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People in Crater Lake.

Crater Lake is a large lake in Burnham Woods that was once filled with meteor fragments. The lake is apparently now clear of meteorite fragments, and has become a popular local swimming destination for Smallville residents.

At least two metahumans are known to have received their powers while underwater at Crater Lake: Sean Kelvin and Linda Lake.

Season One

Sean Kelvin fell in while walking on ice and gained his metahuman power. (Cool)

Season Three

In 2003, Chloe Sullivan referred to an earlier school field trip here, during which she dropped her keys and Jake Pollen fished them out for her. He was underwater for six minutes, so she added him to her database of people who might have been infected by the meteor rocks. It was later confirmed that he had gills (although the source of his powers was never revealed). (Extinction)

Clark Kent dreamed of skinny dipping there with Lana Lang and they later made a date to go swimming. (Slumber)

Season Five

Arthur saves Lois.

Arthur Curry made his first appearance at Crater Lake. He saved Lois Lane from drowning after she hit her head while diving and is knocked unconscious. He also teamed up with Clark to dismantle LuthorCorp's Leviathan project, which was killing the wildlife in the lake. (Aqua)

Season Six

Chloe and Clark planned to spend a day at the lake and Clark uses Super breath to blow away rain clouds, after Lois refused to also go citing weather concern. (Sneeze)

Linda Lake gained the power to morph into water when her news van crashed into the lake during the second meteor shower. (Hydro)



  • The local teens often have parties and cookouts on its shores.[1]
  • Worth noting is the mountainous terrain visible in most scenes at Crater Lake. This is perhaps the most apparent indication within the show that it is not filmed in Kansas. It is, in fact, Buntzen Lake in Anmore, British Columbia.[2]


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