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The Crystal of El.

The new Crystal of El.

Not to be confused with the Crystal of Knowledge.

The Crystal of El is a Kryptonian crystal shaped like the Kryptonian pentagon displaying the insignia of the House of El.

Powers and Abilities

The Crystal of El is known to have four main powers.

Protection against Phantoms

The El Crystal repels some wraiths away from Clark.

The Crystal of El is evidently capable of fending off phantoms by emitting spurts of light. However, as seen in Static, it does not work on Zoners that still have their corporeal form, like with Aldar, Gloria and Titan.

The Crystal of El has also been used to remove or exorcise phantoms that have possessed humans. After escaping from the Phantom Zone, Clark used the Crystal of El to remove the spirit of General Zod from the body of Lex Luthor. It was later seen that General Zod had been banished to the Phantom Zone, confirming that the Crystal of El could return phantoms to the zone.

Later, he separated Baern from the body of a human teenager, Lamar.

A notable exception to the crystal's anti-phantom powers is shown with a wraith that later becomes Bizarro. It was definitely not affected by the Crystal of El, and was able to destroy the crystal.

Power storage and emission

Clark's Crystal of El absorbs Baern's spirit.

The Crystal of El cotains vast powers storage abilities, and seems to absorb the energy of phantoms that it banishes, becoming a storage system for immense amounts of power and energy. After Clark defeated Baern, the crystal became charged up with all the energy that Baern had drained from various nuclear power plants and Brainiac's damaged black box. At Raya's urging, Clark was able to use the Crystal of El to restore power to the damaged Fortress of Solitude.

Selective amnesia

The Crystal of El can be used to selectively erase memories. For example, Zor-El used a crystal to erase his daughter Kara's memories of a visit to Earth in 1986 in which Kara saw him and his attempts to seduce his sister-in-law Lara-El and Kara forgot about them until Agent Carter made them resurface using advanced equipment from the Summerholt Institute.

Zor-El used another, or possibly the same, Crystal of El to erase Kara's memories on Krypton as well when she found out about his connections with Zod and about how he planned to ignite Krypton's core to destroy the planet before fleeing to Earth. Kara pushed him onto a cluster of hologram crystals before he erased her memories. (Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton)

Send beings to Phantom Zone

The spirit of Zod is removed from Lex Luthor.

Several years later, Clark used a new crystal to send Slade Wilson to the Phantom Zone. This crystal allows for its user to send corporeal beings to the Phantom Zone. (Icarus)

Early History

Before Krypton was destroyed, Jor-El gave the crystal to one of his assistants, Raya, to defend herself while in the Phantom Zone. Without a yellow sun to give her Kryptonian powers, the Crystal of El was Raya's only weapon against the many criminals trapped in the Phantom Zone.

Season Six

Raya gave the crystal to Clark Kent just before he left the Phantom Zone. Clark then used the Crystal of El to defeat the Zoners who had also escaped from the Phantom Zone before it was finally destroyed in his battle with the last Zoner, Bizarro.

Season Seven

Kara was shown holding a Crystal of El that her father Zor-El gave her that transformed to show an image of a baby Kal-El so that, when she arrived on Earth, she could locate him and protect him.

Season Ten

Years later Clark uses a new Crystal of El to send Slade Wilson to the Phantom Zone. This new crystal is different from the old one because it is able to send people that still have their body to the phantom zone. It is unknown where Clark received this Crystal because it isn't shown on-screen anywhere.