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"We're from the same world. Do you really think that having powers is the only thing that makes you Kryptonian? It's not. We share the same instincts. We're decisive... single-minded, headstrong. We were meant to be leaders." - Zod to Clark Kent, Dominion

Clark Kent and Zod in Season Nine.

Clark Kent and Zod in Season Ten.

Clark Kent and Zod have continued the complex relationship on Earth that began Zod and Jor-El's relationship back on Krypton.

Season Five

"Why are you here?" - Clark Kent
"For the same reason as anyone who'd been imprisoned like a beast: Revenge. Your father banished me to an eternal hell trying to save a doomed race. And in the end, the only survivor of his pathetic crusade was his son." - General Zod

Clark first heard about Zod through Brainiac (posing as Professor Milton Fine). At the time, he trusted Fine and believed that Zod was truly a man of goodness who opposed Jor-El's strict dictatorship on Krypton. When Fine revealed his true colors, Clark realized that Zod was not the hero that had been described, but rather the one who caused Krypton's destruction; this gave Clark an instant reason to dislike him and Clark did everything he could to prevent Zod from being released from the Phantom Zone.

Clark confronting Zod for the first time.

When Brainiac orchestrated a way for Zod to escape the Phantom Zone by inhabiting Lex Luthor's body, Clark was powerless to stop him. Zod and Clark confronted each other in the loft. Zod instantly recognized Clark as Jor-El's son and showed obvious contempt for him. Clark was determined to prevent Zod from destroying Earth like he did Krypton, but Zod sent him to the Phantom Zone.

Season Six

"Did you really think you could win, Kal-El? You're an idealistic fool, just like your father... So easily beaten. Disappointing." - General Zod
"I won't let you destroy Earth, like you did Krypton." - Clark Kent

Clark and Zod fighting.

Clark defeats Zod.

After escaping from the Phantom Zone with Raya's help, Clark confronted Zod for a second time to stop him from carrying out his plan of re-shaping Earth into a new Krypton. Zod was angry with Clark for interfering with his plans, and the two engaged in a brutal fight. Zod was confident that he had beaten Clark, as he saw him as an inferior man to him. He made Clark kneel before him, to which Clark complied, although Clark had the Crystal of El, which he used once Zod was lulled into a false sense of security. Zod was surprised at Clark's underhandedness, but was unable to do anything about it, as the crystal separated him from Lex, defeating Zod and sending him back to the Phantom Zone.

Season Nine

"Unlike you, I will rule from a throne not from the shadows. Every human, including the woman you love, will kneel before Zod!" - Major Zod
"You already destroyed my first home. I won't let you take this one." – Clark Kent

When Zod was "reconstructed" when the Orb created Zod's younger clone, Zod's clone remained unaware of Clark's existence until Jor-El's clone unwittingly revealed it to him. As he lay dying, Jor-El told Clark to save Zod, although Clark suspected Zod was responsible for killing his father's clone.

Zod over-powers Clark.

Once Clark saw Lois Lane's vision of the future, he saw Zod's clone and his army were in control of Earth with Clark and all humans imprisoned. Tired of trying to convince Clark to join him on his "new Earth", Zod sentenced Clark and Lois to death but the Resistance barged in and saved them while Zod was taken out of the fight due to the amount of kryptonite. Clark later went to find Zod to get back the Legion ring, but Zod easily over-powered him. Lois arrived on the scene and tried to give Clark a kryptonite knife, but Zod stopped and kicked him into the other street through a building. Moments later, the solar tower shut down, leaving Zod powerless and Clark gained his powers again. Clark took the ring away from Zod who sneered that Clark had "destroyed their world" before stabbing him with the kryptonite knife. Clark threw Zod into a van, knocking him unconscious before sending Lois back to the original time-line. After seeing Lois's vision, Clark became convinced that Jor-El was right and that, in order to save Earth, he had to build bridges between the House of El and House of Zod. So Clark went to Zod's hideout to make friends. When Clark arrived, Zod commanded his soldiers to "Kneel before Kal-El".

Clark warns Zod to stay away from Lois.

When Clark and Zod next met each other, Zod made it clear that he and his soldiers wanted their Kryptonian powers, but Clark firmly reminded Zod that Earth was not another Krypton. Clark and Zod's relationship quickly turned sour when Clark learned that Zod had visited Lois in the hospital. Protective of his girlfriend and wanting to keep his alien heritage and his human life separate, Clark warned Zod to stay away from Lois and threatened to destroy him and the Kandorians if it ever happened again.

Clark confronts Zod.

Clark went behind Zod's back by offering help to Zod's soldiers and providing them with fake identities in order to blend into a human lifestyle. When Clark accidentally infected himself with Gemstone Kryptonite, he used his "new powers" to try and force Zod to reveal that he killed Jor-El. However, he didn't murder Jor-El, as he insisted that although they had their disagreements in the past, he would never have killed him. Zod later discovered that Alia was the murderer. Clark had an argument with Zod at Alia's funeral, as Zod insisted that there was only one kind of justice and reasoned that as Alia was Jor-El's murderer, she herself had to be murdered. Zod forced Clark to consider if he was truly Kryptonian at heart.

Clark destroys Zod's solar tower.

Zod confronts Clark

Afterwards when Zod was introducing the solar tower to the media, Clark used his heat vision to destroy it while Zod looked on in horror. Zod instinctively knew that Clark was to blame and he confronted Clark, as he felt vulnerable to be an alien on Earth without powers as a means to protect himself. This fear seemed to be justified, as Bernard Chisholm began kidnapping Kryptonians. Clark knew Zod no longer knew which of the soldiers he could trust now, while Zod said that the Kandorians' blood was on his hands. Clark intended to investigate the kidnappings, but Zod insisted on working alone, which led him into danger and he was shot by Chisholm. Clark then chose to use his own blood to heal Zod's wound but unwittingly gave Zod kryptonian powers.

Clark and Zod destroy Chloe's arsenal.

Later, Clark came in contact with red kryptonite, which made him reconsider joining Zod. Clark approached Zod who revealed that he had powers and it was Clark's blood that gave him his abilities. Zod claimed they were equals but though Clark disagreed at first, he shook Zod's hand. Clark took Zod to the fortress and work together for the first time, when the Fortress is infiltrated by John Corben. Zod and Clark hold their own through teamwork but Corben overpowers Zod and rids Clark of the red kryptonite by countering it with green. Realizing that Clark was back to normal, Zod quickly left and learned from Tess that Clark had "Betrayed" him again by turning his people against him. He went back to the Fortress to share his blood with his most loyal soldiers, thus giving them powers. With the ones who followed Clark, he became angry with and leaves them to their fate. After this, there was nothing but animosity between Zod and Clark.

Clark and Zod freeze John Corben.

Clark became angry with Zod when he learned that he had been impersonating the Blur and making contact with Lois. Nevertheless, Clark did not give up hope that Zod could be saved and he tried to reason with him when they met at the Fortress. However, Zod flew off warning Clark that he can't stop him from taking over the planet.

Clark and Zod battle for Earth.

In their final confrontation, Clark managed to anger Zod into revealing the truth about Faora, thus sending his people away with the Book of Rao. Zod decided to remain on Earth using blue kryptonite to attack Clark. He told him that he'd rather rule in hell than serve in heaven and brutally sliced Clark's chest. He then goads him into a fight but Clark knocks the knife out of Zod's hand. Determined and angered even more, Zod grabbed a brick and bashed Clark in the face with it but Clark defends himself and knocked Zod to the ground. Zod quickly regained the upper hand and kicked Clark through a window where he threatened that after his death, he will rule the world with an iron fist and everyone, including the woman he loves will kneel before him. Clark, on the brink of losing the fight, let himself be stabbed by the dagger to fall off the building to his supposed death and remove the blue kryptonite from Zod so he would be sent to New Krypton.

Season Ten

"I will have my revenge." - Zod
"No more second chances." - Clark Kent
"NO!" - Zod

Zod seeks vengeance against Clark

When Slade Wilson was mysteriously returned to Earth from the Phantom Zone, Clark and Oliver Queen went into the zone to investigate the matter further and discovered that Zod had claimed dominion over the prison inmates and that he merged with the original Zod's phantom with the full intent on taking out his revenge on him for allowing the Kandorians to exile him here. Zod revealed his alliance with Darkseid under the condition that he kills Clark. Zod then put Clark and Oliver up against one another in a battle to the death. Oliver emerged victorious and Zod took it upon himself to kill Clark and extract his revenge. However it was all an act to get the Phantom Zone crystal away from Zod. Together they managed to escape with Zod swearing his revenge.

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