Clint Carpenter was a writer for Smallville. He wrote one episode in Season Two, and stories for the Smallville Comics.

Season Two

  • Precipice (directed by Thomas J. Wright) - Clark ends up dealing with a million dollar lawsuit after saving Lana from drunken frat boy Andy Conners. Lana takes self-defense lessons from Lex. Lex then nearly kills Paul Hayden after he attacks Helen Bryce.


  • Smallville #1:
    • Paterfamilias (also written by Mark Verheiden, In 1989, a boy name Kenny Cavanaugh loses his father, Frank, in a meteor shower. In the present, Clark and Pete are driven to a stream by Jonathan for some fishing. On his way to leave, Jonathan is captured by Kenny (who due to the Kryptonite is able to turn invisible through means of camouflage and stealth).
  • Smallville #2:
    • Beauty (also written by Mark Verheiden), The Mrs. Smallville Beauty Pageant is being held, with contestant Holly Gehrig being blackmailed into quiting. Two suspects are mother and daughter, Brenda and Rachel. Shortly after Pete goes missing.
    • What I Did On My Summer Vacation, Chloe is currently working at the Daily Planet during her internship. During which she has a brief crush on The Planet's new ace reporter, Ron Black. With some help from Lex and Pete, she aids him on a story.
  • Smallville #3:
    • Vows, Lex is visiting Lana to see if the anniversary of her parents isn't upsetting her. He then relays a story in which Lionel showed a moment of compassion for Lillian.
  • Smallville #4:
    • Chimera, Part 2 (also written by Mark Verheiden), Lex is holding Lionel at gunpoint, believing that he emptied his Swiss bank account. He is shortly escorted out after discovering that his account is only now being emptied. After escaping from from the FBI (who posed as Lionel's security), Lex discovers who is behind the murder of Malcolm. He also discovers who set up the entire plan.
  • Smallville #5:
    • Sojourn (also written by Mark Verheiden), After donning the Red Kryptonite Ring and leaving Smallville, Clark goes to a bar in Metropolis where he fights with the patrons, and meets a girl named Chastity. After rejecting her, Clark tries to join Intergang only to be turned down. At the farm, Jonathan and Martha have to cope with Clark's absence and the damages to the farm.
    • The Few, The Proud (also written by Jake Black), Whitney receives the video message from Lana and writes a letter to respond.
  • Smallville #6:
    • ID, Clark contemplates telling Lana his secret, while Lex is having a therapy session with Claire Foster. After hesitation, he tells her about Louis and apparently promised that the session will remain confidential.
    • Magic, Pete helps Clark out with some parking tickets. In return, Pete wants Clark to help out on several of his date. Problem is that Peter is dating two girls.
  • Smallville #7:
    • Chronicle, Chloe is on her way home only to be attacked. After discovering she is just a kid, the man (who's name is Carter Bickson, though he prefers to be called Bix) reveals himself to be sent by Dr. Walsh. After she and Clark listens to his story about Deletion Force and defending him from the group, Chloe helps him by calling in a favor to arrange for him means of traveling to Mexico. Chloe then decides to continue with the Chloe Chronicles.
    • Parenthood, After being caught in the rain, Jonathan and Martha look at the ups and downs of raising a son like Clark. Regardless of the setbacks, they have no regrets.
  • Smallville #8:
    • Exploit, Chloe and Pete are lead by Donovan Jamison, to an area where they discover three familiar meteor freaks being studied. Donovan states his intentions to cure other people infected by the meteor shower. Unfortunately, Pete and Chloe discover a deadly secret concerning Donovan.
    • Captive, Now a resident of Belle Reve, Lex copes with being unable to prove his sanity. He also reflects on his discovery of Clark's powers.
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