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"You've done a hell of a job keeping the world safe on your own, Clark. I'm here to help you now." - Oliver Queen to Clark Kent, Roulette

Clark Kent and Oliver Queen in Season Nine.

The friendship between Clark Kent and Oliver Queen was an important development in Clark's life, pushing him towards his destiny. Oliver is Clark's best friend in his adult years, seasons 8-10. Though they don't always agree on their views of justice and vigilantism, their friendship has always been very important to each other, as they share the common burden of a hero.

Season Six

"Clark, you have abilities I couldn't even dream of. And I admire that you use them to save the people you're close to. 'But there's a whole world of people out there, Clark. They need us. With your potential.. You can't wait for them to come to you. When you're ready to do something about that, you let me know."- Oliver Queen to Clark Kent, "Arrow"

Oliver tells Clark about Duncan

Clark Kent first met Oliver when visiting Lois Lane. They quickly developed a friendship when they discovered each other's secret identities and relied on each other to keep them secret. This even resulted in Clark disguising himself as Green Arrow to throw Lois and Jimmy off Oliver's trail. When Oliver's and Lex's past came back to haunt them, it was Clark who saved both Lex and Oliver from being murdered by Duncan.

After Clark heard from Lois that the Green Arrow was shot, Clark went to check on Oliver to see if he was ok. After Clark found out that Oliver had been taking a healing drug with psychological side-effects, he went after Oliver to stop him from murdering Lex. Clark was keen to keep Oliver down the path of a true hero and Oliver eventually listened to Clark and gave up the drug. Oliver clearly appreciated Clark's help and Clark was pleased that Oliver had rectified his behavior, so Clark invited him to the Kent family Thanksgiving dinner.

Clark helps Oliver.

After this, Oliver concentrated on becoming a true hero, as he looked up to Clark, due to his high moral stance and the extent of his abilities. As Clark had taught Oliver some important lessons, Oliver reciprocated when he made Clark realize that it was important to work as a team sometimes. Clark was impressed with Oliver's Justice League, but felt unable to join for the time being, as he had to deal with the escaped Phantom Zone criminals.

Season Seven

"Why don't you try to think about someone other than yourself for once?"
"I'm selfish? You know, some of us sacrifice being with the people that we really care about so that we can go make a difference. What do you do? You sit around in domestic bliss curled up on a couch while a world of trouble spins outside your door" - Clark and Oliver, "Siren"

Oliver and Clark say goodbye

Clark was angry with Oliver when he involved Chloe Sullivan in a dangerous mission. Clark confronted Oliver at Queen Tower, after he returned to Metropolis. Oliver was defensive, as he was angry that Clark had still not accepted his destiny or reached his full potential. Oliver was clearly frustrated that Clark was wasting his superpowers, while he was sacrificing being with Lois to do what he could to save the Earth. Despite their argument, Clark saved Oliver from getting shot by Lex. After this, they left things on good terms when Oliver had to leave Metropolis again on another mission.

Season Eight

"You're not one of us anymore." Clark Kent tells Oliver Queen, "Doomsday"


Oliver returned again when Clark went missing after the Fortress of Solitude collapsed. Oliver found Clark in Russia and rescued him, as he was now powerless. Oliver stayed in Metropolis when his identity was compromised and he was forced to temporarily give up his Green Arrow persona.

As Oliver went on a downward spiral after losing his purpose in life, to be a hero, Clark became concerned about Oliver's behavior. Oliver's life was soon put in danger when he was poisoned by an old foe. Clark was desperate to save his friend and eventually tracked down a cure in Brazil. After he recovered, Oliver discovered that Clark had known that Lionel Luthor was responsible for his parents death. Oliver was furious that Clark had not told him, but Clark admitted that he didn't know how Oliver would react. This strained their relationship although, when Clark was desperate for help when Jimmy concluded that Clark was the hero in Metropolis, Oliver came to his aid and masqueraded as the hero to throw Jimmy off Clark's trail. This helped Oliver reconnect with his need to be a hero and he appreciated Clark's help with this.


Oliver was keen to help Clark when he gathered evidence that Lex Luthor was alive. However, Clark remained skeptical about Oliver's motivation and suspected that he merely wanted revenge for Lionel's involvement in his parents death. This indicated that there was a lack of trust in their friendship, due to Oliver's unpredictable and volatile actions.

Their friendship broke down when Oliver crossed the line and murdered Lex Luthor by setting a bomb off under the truck he was in. Their friendship was strained even further when Oliver wanted to kill Davis Bloome while Clark wanted to save Davis and trap Doomsday. While Oliver and Clark often disagreed but allowed each other to make their own mistakes, Oliver went further than he had ever done before by betraying Clark and shooting him with a kryptonite dart. However, he did not intend to kill him but merely get him out of the way so he was not able to inhibit his plan to defeat Doomsday. Clark was quick to forgive Oliver when he acknowledged that he


had made a mistake and relied on Clark to save the day. They worked together to bury Doomsday under the Earth's surface by Oliver and the Justice League setting off bombs in the Geothermal facility after Clark had forced Doomsday in.

Despite their brief reconciliation, Oliver's actions and Jimmy's murder at the hands of Davis forced Clark to re-evaluate his faith in humanity. Clark then decided to turn his back on his humanity and abandoned all of his friends.

Season Nine

"That's what you want, right? That's why you're here? Here to save us?" - Oliver Queen to Clark Kent in "Rabid".

Oliver at the fight club.

After the death of Jimmy Olsen, both Clark and Oliver disappeared. Clark, after giving up his human persona, went to the Fortress of Solitude to start his Kryptonian training while Oliver went to an underground fight-clubs to fight out the pain and guilt of Jimmy's death. Though they didn't actually see one another, they were in the same room briefly when Alia burst into the the fight-club in the middle of Oliver and Lois' conversation and Clark super-sped her away, leaving his symbol behind.

Clark trains at the Fortress.

Clark met Oliver who was being chased by a police officer. Clark admitted that Oliver was right: he believed in Davis's human side and Jimmy died because of it. Oliver spat that it was too late and compared Clark to a sort of Modern Jesus. Oliver left Clark standing in the middle of the road as he sped off on his motorbike with the police car not too far behind.

Believing that Tess had planted spyware on him, Oliver went to the Daily Planet only to find infected employees. He made his way to Tess' office where he found Clark and Lois. Knowing the virus germinated when the individual was asleep, Clark left Oliver in charge of Lois, telling him to make sure Lois remained awake. Oliver failed and Lois became a zombie but Chloe and Emil released an antidote using Clark's blood into Metropolis, curing the infected, including Lois. Clark later confronted Oliver who said he now knew who he really was. When Clark left, Oliver took out his Green Arrow costume and burned it.

Oliver at the shareholder's meeting.

Tess brought Oliver from Mexico to a shareholder's meeting, as well as he unwittingly stepped onto a pressure plate connected to a bomb made by his old enemy, the Toyman who tried to force him to confess his murder of Lex Luthor. When everyone evacuated of the room, Oliver attempted suicide when he voluntarily stepped off the pressure plate, assuming that the bomb would detonate the instant he did and he knew Clark wouldn't be harmed. However, the bomb was a fake bomb and his suicide plan failed. Oliver confessed his problems to Clark, who told him that he wasn't giving up on Oliver.

Clark isn't giving up on Ollie.

Oliver drank and gambled with his life until he met a woman named Victoria a.k.a Roulette. Oliver was then kidnapped and robbed and was eventually found by Clark who heard his cries for help. It was later revealed that it was all a setup and Chloe was behind it with the help to Bart Allen, Dinah Lance and Victor Stone. She helped him realize he was Green Arrow and he was a real hero.

Oliver and Clark watch over the city.

Later that night, Oliver looked over Metropolis and was greeted by Clark. Oliver told him he was there to help him fight crime and even joked about Clark's outfit, while Clark was happy to have his valued friend and ally back, as well as acknowledged that he was going to need Oliver's help in the fight to come.

Oliver was approached by Lois who needed a better blind date then Clark's date. Both Clark and Lois were shocked to find Oliver himself appeared as Lois' date. Oliver was disappointed when Lois admitted that she wanted to be with Clark and only loved him as a dear friend. When Ollie and Lois were attacked by Rick, Clark came to their rescue and watched the two hug from a distance.

When Oliver flew Clark to the insignia in the desert, Oliver jokingly comments about Clark and Lois being together after Lois dumped him. Clark finds the El insignia and discovers an identification tag nearby, as well as realizes that his father is on Earth. On the trip back to Metropolis, Oliver confessed to Clark that he'd do anything to have a moment with his father again after Clark bitterly points out that he thought Jor-El A.I. didn't tell him about his father being on earth because he didn't want him to know who he really was, making Clark wonder what Jor-El was really like.

Clark and Oliver discover the House of El symbol in the Turkish desert.

Clark later confessed that he really did want to know who his father was really like and now that he was dead (again), he would not have that opportunity. Oliver vowed to help him avenge the death of Jor-El's clone.

When Lois went into a comatose state, Oliver arranged for her to get the treatments she needed only to be informed by Clark that she disappeared from the hospital. Finding out Emil requested a copy of Lois' test results, they figure the person Emil is working with is Chloe. After finding out it was really Tess who took Lois, Clark went after her only to be caught in Lois' future memories where the Kandorians ruled the Earth and Chloe and Oliver died in the resistance: he even saw himself and Lois in a passionate scene.

When Clark goes to Watchtower, Chloe is confused to know why he was in such a cheery mood (he probably didn't tell her he and Lois were a couple yet). Chloe points out that they're going to die in the near future and Oliver suggests they go after Zod but Clark insists his glimpse of the future showed that to be the wrong path. Oliver, as well as Chloe, disagree but Clark believes that his father wanted him to save Zod rather than treat him like the enemy.

Clark saves Oliver from Vordigan's arrows

After attending a charity event with Clark, Lois was shot in the shoulder with an arrow by a mysterious archer who was dressed similarly to the Green Arrow. Clark visited Lois in the hospital as soon as he found out and Oliver stood outside the door, watching them: Chloe wondered if he still had feelings for Lois. Oliver realizes that the arrow was designed to take down a target without killing them and went to to his LuthorCorp office and opened a hidden chamber to reveal a bundle of arrows similar to the one that shot Lois. At Watchtower, Chloe was also attacked by the Dark Archer. Clark arrived before the man could finish his work. Chloe stated that Oliver might have a split personality but Clark denied it. Clark went to Ollie's office and found the bundle of arrows and began to believe Chloe's theory when she arrived and told him that her research showed that the arrows may have belonged to someone else. Oliver went after Vordigan after realizing he took Mia Dearden, his apprentice. Vordigan wanted Oliver to kill him but Oliver refused. Chloe found out their location and Clark super-sped there immediately. Vordigan shot three arrows at Mia and Oliver pushed her aside to take them instead, but Clark arrived and stopped it just as Oliver shot Vordigan in the shoulder.

Clark and Oliver at the JSA Brownstone Museum

Clark, Oliver and Chloe crossed paths with the JSA after learning that they known everything about them and the rest of their team. Clark had been captured by Doctor Fate and Chloe and Oliver were trying to figure out where they had taken him. Oliver discovered where their headquarters were at the Brownstone Museum. Oliver went there and confronted Hawkman telling Clark that he had thrown him through the Watchtower window. The two began to bicker and Clark was confused to what was going on. Chloe along side John Jones walked in and suggested that they all work together to track down a vengeful Icicle who was murdering off superheroes. Clark and Oliver managed to work together with the JSA members to fight Icicle and were successful in taking him down after a battle inside the Watchtower.

Clark found Oliver and Lois speaking in supposedly intimate tones at the Daily Planet. Oliver began to leave but came across Clark on the way and he warned Clark that Lois may be a tad angry. Oliver kindly informed Clark that she is not one to get jealous over someone like Zatanna and that she knew Clark would tell her if anything was going on between them. Oliver then left Clark to explain what he had happened at the Metro Comic-Con between him and Zatanna.

Oliver discovered that Chloe had used his money to fund an arsenal of Kryptonite weapons behind Clark's back. Oliver asked Chloe if they should tell Clark and she says no not yet and Oliver agreed, both feeling that they couldn't trust Clark in dealing with the Kandorians.

Clark and Oliver at the McDougal Inn

Clark and Lois went on a weekend getaway and much to their surprise so did Chloe and Oliver at the exact same place. Clark ended up listening to Lois talk about Chloe and Oliver's new relationship status all night that night. The next morning Lois suggested that perhaps the four should sit down to breakfast together, but Clark told her that maybe it would be best to give Chloe and Oliver their space. Oliver and Chloe came out of their room to find Lois and Clark sitting in the dining room and Oliver suggested that they act as if they did not see them, but Lois cheerfully waved them over, forcing them all to sit together. With the four sitting at the same table the situation became somewhat uncomfortable. Lois dragged Chloe off to talk more about Chloe's new relationship with Oliver, leaving Clark and Oliver alone. Clark and Oliver found themselves in an embarrassing situation, trying to talk around everything that had happened. Clark told Oliver that Chloe had suffered a lot and he didn't want to see her hurt more. Oliver responded by saying that Chloe was stronger than she looked and maybe this was what Chloe wanted, prompting Clark to tell Oliver to not take her for granted. Oliver decided to follow up on Clark's advice and bought a present for Chloe, but Chloe felt pressured by the act to formalize their relationship and ended up arguing with Oliver and leaving to get some space. During her walk Chloe was then possessed by Siobhan McDougal and surprised Clark while he was in the shower. Shocked by Chloe's out of character behavior, he told "Chloe" that it wouldn't be fair to Oliver. Siobhan then possessed Lois and attempted to murder Oliver but Clark intervened and with the help of Chloe sent her back to the underworld. Chloe later made Oliver promise not to receive any more relationship advice from Clark Kent and then let him know that the relationship they already had was fine for her. Oliver took the opportunity to ask her about about her feelings for Clark. Chloe confessed that she had loved Clark a lot years ago and had waited a long time for him to notice her, but he never did and it was all in the past. She then told Oliver that she only wanted somebody who "got her," and although Clark was a very good friend, she discovered a long time ago that he was never going to be that person.

Clark, Oliver and Chloe try to figure out Checkmate's motives

Clark heard from Chloe that Oliver has gone missing while on patrol and found John Jones at the scene of where Ollie was last seen. Oliver later returned on his own to Watchtower to find Clark and Chloe relieved to see him. He told them that he was captured by an agency called Checkmate and that he managed to escape before they could reveal his identity. The three worked together to figure out the agency's motives and Chloe discovered that Checkmate was behind the murders of the JSA members done by Icicle and that Clark and Oliver should be careful. Clark later interrupted a fight between Tess and Oliver where Oliver told Clark that Tess now knows his identity. Clark took Tess away to get information regarding Checkmate after guessing that she was a member of the organization. Tess told Clark that Oliver wasn't their real target, it was actually Chloe as Watchtower. Clark managed to save Chloe when Oliver turned off the power to Checkmate's headquarters. John Jones then erased the memories of Clark's, Oliver's and Chloe's identities from the boss of Checkmate Amanda Waller 's memory and later told Clark that their identities were now safe.

Clark was infected with red kryptonite and was furious when he found out Chloe and Oliver had an arsenal of kryptonite weapons and felt that they had become his enemies.

Clark askes for Oliver's help in dealing with Zod

Clark visited Oliver's office and asked him for help in finding Zod. Oliver suggested using Watchtower, but Clark said he didn't want that kind of weapon to fall in the wrong hands and wanted to keep Chloe safe. Clark told Oliver about Zod calling Lois pretending to be The Blur. Clark then asked Oliver to bring Zod to try to make peace. Oliver managed to subdue Zod with a kryptonite arrow and phoned Clark to tell him he had Zod. However Zod found a way to remove the Kryptonite arrow and attached Oliver. Clark heard Oliver screaming in pain over the phone and supersped over to Luthor Mansion and found Oliver on the floor and Zod gone. Clark found an unconscious Oliver with Zod's mark burned into his chest as a warning to him. As Clark was taking Oliver to the hospital, Oliver briefly came to and told Clark that Checkmate was going after the Kandorians and that only he could save his people.

Clark, Oliver and Chloe talk to the league about Zod

Clark later gave an inspiring speech to the Justice League and the JSA as they mounted defenses against Zod and his invading army. Clark said he planned on using the Book of Rao to send all the Kandorains away and that he would go with them. He said that the Earth needed them and made them all promise to protect the Earth in his absence. They somberly accepted and Chloe said she was proud of him as she walked away saddened. Oliver stoped him from following her and told him he ought to say goodbye to Lois. Oliver said that Clark owed Lois the truth, but Clark argued that telling her would simply hurt her more as he planned on leaving. Oliver then suggested to Clark that he should at least say goodbye.

Season Ten

Well... I hate to break it to you, but I say go for it. Best thing I ever did. I could finally be myself. And it turns out people actually like the real me.
If I remember correctly, you telling Lois didn't have a happy ending... - Oliver Queen and Clark Kent ("Isis")

The alternative universe (Earth-2) is shown in Green.

Oliver told Clark that Chloe was gone and said that the people that kept him hostage took Chloe in for a trade, called themselves "crimefighters", as well as that Oliver and his friends all better keep hiding. He showed Clark a cyanide vial and stated that Chloe faked her own death. Clark then understood that Chloe had been planning this, since she saw the future when she put on the Helmet of Nabu. Oliver professed that he spent so much time protecting strangers so that they can be at home with those they care about, but was so disappointed that he failed the one person he cared about most. He stated that he hated people painting heroes as vigilantes. Clark showed Oliver the plane tickets he had stated that he wanted to go get Lois back from Africa. Since both of their loved ones left them, Oliver said that it was time for them to make a new fate and change things since they've lost too much.

Clark sees Oliver's pain

Brainiac 5 was showing Clark his past, present and future. In the present Brainiac 5 took Clark to Oliver's office, in order to show Clark what Oliver was going through. Clark watched Oliver sit in his office and observe the various news broadcasts covering his recent unveiling as the Green Arrow, which did not have the inspirational effect on the public that he had hoped. Oliver turned off the the TV and checked his calls, only to discover that Clark still has not called him. Clark saw that Oliver needed him. Brainiac 5 reminded Clark that the darkness inside him is in his past and as long as he continues to punish himself and everyone around him for past mistakes, he will never move forward with his life. Later Oliver was about to be interviewed for being the Green Arrow was uncomfortable facing the media. Clark then arrived in his office and offered him his silent support. Strengthened by Clark's presence, Oliver admited that he recently lost Chloe. The reporter interviewing him was taken-aback by this honest answer, continued to attempt to smear what he is trying to stand for with a derisive comment. Oliver stated he was doing what he was doing for his country and that he was a hero and that he wasn't doing it alone, knowing Clark was supporting him.

Clark and Oliver talk about Lois

Clark told Oliver that he was planning to tell Lois his secret. Oliver was surprised and wondered why. Clark told him of the future he saw when he was with Braniac 5 and Oliver encouraged him to go for it as he told Clark that coming out was the best thing he had ever done. Oliver showed him a table full of gift baskets his fans had sent him, including a cereal box with with a Green Arrow cartoon on the cover. Clark reminded Ollie of when he revealed his secret to Lois and how it lead to their break-up, but Oliver noted that he and Lois where never meant to be together and because Lois loves Clark, that Clark was a lucky man. Oliver made his final point by asking Clark what he is willing to risk for love. Later Lois became possessed by the goddess Isis and Clark and Oliver were working to rectify the situation. They were working in Watchtower. Oliver rejected Clark’s suggestion that they ask Tess for help. He mentioned that she can never replace Chloe and that he canceled the Gala. Ollie then gave Clark information on Isis and Osiris and their mythology. Clark set out to find Isis who is after Osiris heart, but is briefly stopped by Oliver who revealed that if Osiris is brought back to life hell will be unleashed on Earth. Clark later told Oliver and Tess, who was now working with them that Isis/Lois has disappeared with Osiris heart, as well as both Tess and Oliver informed him that she might be headed for the Metropolis Museum to reunite Osiris’ heart with his body. Tess told them that she might know a way to get Isis out of Lois. Oliver revealed to Clark that the only way to trap Isis is for the sun to hit the amulet again, thus trapping her spirit. Isis again throws an energy ball at Oliver long enough for Clark to break free of his restraints and grab Osiris’ heart. Clark threatened to destroy the heart unless Isis releases Lois. Isis/Lois, seeing no hope, asks Clark whether Lois loves him completely. She then told him that because he has Osiris' heart, she will take Lois's, as well as attempts to stab herself. Oliver fired an arrow at the amulet, sending it towards Clark, who uses his heat vision on the amulet, retrapping Isis and freeing Lois. Clark and Oliver called Tess over to them to give her control of Watchtower in recognition of her efforts against and welcomed her to the team. Tess thanked them and left the room overwhelmed. Oliver wondered if they can really trust her and Clark said that they’ll soon find out.

Clark and Oliver confront Rick Flag

Oliver informed Clark that Tess had discovered that they were both being tracked by Rick Flag and the Suicide Squad by tattoos underneath their skin. Clark pointed out that they may have used blue kryptonite to tag him. Oliver told Clark that Tess was working on a way to get rid of the tattoos and figure out what Flag's plan was. Clark then told Oliver to leave his loft just before Lucy Lane arrived to talk to him. Later Clark and Oliver discovered Flag's plan to kill Sam Lane. After Clark saved Lois from Flag's missile meant for the general destroying the Talon, he and Oliver both comforted Flag suited up. Rick sneered them both as he said he was trying to kill General Lane in order to prevent the Vigilante Registration Act from being passed and protect all superhumans. Both Clark and Oliver disagreed with his methods. One of Flag's men then teleported them both away much to both of Oliver and Clark's surprise.

Clark, Oliver, as well as Emil discuss the VRA

Oliver was called to Watchtower by Clark and Emil much to his surprise when he's been in a self-imposed exile from it order to protect its secrecy now that the public knew that he's Green Arrow. They discussed matter regarding the VRA and the Suicide Squad. Oliver believed that the VRA had gone too far and that maybe Rick Flagg was right in his actions. Clark revealed they thought Arthur Curry was behind the destruction of an oil rig which Oliver admitted was possible. Both Clark and Oliver shared their frustration over the lack of communication between other heroes now that people are being more conservative with their secrets. Clark explained that the VRA was attracting a lot of attention and that people looked at the heroes who won't sign up with distrust with Aquaman now feeding the fear about heroes by blowing up the oil rig. Clark told Oliver that he's given consideration to going public and registering to relieve public tension. Oliver said that Clark doesn't need to risk his identity when Oliver has already gone forward and decided to offer himself up as the guinea pig to figure out what happens to the heroes after they sign up. Oliver later goes missing and Clark and AC decide to find him and bring him back. They discovered that he was taken to a military base in Alaska by Slade Wilson. After they eventually rescued Oliver, Clark called Oliver back to Watchtower once more. Clark informed him along with Lois and Tess who are also there about the coming darkness, how it got to Earth, as well as how it's using people like Gordon Godfrey, Slade, as well as others. Clark explained it's like a flood of evil spreading over the Earth and that it feeds on a person's inner doubts and distrust. Oliver commented it might be on the winning side and Clark explained that he saw the Omega brand on Slade and believed it to be a mark of corruption. Clark also stated that if they can't stop it, the darkness will infect the whole planet.

Alternate Oliver traps Clark Kent with kryptonite in a parallel universe

Clark was teleported to an alternate universe where he had been raised by Lionel Luthor instead of the Kents. There he saw that Oliver was engaged to Lois. He told Ollie that he was lucky to have her but Oliver expressed disgust for him as in this universe Lionel raised him as a murderer. Lionel told Kent that Oliver had the mirror box which is what he needed to get back to his universe. Kent kidnapped Lois at her and Oliver's engagement party and offered to trade her for the box. Kent then met Oliver at Watchtower who told Clark that Lois was now safe, but he had no idea what box he was talking about. Oliver said that he was hated by many because he takes land away from farmers and searches them for meteor rock. He then exposed Kent to kryptonite and was about to kill him until Lionel hit him over the head and revealed that he had the mirror box the entire time. Lionel began to beat Kent to which Oliver realized that Clark was the "good one" and turned off the kryptonite. Clark Kent told Oliver to turn on the kryptonite again when Clark Luthor returned, as well as assured Oliver that in the other universe they do save the Earth together. Kent grabbed the mirror box and activated it. Once he was back in his universe he found Oliver and Lois standing over him about to fire kryponite weapons, along with Tess. Kent managed to convince Lois it was really him allowing Oliver and Tess to lower their weapons.

Oliver congratulates Clark

Oliver attended Clark and Lois's engagement party at Watchtower. During the party, Oliver said to Clark that he wouldn't be able to make the wedding since the public looked down on him as being a vigilante but Clark asked Oliver to be his best man. Oliver proudly accepted. Oliver then proposed a toast and congratulated Clark and Lois, saying that he, along with everyone else in the room, knew even before they did that they were destined to be together. Later Clark was shocked to learn about Oliver resisting a citizen's arrest and causing a riot, which a news reporter referred to as a terrorist attack from the vigilantes. Clark met with Oliver, Courtney Whitmore and Carter Hall at Watchtower and wondered why they didn't call him for help when things went bad. Oliver concluded that the VRA was hunting all heroes and anyone connected to them. Clark determined that they'll all have to go underground with Courtney going back to school, Carter moving into retirement and Clark and Oliver disappearing altogether. Clark decided that in order to protect what secrets they have left, they would have to shut down Watchtower until things were safe for the heroes. Clark headed to Slade Wilson's office to find Oliver and Carter there as well. They learned that Slade had an operation codenamed Icarus which has tapped video surveillance and phone lines in Metropolis and Smallville's on the locations of all the superheroes, their associates, family members, friends, sidekicks, partners and allies to take them down. Oliver revealed that all the people, including Slade, the muggers, angry civilians, VRA agents and SWAT teams were controlled by the darkness. Carter told them that the darkness had come to Earth before but he managed to defeat him during the most horrific events in human history. Clark then said the darkness has returned again and that the heroes are the key to defeating it and they must start by taking down Slade. Later Clark, Oliver, Lois, as well as the rest of the league attended Carter's funeral, who had died protecting Lois. They buried him next to his wife Shayera in Africa. Everyone stood over Carter and Shayera's graves in respect. A mysterious white pyramid object rose out of Carter's tomb and flashed a blinding light rendering the entire team unconscious.

Clark visits Oliver in the psychiatric ward

Clark visited Oliver in a straight-jacket, as well as asked him about the visions they both had of Chloe experimenting on them. Clark found that Oliver had been having the same, but didn't believe Chloe would do that. Clark left and Oliver demanded him to come back. As it turned out they were both stuck in a virtual reality set up by the VRA. Chloe created a virtual avatar of herself to get them out. Chloe told them the only way out was to jump the Daily Planet rooftop. Clark didn't buy so Chloe and Ollie jumped without him. Once Ollie was out he worked with Chloe and the Suicide Squad to get Clark and the rest of the team out.

Oliver and Clark investigate

When Clark was investigating his mother's shooting, he met with an in-disguise Oliver, who snuck out of Watchtower to also investigate. After coming across the remains of kryptonite bullets, Clark and Oliver discovered that the shooter was Alexander Luthor. Oliver later met with Clark and Tess at the Daily Planet to warn them of Lionel and Alexander's team up to take back LuthorCorp. Clark and Oliver later watched the VRA announcement at the Kent farm and both were enjoyed when the bill was repealed.

Clark stops Oliver

Oliver and Clark met up at Watchtower when Chloe went missing. They investigated and discovered that she had been abducted by Desaad, an agent of the darkness. Oliver insisted on going to rescue but Clark would not let him, saying that is was too dangerous for him to go given his current emotional state, so Clark left alone. Clark managed to rescue Chloe but was attacked by Desaad, giving him time to escape. Oliver confronted Desaad and viciously beat him, believing him to have murdered Chloe, but was stopped by Clark who told Oliver that Chloe was alive and safe.

Oliver and Clark on video

Oliver made a toast at Clark and Lois's bachelor/bachelorette party. Things then got of control as everyone had champagne that was spiked with magic. Later after everyone recovered from the wild night out, everyone watched the amusing footage recorded by Emil at Watchtower. In the footage, Clark and Oliver were discussing rings in the bathroom. Oliver was telling Clark that ambiguous "she" meaning Lois deserved better than the $20 ring Clark was holding. Oliver later revealed to Chloe that that she had married as she had believed she accidentally married and proved it showing her his half of his marriage certificate with his name on it.

Clark Kent was transported back to Earth-2 by Clark Luthor and saw the funeral of the Oliver of that Universe as Luthor murdered him for revealing that he (Luthor) was Ultraman and his weakness to kryptonite to everyone of that Earth. There he also saw a disgruntled Jonathan Kent ranting about how Ollie ruined Smallville and Lois married and grieving over Oliver.

Oliver and Clark in the Phantom Zone

Oliver returned to Watchtower when Tess alerted him that Slade had returned from the Phantom Zone. Clark planned to go in and find out who released Slade and Oliver insisted on joining him, but Clark refused though to no avail.

Clark and Oliver are forced to fight

Once in the zone, Clark berated Oliver for following him in, to which Oliver retorted with Clark needing to have more trust in him. The two were then captured by Zoners and taken to the new ruler of the zone, General Zod, who informed Oliver about his Omega brand and persuaded him to murder Clark, to which Oliver agreed. During their battle to the death, Oliver stabbed Clark through the chest and as Zod went to finish him, they revealed that they both had tricked Zod and escaped the zone.

Clark sees that Oliver is corrupted

Oliver became completely corrupted by Darkseid, as he had been marked by an Omage symbol. He was seen digging up gold kryptonite. Darkseid's prophets gave him a task to remove Clark's powers using a gold kryptonite wedding ring. Oliver found Clark at Jonathan Kent's grave and told him that he had to remember his past, as well as not hide away from everything that had made him who he was. He also told Clark that he had been down this road, as well as that Clark was the one who saved him.

Oliver and Clark see Apokolips in the sky

Ollie later took his place as bestman at Clark and Lois's wedding and he handed Lois the gold K ring and Chloe tossed the ring out of Lois's hand before it could be slipped on Clark. Clark then realized Oliver was corrupted and a fight between them ensued. As they struggled they tore up the church. Clark managed to reach out to Oliver and free him from Darkseid's control. Afterwards they both witnessed Darkseid's Apokolips.

Oliver later watched along with millions of people as Apokolips was pushed away from the Earth by a new and heroic Clark. Oliver smiled happily with to see that his friend had finally embraced his destiny as Superman.


Adventure Comics #258

  • Clark and Oliver's friendship on Smallville is somewhat similar to that of Superman and Batman's friendship in the comics. In both cases, both characters are skeptical about the others' view on justice.
  • In Adventure Comics #258, Superboy met a young Oliver Queen in Smallville.
  • Both Clark and Oliver have posed as each other's secret identity once on each other's request - "Hydro", "Identity".

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Romantic interests Chloe SullivanLana LangKyla WillowbrookAlicia BakerLois Lane (destiny)
Work Smallville TorchJustice LeagueDaily Planet
Details Powers (loss, vulnerabilities, training) • secretattireglassesbloodfighting style
Homes Krypton (knowledge) • Kent Farm (house, cellar, barn, loft, truck) • FortressApartment (telescope)
Other KalKal-El (ship) • Superman (suit, crest) • aliasesdestinyvisionNo tights, no flightsNear-death experiencesEpisodes
Oliver Queen in Smallville
Family Queens (Robert and Laura)
'Ships Clark KentLex LuthorJimmy OlsenLois LaneTess MercerChloe Sullivan
Work Queen IndustriesLuthorCorpJustice League
Other Queen TowerGreen Arrow suitStar CityOliver Queen ChroniclesNear-death experiencesEpisodes