Daily planet aerial

An aerial view of the Daily Planet rooftop.

The Daily Planet rooftop is a private area at the top of the Daily Planet building. The rooftop tower is crowned by an enormous rotating globe.

Season Two


Clark leaping

Season Six


Kal takes a super leap up with Lois

  • Oliver Queen shot an arrow from Queen Tower to the Daily Planet rotating globe, hitting Borneo. (Sneeze)
  • Green Arrow shot a grappling hook designed arrow from the top of the rooftop of the Daily Planet at a nearby flagpole located 11.0 distance away at a penthouse building creating a zip-line towards the building.(Arrow)
  • Kal super leaped up from the Daily Planet rooftop to the rooftop of Queen Tower with Lois. (Crimson)

Season Seven

Season Eight


Lana and Clark at rooftop.

  • Lana contacted Clark via his super hearing and asked him to meet her on the roof. Lana told him he didn't have toworry about her any more because she could protect herself using Project Prometheus, and would no longer be a distraction to him. They passionately kissed. (Power)
  • Clark and Lana were separated permanently by Lex Luthor, who forced Lana to absorb kryptonite into her Project Prometheus supersuit. (Requiem)
  • Clark forgot his powers due to a spell from Zatanna, and Chloe had to convince him that he could super-jump to the roof. There he found Zatanna attempting to summon her dead father from the rooftop, until Clark convinced her not to. (Hex)
  • Rokk Krinn visited Clark on the rooftop, giving him a Legion ring to use on Doomsday. (Doomsday)

Season Nine


Zod standing on the Daily Planet roof.

  • Zod sent a text message to Clark asking him to meet on the roof. They met there and discussed how Zod had saved Lois' life, and how Clark had saved Zod's. After Clark left, Zod jumped off the rooftop and flew into the Metropolis sky, proving that his powers had been restored by Clark's blood. (Conspiracy)
  • Zod flies to the roof of the Daily Planet, where he tests out his super hearing capabilities. He overhears the citizens of Metropolis talking about the Blur in admiration . (Escape)
  • Clark set's up a romantic dinner for Lois on the rooftop. (Charade)
  • In Clark's dream sequence of the future, Superman saves an airplane from crashing into the globe of the Daily Planet. (Salvation)

Season Ten

Lazarus 0940

Clark catches the Daily Planet globe

Shield 1241

The new Blur outfit


Clark and Lois's flight over a virtual reality


Superman shirt rip

  • In an attempt to push Clark over the edge into embracing his darkness by making him choose to save Lois or citizens of Metropolis, an evil clone of Lex places bombs on the rooftop of the Daily Planet causing the globe to plummet below on the citizens. Clark super speeds at maximum velocity to save both Lois and super leaps into the air catching the globe and guiding it back to the top of the roof. (Lazarus)
  • Clark emerges from the shadows of the Daily Planet rooftop entrance in a new Red & Blue Prototype costume as the Red Blue Blur standing at the edge of the rooftop of the Daily Planet watching over the city in broad daylight. (Shield)
  • Clark time traveled to the future and saved a future Lois Lane from falling to her death in a helicopter. Afterward, she punched out the helicopter pilot and Lois and Clark kissed. (Homecoming)
  • Clark asked Lois to meet him on rooftop in 5 minutes intending to reveal his identity as the Blur to her. While awaiting his arrival, Lois is possessed by Isis through her ancient amulet. Clark arrives and reveals his secret to whom he believes is Lois only to discover that Isis has taken over her body as a suitable vessel as she flies off into the sky from the Daily Planet rooftop leaving Clark bewildered. (Isis)
  • When Clark is accidentally sent to a parallel universe in which he is an evil vicious murderous tyrant because of his upbringing as a Luthor. Kent kidnaps the Lois of that universe holding her hostage up top the rooftop of LuthorCorp Media, Earth-2's version of the Daily Planet, where he shares a tender moment with her and convinces her that he is different from Luthor and in his universe Lois and he are both partners and lovers. (Luthor)
  • Lois and Clark watch the sunrise together from the Daily Planet rooftop after attending the surprise engagement party at Watchtower. (Icarus)
  • In order to escape a virtual reality world of Metropolis designed by the VRA, Chloe and Oliver jumped from the rooftop, entering the portal.(Collateral)
  • In order to escape a virtual reality world of Metropolis designed by the VRA, Clark flies with Lois from the Daily Planet rooftop and flies around once around Metropolis before escaping by entering the portal. (Collateral)
  • When a disaster occurs, Clark races up to the Daily Planet rooftop where he does a shirt rip to transform into Superman as he flies off(Finale, Part 2)

Season Eleven

Superman SV S11 Lois and Clark tumblr m7txwdIRIl1qlbhxi

Superman telling Lois the bad news.

  • Floating high above the Daily Planet globe Superman awaits Lois. Upon her arrival Superman explains to Lois that "Clark Kent" will be taken a leave of absence for a while until he can remove the radiation tracker Lex Luthor had placed upon him. Before Superman parts from Lois he kisses her tenderly with a promises he'd find away to return to her.(Guardian)
Superman Daily Planet Lois Lane sv s11 03 07 1359768974818

Lois and Superman have dinner on roof.

  • Lois awaits on the rooftop using a mini telescope to find Clark who uses his heat-vision as a beacon to signal to Lois in the sky. Upon locating him, Lois communicates with Clark using their bluetooth devices to talk. (Detective)
  • Lois and Clark have a meal together up-top the roof, while also having a discussion of "Clark Kent's absence" from work is starting to cause suspicion among their current boss Franklin Stern and Clark's used up all of his sick days and vacation time. Lois also brings Clark up to speed on info regarding "speed storms" having popped up in different parts of the planet that Bart has traveled too and are increasing in frequency. Lois suggest to Clark that he should consult another Speedster that might be able to help. Suddenly they are interrupted by Jeff, Clark superspeed flies into the sky just as Jeff arrives and delivers some starling news to Lois.(Haunted)
Superman SV Blur s11 04 01 Superman 17-adri280891

Clark meets with Booster and Skeets up top the roof.

  • Booster Gold talks with Clark upon the rooftop, Clark confronts him regarding his presence at Work. Booster let Clark know he's aware about his recent "hiatus". Clark questions Booster about if he knew what was going to happen to Bart. Before Booster can reply Skeets informs Clark about how the future is constantly in motion and can change. Booster then toss Clark his Legion ring and asks about the "Legion Protocol Six", but Clark is not aware of it. The ring recognizing Clark DNA signature as an honorary Legionnaire member and activates, causing Clark and Booster to suddenly disappear in a flash of light, leaving a very confused Skeets alone.(Argo)



  • The rooftop is location of a number of important scenes in the Smallville series: Clark's first super leap (to LuthorCorp), Kal jumping from the rooftop to Queens Tower while holding Lois, Brainiac forcing Kara to open a time portal, Clark and Lana being permanently separated by Lex, and a kiss between Lois and Clark that helped Clark realize that he could trust his secret to Lois.
  • The Daily Planet rooftop is a primary location spot in the Superman media that is used by Lois and Clark/Superman in almost every incarnation:
    • Superman saved Lois from a helicopter accident in Superman: The Movie. He caught her when she fell, and then also caught the helicopter when it toppled off the roof.
    • Superman met Lois on the roof after he returned from Krypton in Superman Returns, and flew with her.
    • Superman and Lois share their very first kiss on the rooftop in the series finale episode of Superman: The Animated Series "Legacy".
    • When Lois was thrown off the roof by the leader of a terrorist group, Superman flew up and saved Lois Season One episode Flyhard of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.
    • In Justice League: The New Frontier Lois and Superman shared a tender moment together a top the Daily Planet sitting on the ring of the Daily Planet globe where they discussed their views of the world changing and that the world was looking for a leader to follow in this new frontier on the horizon which Lois believed that Superman was that leader.
    • In the finale issue of Geoff Johns' Superman: Secret Origin #6 at the epilogue sequence of the issue after Superman has earn the trust of the citizens of Metropolis. He meets with Lois at top the rooftop of the Daily Planet where they share a tender moment that almost leads up to a kiss until their interrupted by Jimmy Olsen.
    • In the New DC 52 continuity, Lois' first exclusive interview with Superman took place on the rooftop of the Daily Planet.

In the Comics


Superman #225


Superman #225

In the comics, the Daily Planet rooftop has been a constant location for Superman to meet with his friends and allies. Prior to revealing his identity to her, Superman would often do private interviews with Lois on the rooftop and photography shots for Jimmy Olsen.

After Lois learned of Clark's duel life, the rooftop became more of a place for them to share private conversations, away from the prying ears of their co-workers.

The rooftop is often used as a meeting place between Superman and his super-hero allies, such as Batman and Wonder Woman, when they visit Metropolis.

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