons and starts his own blog.


  • The Daily Star shares its name with a real British newspaper.
  • When Superman first appeared in 1938, his alter ego Clark Kent and Lois Lane worked for the Daily Star, under editor George Taylor. However, DC later had its named changed to the Daily Planet, to avoid confusion with real-life newspapers. When DC brought back the Golden Age Superman, they had his Clark Kent be the Editor-In-Chief of the Daily Star.
  • The Daily Star which became The Daily Planet was originally based on The Toronto Daily Star (now known today as The Toronto Star).