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"Committed" is the fifth episode in the eighth season of Smallville, and the one hundred-fifty-seventh episode overall. It aired on October 16, 2008.


Chloe and Jimmy are abducted by a psychotic jeweler who was emotionally scarred by his wife's infidelity and is now kidnapping couples and subjecting them to a kryptonite-enhanced lie detector that shocks them if they lie. The abductor asks Chloe if she is in love with anyone else. Meanwhile, in an effort to find Chloe and Jimmy, Clark and Lois pose as a couple and are kidnapped themselves, then asked how they feel about each other.


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Chloe and Jimmy are kidnapped.

Chloe and Jimmy are having a party to celebrate their engagement, during which Lois gets drunk. Clark warns Lois off the drink and suggests she might be doing it because she is jealous. He encourages her to "show some support". Lois stands on a stool and makes a toast, insulting Chloe and Jimmy's "soulmate" status. Clark takes the microphone from Lois and delivers some heartfelt closing words.

Outside after the party, Chloe expresses her appreciation to her fiancé for overcoming his prior jealousy of Clark and Chloe's relationship. Suddenly the couple is blinded by headlights, and see a masked man standing in front of the car. They are both shot and fall to the ground.


Lois wakes up at the Kent Farm.

The next morning, Lois wakes up on the couch in the living room of the Kent Farm. Hungover, she realizes she's wearing Clark's football jersey. Noticing her dress is on the opposite chair, she asks Clark if they slept together the night before. Clark is quick to assure her they didn't.

At the Daily Planet, Tess and her assistant discuss the e-mail from the person who stole the crystal. Her assistant tells her that they were unable to find the IP address, and that the message was sent from a ghost router that disappeared as soon as they saw it. She suggests that it could mean Lex is in fact still alive. Tess enters her office to find Oliver, who confronts her about the Star City towers that she bought right out from under him. He queries her obsession with Lex and questions whether he was only her mentor, but soon backs down and offers to take her to dinner. She tells him "Oliver always wants what Oliver can't have." After Oliver claims it's "just a meal," she accepts.


Clark and Lois discover that Chloe and Jimmy are missing.

Lois and Clark arrive at Chloe's apartment, but find it empty. Rose petals are on the floor and bed, untouched mail lies in a pile just inside the door, and a message is on the answering machine that a drunken Lois had left the night before. Also on the voicemail is a message from Smallville Police Department Impound, informing Chloe and Jimmy that their vehicles were taken in for obstructing a street cleaner. Clark and Lois realize that the couple did not come home the previous night.

Chloe and Jimmy regain consciousness in a dark dungeon with a mysterious man who declares that he will determine if the two lovers are truly meant to be together. Seeing two corpses, they realize that they are not the kidnapper's first victims.

At the Daily Planet, Lois and Clark start to investigate Chloe and Jimmy's disappearance, and soon discover that they weren't the only couple to go missing recently. They find that all the victims are connected by the same three shops: a bakery, a jewelry store and a stationery shop. Clark suggests he should go to investigate the stationery shop alone, but Lois insists on making it a team effort.


Chloe and Jimmy are forced to tell the truth.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Jimmy are attached to so-called "lie-detector" machines and their chairs are connected to electricity. The kidnapper tells them it's his "duty" to determine whether their love for each other is genuine, and that not everyone is meant to be married. He then begins by asking Jimmy if he has ever cheated on Chloe. Jimmy declares that he hasn't but the lie-detector gives a negative indication. When Chloe is then given a shock, Jimmy quickly confesses how he kissed Maxima. The abductor explains that this test is intended to show that lies do not hurt the liar but the one they lie to. Chloe tells him she knows it wasn't his fault.


Clark and Lois posing as a couple.

When the stationery shop leads the investigation to a dead end, Lois remembers that the kidnapper is targeting couples. She suggests they pose as an engaged couple in the jewelry store. While in the jeweler's, Oliver comes in and sees them together, which forces them to continue the lie and tell him they're getting married. As they then move on towards the bakery, Clark uses his superspeed to ditch Lois while her back is turned.


Lois is kidnapped.

The kidnapper reveals his motivation to Chloe and Jimmy when he explains he was cheated on by his wife, and that he wishes someone had tested their relationship. He then continues his interrogation, asking Chloe if she has ever cheated on Jimmy. The lie-detector shows a positive reaction. He then asks if she is in love with anyone else, which Jimmy insists she doesn't answer. The masked abductor shocks him and insists Chloe answer the question, to which she calmly responds "no" and again there is a positive result, so Jimmy is not given a shock. They are congratulated by their captor, who then again tranquilizes them.


Lois confesses her love for Clark.

Oliver arrives at the Mansion to pick up Tess, but she tosses him a bo stick and attacks him. He fights back, and as they fight she questions his emotional state and drinking problem after the death of his parents. He dismisses the subject with a joke, and she tells him he's never been able to take anything seriously, including their former relationship. She demands an explanation for his affair while they were dating, wondering what it was he was so afraid of. He admits he was afraid of her, and they kiss.

On her way home, Lois is also kidnapped while leaving a voicemail for Clark, and the kidnapper is the jeweler from the store they had visited together.

Chloe and Jimmy wake up in their bed, and Chloe says she wouldn't have survived had she gone through the ordeal with anyone else. After Chloe and Jimmy kiss, they call the sheriff.

Later, as they tell their story to the sheriff, Clark arrives to tell them he can't find Lois. When they tell Clark what the kidnapper said to them, he realizes that it must have been the jeweler that kidnapped her.

Clark crashes into the basement of the store where he finds Lois restrained in a chair, and attempts to free her, but is weakened when the jeweler approaches him from behind, wearing a kryptonite watchband. He knocks Clark unconscious.


Clark saves Lois.

Clark wakes up in the electric chair opposite Lois, defenseless due to the kryptonite around them. The test begins, and the jeweler asks Lois if she has ever cheated on her fiancé. Lois denies it, which registers as a lie on the polygraph and so the jeweler shocks Clark, who notices his kryptonite watchband. Lois tries to convince the jeweler that they were only pretending to be a couple to investigate the kidnappings. However, he refuses to believe her and continues the test. He asks Lois if she loves Clark, and Clark, also knowing they were only pretending, urges her simply to tell the truth. So Lois, knowing the rules of the kidnapper's game and not wanting to have Clark shocked, painfully confesses her truth and says "Yes", which gets a 'true' result. But Clark is bemused, thinking she had lied and having tensed up for the electric shock which never came. The jeweler then asks Clark about his feelings for Lois, but, without answering, Clark pulls off the jeweller's kryptonite watchband and throws it down a nearby drain and then head-butts him. Next he uses his heat vision to sever the steam pipes so that Lois cannot see him free himself and knock out the jeweller. As Clark frees Lois, they both look confused and awkward.


Tess turns Oliver down.

Later, at the Isis Foundation, after everyone has recovered from recent events, Lois apologizes to Chloe for her drunken toast during the engagement party and chalks it up to her jaundiced view of relationships. She explains she just didn't want Chloe to go through the same heartache she has endured. Chloe reassures Lois that she knows in her heart she has made the right decision. Lois admits she's jealous, and when Jimmy arrives she gives him an awkward hug to welcome him to the family. As soon as Lois leaves, Jimmy admits a secret: his father is an alcoholic, and he has never actually met his mother. He explains that recent events have made him realize that they should not have secrets between them, and he apologizes for keeping them from her. She forgives and embraces him.


Clark and Lois dismiss the awkward subject of Lois's confession.

Oliver wakes up with Tess at the Mansion in a romantic mood. He wants to spend a weekend together, and reveals a diamond bracelet for her. She refuses his gift and tells him it was only sex and nothing romantic. He is surprised that she has changed so much from the person he met on the island. She explains that she has simply grown up and passes the blame to him for leaving when things started to get interesting between them after the island.

At the Daily Planet, Lois attempts to avoid Clark but accidentally runs into him at the elevator. Lois mentions that the jeweler had confessed, and then refers to the lie-detector test (when she said that she loved Clark), but then becomes lost for words and there follows an awkward silence. However, Clark lets her off the hook by congratulating her on being such a good liar, and Lois willingly plays along and claims she slipped the sensor off her finger. As she gets out of the elevator, Lois goes back on the offensive and asks where they'd be if Clark had answered that question. Clark says nothing but gazes after the retreating Lois.



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  • "Rescue Dog"- Jill Cohn


  • Committed generally means to be wholeheartedly dedicated to something, in this case a partner in a romantic relationship.
  • Committed can also refer to the act of being placed in a mental institution.
  • In this episode, Chloe and Jimmy and Clark and Lois are kidnapped and tortured by an insane jeweler, Macy, whose goal is to make sure every couple is truly "committed" to one another.


  • Antagonist: Macy
  • This episode has a similar premise to the Season Five episode Mercy, where a masked villain kidnapped Lionel Luthor and Martha Kent to play his 'game'. However, the two villains' motives and methods were very different.
  • Clark uses many of his powers in this episode. He uses super speed to get to the Jeweler's shop in Metropolis, super hearing to locate Lois, super breath to blow down the door, heat vision to destroy the steam pipes, his healing factor after he throws away the jeweler's bracelet, super strength to escape from his chains, and multi-spectrum vision to see through the steam.
  • When Chloe and Jimmy are being hooked up to the metal chairs, the cables are hooked up right next to each other. This means the current path would have traveled through the arm of the chair, not the people in them.
    • It's possible that there are unseen wires or other means of conduction, allowing the electricity to pass through the chair and the people.
  • Chloe denies being in love with anyone else other than Jimmy, and yet the Macy's lie detector confirmed she's telling the truth. This is in contradiction to the ongoing implication that she has always loved Clark more than Jimmy.
    • It is possible that Chloe's feeling towards Clark has already moved on from romantic affection to a brother-sisterly bond, although such transition isn't evident until at least late in the next season.
    • It is also possible that Chloe's hidden Brainiac infection (which starts to display earlier in Toxic and later in Identity and Bloodline, before fully manifesting in Abyss) allowed her to control her biometrics and cheat the lie detector, as Brainiac's functions are far more powerful than any earthly machines.
  • Davis Bloome does not appear in this episode.
  • When Oliver asked Tess what happened to her, she answered with exactly the same words Lex used in the episode Fracture to answer Kara: "I grew up."
  • This is the first time that Lois admits the way she feels for Clark.
  • It's unclear why Lois didn't ask how Clark managed to free himself from the electric chair.
  • Jimmy tells Chloe that he isn't who she think he is, which mirrors the line in Chloe's letter to Clark.
  • Jimmy lied about his parents and said they are successful people when in reality they are not. Lionel Luthor did the same with his parents. Both of them did so to fit in.

In Other Media[]

  • While trying to convince Lois to take the elevator rather than the stairs, Clark says, "Statistically, this is the safer way to travel." In Superman: The Movie, Superman tells Lois that when it comes to flying in airplanes, "Statistically speaking of course, it's still the safest way to travel." In Superman Returns, Superman also says (in reference to flying), "Statistically speaking, it's still the safest way to travel."



  • Chloe brings up Season Six's Crimson, when Lois and Clark crashed Lana's engagement party under the influence of red kryptonite.
  • Jimmy mentions being seduced by Maxima, which happened in the previous episode Instinct.
  • Lois is seen wearing Clark's old Smallville Crows football jersey after waking up hung-over on Clark's couch. Clark's last high school football game was in Season Four's Jinx, when he led the Crows and won the State Championship. The jersey Lois is wearing is red and yellow with a LuthorCorp logo on it (as Lex Luthor sponsored the Crows in Season 4), and is different from Clark's red and white jersey worn by Chloe in Devoted. If Smallville High followed the standard uniform procedures of wearing dark uniforms for home games and white uniforms for away games, this means that Lois wore Clark's home jersey and Chloe the away jersey.
  • This is the first appearance of Clark's super breath since the Season Six's Freak (although he used it off-screen in Bizarro).
  • Oliver tells Tess that she has changed considerably from the person that she was as seen in Toxic.
  • This episode marks the 78th appearance of Clark's red jacket & blue shirt outfit, which he wears frequently throughout the series.


  • In this episode Lois and Clark posed as an engaged couple. In Season Ten's Icarus Lois and Clark actually became an engaged couple.



Clark: (to a hung-over Lois) Don't worry, you got changed all by yourself. In the middle of the kitchen, for like an hour.

(entering the Talon apartment, the morning after)
Lois: Chloe?
Clark: Jimmy?
Lois: You know what Lois likes to see when she comes home? Pants. Pants on everyone.

Lois: (finding a pair of pink handcuffs on Jimmy and Chloe's bed) Ho-ho. Guess the Olsen's not so wholesome.

Oliver: Revenge is not your best color.
Tess: Don't flatter yourself. One of the most important things that Lex taught me is you can't afford to live in the past.
Oliver: Did Professor Luthor also teach you a thing or two about deception? Or how about obsession? I hear his class in murder's an easy A.

Tess: You haven't changed one bit. Oliver always wants what Oliver can't have.

Lois: Whoa, no way am I putting my cousin's life in the hands of a mild-mannered copy boy.

Lois: And just what do you plan on doing alone that we can't do together?
Clark: (smirks) A lot.

Lois: Wait a minute. The guy is preying on couples, right?
Clark: No, don't even go there.

Lois: Clark Kent... will you marry me?

Lois: How about this one, pumpkin?
Clark: Anything you want, muffin!

Oliver: (walking in on Lois and Clark at the jewelry store) What are you two doing here?
Lois: Oliver! Uh, didn't get the invitation yet?
Oliver: Invitation to what?
Lois: Uh, tell him, cupcake.
Clark: (shooting Lois a look) Wh... Lois and I are... we're getting married.

Macy: Dearly beloved. We are gathered here today to find out if these two were truly meant to be.

Macy: (to Chloe) Are you in love with anyone else?
Jimmy: Don't answer him, Chloe!

Macy: (to Lois, referring to Clark) Deep down, underneath it all, do you love this man?

Lois: (to Clark) You know, you're coming dangerously close to cocky.
(Clark super speeds off screen)
Lois: What, no snarky comments from the peanut gallery?

Lois: Oh my God, Chloe, I am so sorry. I mean, I know my face is under "faux pas" in the dictionary, but this is a whole new low.
Chloe: I would say that this is a close second behind the time you crashed Lana's engagement party. In fact, you may want to start avoiding engagement parties altogether.

Tess: There was nothing romantic about last night, Oliver. I had an itch. You scratched it.
Oliver: Tess, what happened to you?
Tess: I grew up.

Clark: You're not avoiding me, are you?
Lois: Me? Why would I be avoiding you? I was just shopping for wedding gifts for Chloe and Jimmy.
Clark: So you're finally on board with the happy couple.
Lois: Yep, all it took was them passing a madman's "Electric Cosmo Death Quiz" and I am sold.

Lois: Smallville, everyone knows you're a terrible liar. Who knows where we'd be if you'd answered that question?

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