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The Crows Nest.

The unnamed crow's nest is a building rooftop located in Metropolis. Clark Kent is often seen looking over the city and has been joined there on occasion by Green Arrow.

Season Nine

Clark watching over the city.

After saving a monorail train with Lois Lane aboard, Clark retreated to the top of the crow's nest where he is seen wearing a black suit with the House of El family crest on his chest standing proudly as he watched over the city of Metropolis at night. Later that same night, he called Lois as the Blur from the crow's nest.

Clark and Oliver in the crows nest.

When Oliver Queen rediscovers himself after playing Roulette's deadly game of life and death. He reassumes his identity of Green Arrow and joins alongside Clark above the crow's nest overlooking the city. Oliver tells Clark he looks ridiculous in his black attire and suggest that Clark could use a tailor who had a better sense of color. Clark is happy to see his old friend back. Oliver also commends Clark in his efforts in fighting crime in the city and assures Clark that he can count on Green Arrow to help him as well. Clark is pleased as he tells Oliver he thinks they'll need all the help they can get in the days ahead.

Zod and Clark in the crows nest

Zod is seen waiting for Clark at the crow's nest, Clark arrives furiously with a warning to Zod to stay away from Lois or he'll destroy them all.

Devilicious about to push Chloe.

When Alec Abrams is transformed from Warrior Angel into Devilicus, He kidnaps Chloe holding her up against her will on the rooftop of the crow's nest to provide him with the location of Zatanna to prevent himself from returning to a normal boy by threatening to kill Chloe. But before he can carry out his threat, Zatanna's counter-curse goes into effect. The force of the magical blast throws Chloe off the rooftop, but thankfully Clark rescues her by Super leaping up catching her and returning to the rooftop of the crow's nest, to find Alec returned as a little boy huddled in tears.

Clark at the crows nest.

Clark makes a fateful decision to ensure that the future he had witnessed in which Major Zod and his army ruled humanity with tyranny doesn't come to existence by destroying the Solar tower the key source for restoring their powers by using his heat vision at maximum power from the top of the crow's nest.

Clark fights with Zod at the crows nest.

Tess had the crystal console from Zod's solar tower placed in the crow's nest. The console, built by the Kandorians to turn the sun red, was later used in conjunction with the Book of Rao to transport the Kandorians to a new world. It would serve moments later as the location of the season's final battle between Clark and Zod. After allowing himself to be stabbed with a blue kryptonite knife and watching Zod ascend with the rest of the Kandorians, Clark fell from its heights and plummeted to the ground below.

Season Ten

Clark plummets from the nest.

As the sky above closed after transporting the Kandorians and Zod away, Clark dropped from the crow's nest to the ground below as it rained all around him.

Darkseid arrives.

Later, a dark figure arrives on Earth on the tower, manifesting as a shadowy entity that roared at the night sky. Kara revealed to Clark that Darkseid had arrived on earth when Clark had transported the Kandorians with the Book of Rao that left a rip in the universe three weeks earlier.