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"Cure" is the fourth episode in the seventh season of Smallville, and the one hundred-thirty-sixth episode overall. It aired on October 18, 2007.


Dr. Curtis Knox says he can "cure" someone of being a "meteor freak", changing their life. Chloe takes an interest in this, but Dr. Knox may have another secret.


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Dr. Curtis Knox abducts Sasha.

Chloe and Jimmy are having coffee at the Talon but Chloe seems distracted, so Jimmy shows her expensive concert tickets that he's purchased and tells her that he's planned an evening of fun for the two of them. Chloe then spots a familiar face. She says a hasty goodbye to Jimmy and follows a woman out of the Talon. It is Sasha Woodman, a metahuman who could control bees freshman year. Chloe confronts her and asks her how she escaped Belle Reve, but Sasha claims that she was cured. She says she doesn't remember the last six years because she underwent a procedure by Dr. Curtis Knox. Sasha leaves towards her car and is approached by Dr. Knox himself. He tells Sasha she has "something he needs" and presses a chloroform-soaked handkerchief to her face. Sasha passes out and Knox drags her away.


Clark doesn't know who to side with as Kara and the Martian Manhunter argue.

It's morning on the Kent Farm and Kara finds Lana making breakfast for Clark. Shortly after Clark comes downstairs, Martian Manhunter appears and grabs Kara by the neck and warns her to stay away from Kal-El. They struggle until Clark steps between them. Kara claims Martian Manhunter forced her family from their home, but Clark tells her that he and Jor-El were close friends. Kara warns Clark to watch his back and speeds away angrily. Lana watches the whole scene in wonder, then politely excuses herself.

The Martian Manhunter explains to Clark that Kara is dangerous, but Clark is reluctant to believe this because Kara is the only Kryptonian family he has. The Martian reveals that Kara's father Zor-El tried to assassinate Jor-El. He instructs Clark to find Kara's crystal before she does, or everything he loves will be destroyed. Kara is in the loft listening to their whole conversation.

Lex meets Dr. Curtis Knox in the library of the Luthor Mansion. They have been working together to cure metahumans, but Lex asks him about some questionable tests Knox has been running on Level 33.1 subjects that Lex never approved. Knox blows off his concern, claiming that science and medicine only advance when risks are taken. Lex asks if Knox knows where three missing patients are and Knox suggests that their memory loss might have made them disappear. He thinks Lex erased their knowledge of Lex's responsibility, but Lex claims he was helping them by eliminating disturbing memories. Knox exits.

In an elaborately-decorated bedroom, Knox is seen caring for an unconscious woman. She is surrounded by jars containing green glowing liquid and life-support machinery. He kisses her and reports that he has found another "puzzle piece". He puts on an apron and approaches Sasha, who is strapped to a table, struggling to get free. Knox selects a surgical instrument and extracts an organ from Sasha's abdomen, killing her.


Chloe tells Dr. Knox that she wants to be cured.

Chloe is at the Daily Planet researching Curtis Knox. Jimmy is excited about their plans but Chloe reluctantly cancels them, saying she has to chase a hot story. Jimmy is very disappointed, saying all Chloe talks about are meteor freaks and they should all be locked up. He storms away just as Clark super-speeds in. He immediately asks Chloe to drop what she is doing to help him find Kara's crystal, but Chloe is already upset. Annoyed, she snaps that she does not have time to help and storms away. Clark watches her go, looking confused and worried.

Chloe goes to Dr. Knox's clinic and announces that she wishes to be cured of her meteor-rock infection.

Lana is in the loft sending instant messages to a mysterious source asking if the "Metropolis location" was satisfactory. Lana replies that it is perfect and that payment is being sent. Clark arrives and Lana asks why he isn't with Chloe looking for the crystal. Clark asks if Chloe has opened up to Lana at all, but Lana says she just works 24/7 trying to impress the new editor. Clark tells her that Chloe's been researching Curtis Knox and is surprised that Lana is familiar with his work with meteor-infected people. Lana claims that she's done research because she wants to help those who have been victimized by Lex. She reports that Knox claims he can cure meteor-infection with brain surgery. Lana assumes Chloe is getting a headline but Clark looks worried.

At the Daily Planet, Kara asks Jimmy if he's seen Lois because she wants to ask her about the ship she supposedly discovered, claiming to be an "ET junkie". Jimmy reports that she's out of town for a story, but she wasn't able to get any clear images anyway. Kara flirts with him and suggests that Jimmy could probably do a better job of rendering the images and getting some results. With his evening now free, Jimmy agrees to help her. Kara kisses his cheek and leaves.


Chloe leaves when she sees Jimmy and Kara together.

Chloe is at home writing Jimmy a letter when Clark arrives. He tells her that he suspects she is interested in Knox's procedure. He tries to talk her out of it, but Chloe thinks Knox is her only chance at a normal life. Without it, she is sure she will eventually become psychotic or murderous. She reasons that even if she doesn't, the next time she heals someone, she might not come back from the dead. Clark asks about side effects. When she admits memory loss is possible, Clark is upset that she is willing to risk forgetting all of her friends and experiences but Chloe has made up her mind that it is worth the risk.


Dr. Knox is unharmed by six bullets.

Dr. Knox is disposing of Sasha's body at the Smallville Fertilizer Plant when Lex catches him. He tells him that he won't let him kill anyone else. Knox claims that he has cured them and made them forget what Lex did to them. He reveals that he only decided to work for Lex because a chosen few have something he needs. Lex pulls a gun and when Knox advances, he shoots him in the chest six times. Knox falls but to Lex's astonishment, he gets right back up, unharmed. He knocks Lex out with a flashlight and is about to deliver another blow when Clark superspeeds onto the scene. He knocks Knox into a power line and gathers Lex up to take him to safety.


Lex helps Clark locate Dr. Knox and Chloe.

While Jimmy and Kara are waiting to restore the images, they are flirting over learning how to use chopsticks. When the image appears, it is revealed that the ship was housed in a government warehouse. Jimmy wants to give Chloe the big scoop but Kara asks him not to, knowing she would tell Clark. Jimmy reluctantly agrees just as Chloe approaches. He tries to explain what he and Kara are doing together, but Chloe says he doesn't need to. She leaves abruptly, throwing away the letter she wrote.


Clark arrives just as Knox prepares to cut out Chloe's heart.

Lex wakes up in the hospital, surprised to see Clark at his side. Clark asks him about Knox and Lex correctly guesses that Lana told him about him. He tells Clark that Lana stole $10 million from him and is uncovering company secrets. He muses that it was money well spent because he'd be in a morgue if Lana hadn't tipped Clark off. Clark spits that Lex is no better than Knox and regrets having to take his life for Lex. Lex tells him that Knox is, in fact, immortal—he attacked him after Lex shot him. He also tells him that Knox is murdering his patients.

Chloe arrives at Knox's facility but is suspicious that there are no staff members present. Knox reports that she has elevated meteor-rock concentration in her heart. Chloe realizes that she is in danger but when she tries to run, Knox catches her and chloroforms her.

Clark asks Jimmy if he knows where Chloe is and Jimmy shows him Chloe's note to him, which says she might not remember him.


The Martian Manhunter believes Kara cannot be trusted.

Chloe wakes up strapped to a table, next to Knox's wife, Sophia. Chloe offers to heal Sophia with her meteor power, but Knox explains that she is not sick; he is tired of watching his lovers grow old and die, and intends to take Chloe's heart out and put it in his wife to make her immortal.

Clark gets to Knox's office but he is already gone. Lex arrives shortly afterward and shows Clark research he's done that proves that Knox has been around since at least 1675. Clark has found Knox's pocket watch. Lex recognizes the inscription matches the Victorian arms, where Knox lived in the 1920s. Clark superspeeds there just as Knox is pressing a knife to Chloe's chest. He pushes him across the room and unbuckles one of Chloe's hands before he is overcome by the jars of glowing green fluid. He and Knox fight brutally, destroying the medical equipment in the room. Clark finally collapses but Knox abruptly stops fighting when he realizes that Sophia has flat-lined. He cradles his dying wife as Chloe frees herself and pushes the meteor rock away. Clark recovers and they watch in stunned silence as Knox cries over his dead wife.


Lana tells Clark she would never lie to him.

The Martian Manhunter approaches Clark in the barn, and when Clark asks him what he did with Knox, he doesn't give him an answer. He points out that like Knox, Clark will also outlive the people he cares about. Kara enters and again claims that the Martian Manhunter cannot be trusted. The Martian claims that Zor-El was a traitor. Clark is torn, but Kara is upset that he doesn't believe her. She flies away into the sky.


Jimmy and Chloe break up... again.

The next morning, Lana asks about Knox's clinic. Clark tells her that Lex helped find Knox, and that Lex claims she stole $10 million. Lana says Lex is just trying to destroy what they have and the money was a divorce settlement that she intends to use to help meteor-infected people. Clark looks doubtful but Lana hugs him and says she'd never hide anything from him. That evening, Lana is seen entering an abandoned building. One room is full of high-tech surveillance equipment which she is using to spy on Lex.

Jimmy is waiting for Chloe, expecting her to not remember him. He has brought her a keepsake box full of mementos about their relationship. They talk about their happy moments, but when Jimmy suggests they agree that the future just be normal, Chloe cannot promise him this. Jimmy thinks Chloe is still mad about him helping Kara, but Chloe insists that she isn't. He says he has been very patient with Chloe and doesn't understand why she can't tell him what the problem is. When she doesn't answer, Jimmy says he can't do it anymore and leaves Chloe in tears.



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  • "Stolen Earrings" - Two Hours Traffic
  • "Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major (Prelude)" - Bach
  • "Where I Stood" - Missy Higgins


  • A cure is a remedy or a method of healing or restoring health.
  • Cure is a clear reference to Dr. Knox's surgical "cure" for meteor-infected people who want to rid themselves of their powers.
  • The title is also a reference to Chloe's new Healing ability. Chloe tells Dr. Knox, "If your wife is sick, I can cure her with my abilities.".
  • The word "cure" appears five times in the episode.


  • Antagonist: Curtis Knox
  • Clark’s Abilities: Super-Strength, Super-Speed, Heat Vision (deleted scene)
  • Kara’s Abilities: Super-Strength, Super-Speed, Super-Hearing, Flight
  • Martian Manhunter Abilities: Flight, Super-Strength, Super-Speed
  • Lois Lane and Lionel Luthor do not appear in this episode.
  • The original title of the episode was "Savage", referring to the DC villain Vandal Savage, who was originally supposed to be Curtis Knox but it changed because the characters was off limits, so all the references to the character had to be removed.
  • For most of the scenes where Chloe is strapped to a gurney after being kidnapped by Dr. Knox, she is in bare feet. However, for a brief moment during the battle between Clark and Dr. Knox, she is wearing shoes;[1] then, when she is seen freeing herself from the gurney in the aftermath, she has gone back to being barefoot.[2][3]
    • In any case, these cannot have been the shoes she was wearing before being kidnapped since those shoes were black,[4] while the shoes she is briefly seen wearing on the gurney are a beige or tan color instead.[1]
  • Dr. Knox warns Lex that Mussolini once killed a train conductor for being late. This is actually untrue. It was a myth born of the Mussolini propaganda of the time, that Mussolini was so great a leader that he could even get Italy's trains to actually follow the schedule. The propaganda was so good that at the time that most people believed it, but according to a historical study, not only did trains' punctuality remain unimproved, but it actually deteriorated under Mussolini's reign.
  • This is the first episode to establish that Chloe and Aunt Nell are aware of Lana's return from faking her death.
  • Lana is not aware of Chloe being meteor infected. Clark continues to keep Chloe's secret.

In Other Media[]

  • Dean Cain's turn as Dr. Curtis Knox is significant to Superman fans because Cain played Superman/Clark Kent on the television show Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman from 1993 to 1997. He is the fifth Superman alumnus to have a role on Smallville following Annette O'Toole as Martha Kent, Christopher Reeve as Dr. Swann, Terence Stamp as Jor-El, and Margot Kidder as Bridgette Crosby. As a reference to Cain's previous role as Superman/Clark Kent, his character's initials, C.K., are sewn into his handkerchief. On both shows, Jimmy often calls Clark "C.K.". Clark tells him "we're more alike than you think", referring to their mutual immortality, but is also a reference to both of them playing the same character on two different shows.
  • There is fan speculation that Dr. Knox is Smallville's version of the infamous DC immortal Vandal Savage. Though Savage was intended as the antagonist of the episode, he was off-limits.[5]
  • In the fight between Clark and Curtis Knox at Knox's house, he says to Clark "you may have powers far beyond those of mortal men." This is a direct reference to the 1950s television series Adventures of Superman starring George Reeves.


  • The end of this episode features a PSA for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation featuring Dean Cain.
  • During Lex's first confrontation of Knox, Knox calls Level 33.1 a "Museum of Oddities". This is a reference to Cain's time as the host of the television show "Ripley's: Believe It or Not" which displays various weird and bizarre people, places, and things.
  • The Victorian Arms building that Dr. Curtis Knox ran his clinics was actually the front entrance of the Crease Clinic of the now defunct Riverview Hospital, a now-demolished historic psychiatric hospital in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.


  • Sasha Woodman was the overzealous would-be class president that could control bees in the first season episode Drone (although she was played by a different actress).
  • Kara asks Jimmy about the images Lois obtained when she snuck into a grain silo, which occurred in Kara.
  • Jimmy references when he and Chloe reunited during the earthquake, which occurred in Zod.
  • This is the first episode that we see the Isis Foundation, although at this time it has yet to open. However, its other purpose (spying on Lex) is also revealed.
  • Martian Manhunter was last seen in Bizarro.
  • Sometime between or during the last episode Fierce and this episode, off-screen, Chloe finds out about Lana's return and faked death. The reunion between Chloe and Lana occured in a deleted scene in the last episode. This episode also implies that Aunt Nell is now aware, but it is unclear if Lana informed her aunt of the plan before leaving, contacted her while in hiding, or finds out after her return.


  • The Isis Foundation will be seen fully up and running in Lara.
  • Clark's fear of Chloe forgetting him would become true in Abyss.


  • Kara has seemingly become a fan of the TV Food Network- she references two celebrity chefs made famous by the cable channel, Bobby Flay and Rachael Ray.
  • Jimmy references The Da Vinci Code the best-selling mystery by Dan Brown and "Mr. Miyagi", the wise sensei who trains the Karate Kid in the films.
  • Lex and Dr. Knox compare each other to Mussolini, the fascist prime minister of Italy during World War II and close ally to Adolf Hitler.
  • Dr. Knox claims that he was Jack the Ripper. He is referring to the serial killer who murdered prostitutes in the Whitechapel district of London from August to November 1888. Jack the Ripper was never caught and, as such, his identity remains unknown.
  • When Clark asked for Chloe's help in finding Kara's crystal and stated its importance, she retorted by saying that she had important things to do too even though the view from Mount Olympus makes it seem like she didn't. Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece and home of the Twelve Olympian deities of the ancient Greek world among others.



Lana: (to the Martian Manhunter) Let me guess-- you're from Krypton as well?
Clark: Mars, actually.
Lana: (pauses) Well, I'll let you two catch up!

Chloe: (to Clark) You know, you're gonna have to hang a bell around your neck or something so I can at least hear when you're coming.

Jimmy: I used to sit in the backyard and try to pick up Martian signals on my dad's ham radio.
Kara: Umm, Martians use infrared, silly.

Chloe: I'm a meteor freak... and... I want to be cured.

Clark: I won't let you kill anyone else.
Dr. Knox: I'd kill a thousand more to never have to be alone. You don't know the pain of living centuries watching the women you love grow old and turn to dust!
Clark: You and I are more alike than you think.

Chloe: If I have to give up a little bit of my past to gain a future, then so be it.
Clark: You're going to forget everything! You're going to forget your friends, your experiences-- you're going to forget me. You're going to forget me.

Chloe: I came here for help! Not to be cut open by some "Jack the Ripper" wannabe!
Dr. Knox: I was Jack the Ripper.


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