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"Crossfire" is the sixth episode in the ninth season of Smallville, and the one hundred-eightieth episode overall. It aired on October 30, 2009.


Oliver tries to help a young street girl, Mia Dearden by offering to train her, but Mia finds that it isn't that easy to escape her dangerous life, and is forced to double cross him. Lois asks Clark to help her land a job as an on-air television host, but the two are shocked when the station wants to hire them as a team.


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Lois and Clark host 'Good Morning Metropolis'

Lois is auditioning for a job hosting 'Good Morning Metropolis'. Clark is helping her as co-host. Clark misses a line and Lois asks for another take. Before beginning again, she mentions to Clark that although she is still mad at him for not letting her know how Oliver was doing, she appreciates that he could help her with the audition. They begin to argue and the producer notices their banter, smiling. Clark admits that he only agreed to help Lois out with the audition because he was trying to make things up to her, so that there would be a possibility he could take her out on a "second" date. Lois replies that he should have thought of that before he stood her up the first time. The lights on the set shut off and the producer thanks them both, having already seen what she needed to see. Lois begs for another shot, thinking that she is being rushed out of the audition. The producer informs her that she will see her again on Monday morning, when she reports in for work. Lois gloats to Clark that she won't forget him when she goes national. The producer explains that she meant both of them (despite Clark's protests that he wasn't applying for the job), she reassures them that they look "real" and have great chemistry...and that hiring Lois means hiring them both, or neither one of them. Lois gives Clark a look, and he reluctantly nods his agreement to do the show with her.


Mia meets Oliver

Back at the Daily Planet, Clark is looking over some paperwork, when Chloe comes in and asks about Lois' interview. Clark informs her that they hired Lois and Clark, rather than just Lois. Chloe laughs at the prospect of the two hosting a morning show and asks what their first show is going to be about. Clark tells her that he and Lois will be tackling online dating, first by going out on blind dates, then reviewing the taped footage on-air. Chloe admires Clark's commitment to getting back into Lois' good graces, to which Clark replies that the most important thing is to locate the Kandorians. Chloe reassures Clark that running around looking for Kandorians has led to nothing thus far and that she suspects that Tess is hiding information that would help the search more than Clark circling the globe. When Clark offers to look in on Tess, Chloe tells him that she can take care of it and that he should concentrate on the Clark side of his dual identity and stop worrying. Chloe leaves and Clark walks over to Lois, who is sitting at her desk. He hands her some paperwork from the network and asks what she is working on. Lois explains that she is still filling out her online profile for the blind date, and that the wording has to be just right so that she doesn't end up with a lemon. Clark looks worried at this and mentions that he filled his profile out in ten minutes. Clark leans in to Lois' monitor to check out her profile and laughs at her choices and asks why she neglected to include her love of monster truck rallies. Lois is indignant at this and explains that if she were to write about monster trucks, the date chosen for her wouldn't exactly be the kind of guy that would impress the "home viewers."


Tess explains the solar tower

At what appears to be an underground fighting ring, a man and a young woman fight it out until the woman beats him into submission. As the woman raises her arms up in victory, another man walks up and grabs her arm. The woman notices the Beretta in his waistband and they argue for a minute about her running away from him, then he leads her out of the ring while Oliver looks on.


Clark meets his date Catherine

Oliver drives up to a club and talks to a woman on the street corner; the woman is the same one from the club but is now wearing a wig. Oliver and the woman go for a drive, she introduces herself as Mia. Mia asks why Oliver was "cruising for company," Oliver says that he was actually looking for her. Oliver tells her he was at the fight earlier and saw something in her that reminded him of himself during his darker days. He offers to help her. Mia wants to know what his "help" is going to cost, Oliver replies that he just wants to prove to her that she can trust him. Back at the Luthor mansion, Tess is talking to Stuart (her techie), who informs her that there is a hacker trying to get through to their systems. Tess tells Stuart to fix the situation or she will have to have him terminated; Stuart looks concerned by this. Tess remains inscrutable. Tess walks into the library where there is a gathering of people. She announces that LuthorCorp is going green through a partnership with RAO Technology, she then unveils a holograph of a solar tower. The audience claps and Zod emerges from it towards Tess, clapping. Tess is confused by Zod's presence (referring to him as "Mr. Ha-Zod" in front of the audience) and mentions that she never expected to see him again. Zod announces that he is CEO of RAO Technology, then toasts Tess, vowing that the solar tower will change the world and calling Tess their "savior."


Zod talks with Tess

Clark sits in front of multiple cameras, looking nervous, ready to meet his blind date. A man walks over to perform the sound check, and hands Clark an ear-bud. Once Clark gets it working, he discovers Lois speaking to him through it and asks if he can expect a running commentary from Lois throughout his date. Lois takes the opportunity to berate him for standing her up again, making Clark even more uncomfortable. Clark suggests that they discuss that another time, when cameras are not around. Lois then changes the subject to Clark's online dating profile, which she has pulled up on her computer. Lois tells Clark that mentioning that he grew up on a farm was certainly going not going to land him a worthwhile date. Just after Lois' comment, a beautiful blonde woman walks up and nervously introduces herself to Clark as his date, Catherine. Clark looks relieved, and Lois sounds disappointed through the ear-bud. The date kicks off, Catherine appears very nervous and tells Clark she hasn't had a chance to date much because until just recently she had been serving overseas in the Peace Corps. Catherine mentions that she came to Metropolis to work on her P.h.D. and couldn't decide between Sociology or Social Justice, so she was working on both. Clark looks charmed by this. Lois looks jealous. The producer gives her a thumbs up.


Mia defends herself

Tess and Zod are alone in the library. Zod explains that Tess should be grateful for all of his help and explains that all he wants in return is the Blur. Tess tells Zod she doesn't know how to find the Blur. Zod, undeterred by this information, explains that the Blur's blood had been used to combat a virus and that when he sent people to get the blood for testing, all the samples had been destroyed at Tess' request. Zod says that she would have only done that to protect the Blur. Tess insinuates that she may be able to help him, but she can't trust Zod unless they are equal. Zod says that no human could ever be equal to a Kandorian, walks out on Tess, then tells the bodyguard to get the information he wants from Tess or kill her trying.


Clark saves the day

Lois walks into Oliver's office. Oliver mentions that he is a little busy, but Lois immediately starts explaining her assignment on Good Morning Metropolis. Oliver laughs at the prospect of Clark Kent hosting a Morning show, and even more when Lois tells him about the blind date set up. Lois tells him worriedly that Clark's date went well and that hers needs to be better. Lois doesn't believe that she can trust herself to perform as well on her blind date as Clark did on his, so she wants Oliver to tell her if she had any traits he found particularly irritating when they were dating. Oliver tells Lois that everything about her was endearing, just as Mia comes in wearing only a towel. Lois expresses her disappointment that Oliver would hire a prostitute and leaves. Meanwhile, Chloe and Stuart are battling it out in cyber space, Chloe trying to access Tess' files, and Stuart trying to avoid "termination." Mia is getting dressed, when Oliver walks in and asks for his watch back. Mia hands it over. Mia and Oliver argue about her situation. She tells Oliver that she just want to pay off her debt so that she can be free and that she is sick of people trying to manipulate her. Oliver convinces her that he only wants to help and Mia agrees to stay.


Tess in the distance congratulates Zod

Lois is preparing for her date, this time with Clark in her ear. Clark tells Lois that whoever her date is, he is a lucky man. Clark asks what Lois would say if he asked her out on another date, Lois smiles and is about to answer when Oliver arrives... as her blind date. Clark looks none too pleased. Oliver explains that he paid off Lois' blind date so that he could stand in and ensure Lois looked good on camera.

Mia drives back to her street corner in Oliver's Aston Martin to confront her pimp. She hands over the keys and tells him that the car should pay the rest of her debt. The man freaks out, puts his hand around her throat, and says that he will never let her go and that she needs to tell him where she dropped off Oliver so that he and his men can go rob him. Mia gives up Oliver's location. Lois and Oliver are back at their date, with Lois looking a little upset as she chides Oliver about Mia. Oliver confesses his feelings for Lois on camera, prompting Lois to cut the feed and drags Oliver away from the cameras to have a talk with him. Oliver tells Lois that he still loves her but Lois says her love for Oliver is only as a dear friend and that she needs to be honest with him. Oliver stops her, guessing that the person she is really thinking about is Clark. Lois confirms this. Oliver says goodnight and walks outside, only to find Mia waiting for him. Lois follows him out to make sure Oliver is okay. Oliver and Lois agree to be good friends. Oliver walks over to Mia to try and introduce her to Lois. Mia mouths that she is sorry, and then suddenly her pimp and his goons abduct them both. Clark is back at the Good Morning Metropolis set, concerned about how Lois' date with Oliver turned out. The pimp and his men load Oliver into the trunk of his car, unconscious, and are preparing to get rid of Mia and Lois; Lois struggles with her captor, knocking out her ear-bud and reactivating it. Mia kicks the pistol from the pimp's hand and catches it in mid-air, turning on him to save Lois. Mia finds that she is unable to pull the trigger, the pimp takes the pistol back and knocks Mia unconscious. Oliver gets out of the car and he and Lois take out the men, escaping into a nearby alley with the pimp in pursuit. The gunfire noise coming through the ear-bud at the Good Morning Metropolis set attracts Clark's attention and he rushes off to save Lois. Clark arrives just in time to step in between the gun-toting pimp and Oliver and Lois. Clark melts the gun with his heat vision and just barely catches a stray bullet before it enters Oliver's head. Lois, of course, sees nothing. Lois hugs Oliver in relief as Clark looks on from a nearby rooftop.


Chloe meets Stuart

Tess' bodyguard comes in and reveals to Tess that he is not her bodyguard, he is a Kandorian working for Zod; He then gives Tess an ultimatum: tell him where the Blur is or die. Clark walks into the watchtower to check on Chloe's progress just as she finishes hacking the 100th firewall protecting Tess' servers. Just when Chloe feels that she should be getting in, a video of Stuart begins to play, telling Chloe to just give up. He puts his hand in front of the screen. Chloe is only encouraged by this and uses the video to identify Stuart by capturing his fingerprints. Chloe explains that Stuart has crazy computer skills and that she wants to use the information she can gather on him to recruit him away from Tess. Clark tells Chloe about Lois and Oliver and expresses his doubts whether it would be a good idea to pursue Lois if Oliver still cares for her, considering how hard Oliver has had it lately. Chloe rolls her eyes and tells Clark to man up and figure out what he wants.


Olivers offers Mia a lift

Zod sits at a cafe, drinking espresso. He looks down at an envelope and opens it, revealing the blood-stained dog tag of the soldier he sent to kill Tess. Zod looks up to see Tess on the other side of the street toasting him with her coffee; Tess disappears. Stuart walks down an alley and turns, noticing Chloe following him. Chloe tosses down an envelope, which Stuart opens; the envelope contains the information Chloe pulled up on Stuart. She reaches out to shake his hand, Stuart accepts.


Clark kisses Lois

Back on the street corner, Mia is standing looking unhappy when Oliver rolls up and smiles at her, inviting her into his car. Mia gets in and they drive off.

Clark and Lois are back at the Planet. Clark approaches Lois, presumably to "man up" and finally ask her out, but Lois interrupts and tells Clark that the Producers of Good Morning Metropolis decided to "go in a different direction" and have hired Catherine Grant instead of keeping them. Lois spirals into self-doubt and Clark interrupts her by passionately kissing her.



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  • APM Music - "Coffee Break"
  • Dead by Sunrise - "End of the World"


  • A crossfire is military terminology for 'converging fire from two or more positions'; it can also refer to 'a lively exchange of ideas, opinions, etc.'
  • Crossfire was a debate TV program on CNN that aired from 1982 to 2005. It featured two pundits - a liberal and a conservative - who argued and debated on camera.
  • In this episode, Lois and Clark audition to become co-hosts of a TV morning show where they are expected to argue and debate on camera.
  • Many plot events also involve getting caught in a 'crossfire': the Kandorian soldier who posed as Tess's bodyguard before trying to murder her was caught in the crossfire between Tess and Zod; Oliver was put in the middle of Mia and her boss' argument; and Clark put himself in the crossfire between Oliver, Lois and Mia's boss.


  • Antagonist - Rick
  • This is the first time that Clark Kent and Lois Lane knowingly kiss each other without any memory wipes or disguises.
  • This is the first time since "Rabid" that all of the main cast members appear and third time all season.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Mia Dearden in the Smallville universe.
  • While driving with Mia Dearden, Oliver calls her Speedy which is her alias in the comics.
  • The sequence where Clark steps in front of the bullets to save Lois and Oliver is similar to a scene in the Superman Returns film.
  • The R.A.O. Corporation may refer to Rao, the red sun that Krypton used to orbit, seen before in "Arrival" and "Apocalypse".
  • The Kryptonian Guard, who confronts Tess Mercer, wears the same Kryptonian crest as Faora and Vala.
  • Lois at one point tells Clark "Thanks Clark. You sound like my mother on prom night". However, her mother died before Lois attended high school.[1][2]

In Other Media[]


  • The envelope Chloe is holding while meeting Stuart is turned over between scenes.



  • Catherine Grant, a reporter from the comics, is introduced in this episode. However, in the next season, the writers introduced a new character, also a reporter, named Cat Grant, who referenced this one to differentiate herself from her.


  • Many scenes are a nod to the 1990s romantic comedy Pretty Woman such as the scene on the streets where Oliver finds Mia at work, Mia putting on her boots and the pose of Lois and Clark on the new advertisement of Good Morning Metropolis.



Lois: Look, I appreciate you helping me audition, I'm still angry you didn't tell me how bad Oliver was doing, but you're here anyway, so please, don't make me wish you weren't.
Clark: It's okay, Lois. You don't need to get all worked up like you usually do.
Lois: Well, excuse me Mr. I'm-slow-and-steady-and-know-what's-best-for-everyone, this happens to be important to me. With newspapers on the endangered species list, news television is my one and only back-up plan.
Clark: Don't you think you can be a little less dramatic with this whole thing?
Lois: You could be a little more passionate with this whole thing. But not you, not mild-mannered Clark Kent. Do you even care if I get this job?
Clark: Of course I care, I bought a new tie.
Lois: Oh, well I bought a whole new outfit.
Clark: Yeah, you look great.
Lois: Don't do that.
Clark: Do what?
Lois: Don't you dare reassure me right now.
Clark: Lois, I'm only doing this for you. How else am I going to get that second date?
Lois: (Pauses) Well, you should have thought of that before you stood me up the first time.

Lois: (talking to the waiter) You got anything stronger?
Waiter: Of course.
Clark: Last thing you need is a drink Lois.
Lois: Thanks Clark. You sound like my mother on prom night. How do I look?
Clark: If this were a prom, you'd be crowned queen. Your date's a lucky man.
Lois: Do I detect a note of jealousy in the notoriously nice Clark Kent? Be careful my date doesn't hear you. He might just have to take you down.
Clark: (chuckles) Like to see him try.
Lois: You know what they say: all's fair in love and war.
Clark: And what's it gonna be for us Lois? Love or war?
Lois: Clark, it sounds like you're asking me out on another date?
Clark: If I was, would you say yes?
Lois: I'll tell you what I'd say... (sees Oliver walking in) Oliver!

Chloe: (talking about Stuart) Clark, this guy is so good, every time I'd get close, he'd show up and block me.
Clark: I know the feeling. (Pauses) Lois and Oliver. Seeing him with her... it's been a long time since he looked that happy.
Chloe: Clark, just stop, OK? I mean, your willingness to sacrifice yourself for others is a great strength, for sure, but when it comes to your own happiness, it's definitely a weakness.
Clark: But Oliver's been through a lot lately, and we're all friends.
Chloe: Lois is not up for auction. Look, for once, try not to second-guess things. All you have to do is ask yourself, what do you want?

(Clark walks in the Daily Planet bullpen, sees Lois reading something, and nervously walks up to her.)
Clark: Lois?
Lois: Did you hear? The brilliant brass over at KZXP have decided to go with someone else for their morning show.
Clark: Lois?
Lois: After everything that happened, after Ollie and I almost got killed, guess who they've decided to go with? (She shows him a promo picture of Catherine Grant as the new correspondent.)
Lois: Apparently blondes test better with morning viewers.
Clark: Lois!
Lois: I'm sorry, I never should have tried out in the first place, or dragged you with me, and I just--
(Clark grabs her and passionately kisses her. At first, she is surprised, then she kisses him back.)

Clark: Well, let's see what you wrote. All right. Under "likes," you have the theater. You mean movie theater.
Lois: Details.
Clark: Favorite drinks--you have "bubbly." Yeah, if it comes in a six-pack.
Lois: (steals a look at Clark's chest) Well, I do like a six-pack.

Clark: Look, there are a lot of good things about you that would attract a lot of great guys.
Lois: Really? Like what?
Clark: Uh... well, you're Lois.
Lois: Thanks, Clark. But I already filled out my name.

Tess: Fix the situation, Stuart. Or I'll have you terminated.
Stuart: Okay, By terminated, though, you mean fired, right? (Tess doesn't speak) Right?

Lois: Ollie, I need your help.
Oliver: It's not a good time, Lois.
Lois: You know how Clark and I have this side job hosting Good Morning Metropolis?
Oliver: Uh, Clark Kent's hosting morning television? I can't wait to watch him show me how to bake a cake.

Oliver: Clark's on a blind date? Talk about footage of a train wreck.

Lois: Okay, Clark. Let's talk about something else--like your on line-dating profile.
Clark: But that was supposed to be private.
Lois: Well, I'll give you this. You definitely were honest. But admitting that you grew up on a farm is either going to get you a date with a country mouse, or a cougar looking for her next meal.

Clark: I guess this means you forgive me.
Lois: Well, let's just say I won't forget about you when I go national.
Producer: Uh, actually, we want you both.
Clark: I'm sorry?

Lois: Just a little bit brighter, right Clark?
Clark: Right, a little less brighter.

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