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Coats was a Kryptonian soldier and member of Zod's army that was released from the Orb.

Season Nine

Like Zod and the other soldiers, Coats was present at the Luthor Mansion, but left to get away from the influence of Tess Mercer.

Coats blended into human society in Metropolis to learn about a Kryptonian hero on Earth with abilities. In order to learn more and draw the hero out, Coats created an airborne virus which turned humans into ravenous zombies. In a short amount of time, the human population of Metropolis was cured and returned to their rightful state, with help from Clark Kent's blood.

Later, Coats returned to base where Zod confronted him and demanded an explanation. Despite Coats' reason to draw the Kryptonian out, Zod was angry that his recklessness could have endangered the lives of his soldiers and other separated survivors. Believing he pleased Zod, Coats was punished by being beheaded by Zod.