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Coast City is a large metropolitan area located in an unknown state.

Coast City is best known for its surfing social life. Kara Kent and Jimmy Olsen took a weekend vacation to Coast City where Jimmy taught Kara how to surf as part of their growing relationship.

Along with Metropolis, Keystone City, Star City, Hub City, Blüdhaven, Gotham City, Central City, Kahndaq and Themyscira, Coast City is one of the confirmed DC Comics locales to be present in the world of Smallville.


  • Redux (Mentioned only) - Martha Kent's father William Clark is revealed to be a high-powered attorney living in Coast City.
  • Chronicle (Mentioned only) - Carter Bickson from the Deletion Force mentions that there was a Level Three facility in Coast City.
  • Blue (Mentioned only) - Clark Kent's cousin Kara returned from a trip to Coast City with Jimmy Olsen, where she learned how to surf. She mentioned that Coast City had some professional surfers.
  • Bulletproof (Mentioned only) - Clark Kent, under the alias of Joe Fordman, said that he was originally working in Coast City.
  • Metallo (Mentioned only) - Lois reads a newspaper called the "Coast City Reporter" talking about how the Blur stopped a bombing.

In the Comics

Coast City in the comics

In the comics, Coast City is a large metropolitan area located in Southern California, not far from Edwards Air Force Base

Coast City is also home to Ferris Aircraft, which employs a young Air Force test pilot named Hal Jordan. Not long after Clark Kent becomes Superman, Jordan will be chosen as the first human member of the intergalactic law enforcement unit known as the Green Lantern Corps.


Lana: (referring to Clark's adoptive grandfather) Do you know anything about him?
Clark: Just that he was a big corporate lawyer in Metropolis. He and my grandmother retired to Coast City.
Season Two, Redux.

Kara Kent: Clark, Coast City could not have been more awesome. I mean, who would have thought that Jimmy Olsen could shred those waves with the best of them?
Season Seven, Blue.

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