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Lois and Clark.

"What if my soul-mate comes along and I'm too blind to see it?"
"I don't know, Smallville. I think... that when the right girl walks into your'll know." – Clark and Lois, Instinct

Clark and Lois' destiny is to become both professional and romantic partners at the Daily Planet.

Clark's love life has been a central theme of the series from the very beginning. For the longest time, Clark was in love with Lana Lang. However, his secret was always a major stumbling block in their relationship. He tried to move on with other girlfriends he had over the course of the series (Chloe Sullivan, Kyla Willowbrook, and Alicia Baker), yet it seemed, no matter what, he would find a way back to Lana. After many years, Lana finally learned the truth about Clark's Kryptonian origins; just when it seemed like they were going to live happily ever after, Brainiac took control of Lana, infecting her body with a virus in order to get Clark to cooperate with his latest plan. After Lana recovered, she left Smallville, leaving Clark a goodbye tape, telling him to move forward towards his destiny. Heading to Metropolis he finds that his relationship with Lois Lane over the years has had a profound effect on him and romantic sparks begin to fly high with this super couple.

Season Four

"It's funny, isn't it. After everything we've been through, I thought it would take us longer to get over it."
"You and Lois."
"Lois? She's bossy... She's stuck up. She's rude. I can't stand her!"
"The best ones always start that way." – Clark and Lana, Gone

Lois Lane arrives in Smallville, Kansas to investigate the mysterious death of her cousin Chloe Sullivan, en route to the Kent Farm searching for answers. Lois's car is deviated off course by a mysterious lighting strike that appears in the sky that sends her into Miller's Field where she comes face to face with an amnesiatic stark naked Clark Kent .[1] From the moment they first met there has been a mutual attraction developing between them that the two of them have been totally oblivious to; however, their friends and family are fully aware. During her stay in Smallville, Clark invites Lois to stay at the Kent farm. She develops a special bond with Jonathan and Martha Kent, and they accept her into the family, much to Clark's dismay.[2] Also during her stay, Lois and Clark find themselves teamed up as a reporting team.[3] Lois often makes it her mission to berate and hound Clark, and he counters her sarcasm with humor. Eventually they decided to become secret friends.[4] Clark shows signs of physical attraction to Lois when he stares at her evening gown that Dawn Stiles, possessing Lois's body, wears to the Smallville High School Prom.[5] The Day of Clark's graduation, Lois reveals her plans for her future, which Clark interestingly believes will involve the field of journalism.[6]

Season Five

"There are times when I think you don't know me at all. And others when I think you know me better than anyone..."
"Well that's what I'm here for, Smallville. One save at a time." -- Clark and Lois, Oracle

Clark shows his gratitude to Lois by giving her a hug after she risked her life to save the lives of his parents during second meteor shower.[7]

When Lois is saved by Arthur Curry who ends up becoming her boyfriend. Clark shows signs of jealousy that annoys her. Clark claims he's just looking out for her safety. Lois states that Clark's more protective of her than her own father. Clark continues to investigate into Arthur's true motives when he discovers his aquatic powers and mistakes him for a terrorist. After all the misunderstandings are cleared up Arthur ends up leaving breaking up with Lois. Clark consoles Lois after seeing that she's really heartbroken he reassures her someday, she'll meet someone even more special.[8]

Chloe enlist Lois's help on a story she's investigating surrounding the death of a club dancer connected to the senator Jack Jennings. Lois is force to pose as a dancing stripper at The Windgate Club where Clark is also undercover posing as a new recruit to the gentleman's club. During her performance on stage Lois spots Clark whom she walks over to and gives a lap dance sharing an awkward yet flirtatious moment with Clark, who appears to be very embarrassed and uncomfortable yet at the same time attractively drawn to Lois's physical appearance. Together Lois and Clark ended up uncovering and breaking up an illegal smuggling ring operation involving Mr. Lyon who would buy a dancer and sell them off on the black market. At the end of their adventure Lois tries to thank Clark for his help in rescuing her, describing him as "a really good friend." She asks that he not reveal the lap dance to anyone to which he promises with a sarcastic comeback, "Aye Aye Sailor!" followed by a smile.[9]

During the beginning of the Kansas state senate race between Jonathan Kent and Lex Luthor. Lex insults Lois who is now determined to find any incriminating evidence on him. Although her investigation into Lex came up empty. Lois got to experience the thrills and chills of Journalism which Chloe could see was starting to have a profound effect on her cousin who seemed very intrigued in the idea of potentially becoming a reporter .[10]

Lois finds herself once again in the center of the Kent family when she criticized the campaign manager who misdirect the image persona of Jonathan and family from the Ethical, Morals, and integrity the family lives by to just another power hungry politician. Jonathan immediately fires him and hires Lois as his new campaign manager much to Clark's dismay. At the same time Samantha Drake an obsessed student devoted to Lex tries help him win the race for the senate by trying to assassinate Jonathan. Samantha tries to force Lois into killing Jonathan during his first public rally. With aid of Clark catching the bullet and Lois defeating Samantha they were able to foil the assassination attempt.[11]

Lois continues to be valuable assist to Jonathan's campaign as his manager. She even offers advice to Clark during his time of depression in regard to his current relationship with Lana.[12]

During the day of the election results, Lana pays Lois a visit at the talon apartment and arrives just in time to prevent Lois from falling off of a chair she was standing on. Lana and Lois have a short discussion about their relationships with men . To which Lois confesses that "She'd be lucky to end up with someone as honorable as Clark one day." This helps Lana to decide on accepting Clark's proposal of marriage that he issued early that morning. Later that night at the talon party Lois is present to announce Jonathan winning against Lex for Kansas State Senator. Unfortunately some events are altered by Clark using a time crystal. When Jonathan wins this time around at the election victory party, Clark notices Lois's absence from the party announcing the victory. Clark heads to the talon apartment and found her on the floor of unconscious. Because Lana wasn't there to keep her from falling. The ground is covered in water and just as Clark picks up Lois, there's an electrical short and Lois narrowly escapes death. She is sent to the hospital with minor injuries. Lois is present at the funeral of Jonathan Kent.[13]

When Chloe suddenly displays signs of mental illness, Lois and Clark investigate and discover that she's being possessed by a spirit of a young girl named Gretchen Winters who seeks vengeance against a killer, who has been preying on girls in Smallville for the past 10 years. The killer kidnaps Lois after she discovers his identity as the hospital orderly, Michael Westmore and hold both Lois and Chloe hostage intending to kill them both. Clark arrives attempting to help however he is weakened by kryptonite bracelet present on Chloe. However Gretchen Winters spirit leaves Chloe body and flies into Michael body. She then stabs Michael's body, killing him and freeing her spirit.[14]

Lois shows signs of concern for Clark when she catches him making out with Simone Chesterman in the alley way behind the talon. At first she suspect that Clark is cheating on Lana until Chloe fills her in that Simone has managed to hypnotize with her gemstone. Lois attempt to snap him out off it. Just when it seems she might of gotten through to him Clark gently knocks Lois unconscious under the command of Simone who then asked a hypnotized Martha Kent to see to it that Lois doesn't interfere with her plans again by any means. Lois wakes up to see Martha pointing a shotgun at her, saying she has to keep her there. Chloe arrives and knocks Martha unconscious saving Lois's life.[15]

When Clark befriended a scared fragile little girl named Maddie Van Horn, Lois tried to help by taking care of her similar to how she raised her younger sister Lucy. Unfortunately Maddie was very wary of Lois.[16]

Lois wonders why her love life is any concern of Clark Kent, when he inform her that her current relationship with Graham Garrett is too dangerous. Lois sees Clark as being jealous until Chloe told her that Graham is a serial killer. Lois talks to Martha and wonder why she seems to always attract the wrong kind of man to get involved into a relationship with. Martha understands where Lois is coming from because she experienced the same type of relationships with bad men in her youth before she met and fell in love with Jonathan Kent. Lois believes that when the right guy comes into her life she'll miss him . Martha reassure her that when she does meet the one she meant to be with she'll know.[17]

Season Six

"Oh, don't worry about it, Clark. If I lived under the same roof with such a beautiful woman, I probably would've mask my feelings in sarcasm, too."Oliver Queen, to Lois and Clark, Arrow

After the events of Dark Thursday had ended, Clark paid Lois a visit in the hospital to see how she had been recovering from the plane crash in the arctic circle. Lois recounts her experience mistakenly believing she had died and gone to heaven and was sent back unaware that she had been brought to the Fortress of Solitude by Martha Kent and was transported back to Smallville by Jor-El. For a brief moment Clark express an emotion of happiness by affectionately touching her hand as he express how he was glad she'd return with a warm smile on his face. Lois notices this and then he pulls away as causing the tender moment between them to become awkward.

When Clark comes down with what appears to be an ordinary cold which is in fact a new super power. He unknowingly plays a direct role in igniting the journalistic torch of Lois Lane. While doing his chores on the farm, Clark's sneeze causes him to blow the barn door off it's hinges and into the sky which just so happens to land in the field right beside Lois who's on her morning jogging run. When she returns to the farm and discovers the airborne barn door belongs to the Kent's. Much to Clark and Martha's dismay Lois is determined to uncover the truth surrounding barn door. Clark tries to get Chloe to throw Lois off the trail unfortunately her efforts fuels Lois's determination drive that inspires her to write an article for the Daily Planet, despite Chloe's attempts to discourage her. Lois ends up with first front page headline in the newspaper of the Metropolis Inquisitor which interestingly enough added an alien angle to the story.

Lois's first major headline article as a reporter came in the form of a modern day Robin Hood vigilante whom she names Green Arrow after he committed a daring robbery at a high society function she attended with her new boyfriend the billionaire playboy Oliver Queen. Green Arrow steal a rare diamond necklace off Martha's neck and Lois pursues him and grabs a chain off of his neck with a ring on it before he escapes. Clark get's involved in this case due to the fact that the necklace belonged to Lionel who he didn't want his mother to owe a debt too. Clark meet Oliver for the first time who admits that Clark is not what he expected. From Lois' description of him, he expected Clark to be more geeky. Oliver also address of the hidden feelings Clark has for Lois.

Season Seven

"Lois, just because someone's life has great responsibility doesn't mean your life has to take second place." – Clark, to Lois, Siren

Season Eight

"Whether you like it or not, Lois Lane is a part of your life now. And considering the nonstop puppy-dog eyes you give her, I'm guessing you don't mind much at all." – Chloe, to Clark Hex

After a near-death experience, Clark decided to let go of his life in Smallville and move forward in his life as an adult in Metropolis, taking up Lois' offer to join the Daily Planet. While working alongside each other as partners, both Clark and Lois discovered their hidden feelings that they had for each other that had been developing secretly over the years.

As Clark continued to move closer towards his destiny, his feelings for Lois grew stronger, and their relationship grew into something truly extraordinary.

Season Nine

"Lois, what are we doing? I mean us. Lois and Clark, Clark and Lois, as a couple." – Clark, to Lois, Pandora

Doctor Fate revealed Lois' fate to her: that she is the one that the mysterious future savior of mankind will need, and that he is the one she will need. However, he was very vague in his words and Lois was unable to understand who he was talking about.

In a dream sequence which Clark experiences depicting the future in the year of 2013, Lois is seen as the star reporter of the Daily Planet still partnered up with him, working for the now Editor in Chief Perry White with an "Olsen" on staff as a photographer. She is also depicted as wearing a wedding ring which alludes to the fact that she and Clark are married.

Season Ten

"I want you to know me completely, with no secrets. Because you’re the one... you always will be." – Clark to Lois, Harvest

Lois and Clark are engaged

Lois was horrified to discover Clark’s lifeless body on the street and removed a blue kryptonite knife from his body, she then hid and watched as the Sun's rays healed his body. She also witnessed Clark superspeeding away. Even though Lois had found out Clark's secret, she decided not to tell Clark that she knew. Lois met Clark at the Daily Planet and arranged to meet Clark to discuss their relationship at the barn. After being ambushed by one of Lex's clones, Clark saved Lois from being burned alive before saving Metropolis from the falling Daily Planet Globe. Some time after, Clark found out that Lois went to Egypt after all. When Lois returned to Metropolis, she awaited Clark to tell her his secret first. After weeks of knowing his secret, Clark revealed his secret, to find out she already knew. Now knowing his secret, Clark explained to Lois all the Kryptonian havoc that had occured in the past such as their trip to the Phantom Zone, Doomsday crashing Chloe's wedding, Major Zod's attempt to take over the world and Darkseid's arrival on Earth. He was nervous she was having a difficult time knowing he was an alien, but she accepted him for who he was. After a bizarre situation involving Lois being sacrificed, Clark then admitted that she was the one and always would be. Lois was overwhelmed by his trust in her, and they gave in to their passions and consummated their love for the first time.

Their relationship was tested when Lois' father and sister returned to Smallville, as her father detested heroes and when Lois was forced to choose between the man she loved or her family. She ultimately chose family, and declared her love for Clark to her father proving that she truly loves him. With the passing of the test completed Clark proceeded to ask for Sam Lane's permission and blessing to marry Lois.

In order to move on completely forward in her current relationship with Clark, Lois had to cope with her past. Before her father's departure, he left behind a box filled with memorabilia Lois's mother Ella had prepared prior to her death. Lois had tried to bury the pain and regret for at least 15 years, and discovered a series of videos of her mother professing her love for her daughter and telling her that she couldn't move foward with a memory holding her back. At the same time Lois confronts Clark on how he feels as if he was incomplete since Jor-El disowned him as his son, to which surprisingly Clark said he was fine with since he doesn't consider Jor-El to be his father just a machine. Lois is unconvinced and believes despite the misgivings Clark has about Jor-El currently. Jor-El is still his father and in his own way he loves son, otherwise he wouldn't have sent him to Earth to be found and raised by the Kents. Lois decide to view the first tape. Upon viewing the first tape, Lois learns that her mother had purposely given instruction to her husband not to bring Lois to visit her in the hospital as a means to protect her from having bad memories of her. Ella also expressed her never ending love for he daughter as well as her regret in not being their to see Lois grow up into a fine young woman who'd meet a Special guy. Lois is emotionally moved by the touching words and love her mother has for her and is encouraged to try to mend the relationship between Clark and Jor-El. Lois journeyed to the Fortress of Solitude and angrily confronts Jor-El, stating that if Jor-El would go so far as to hurt his son like that, perhaps Clark was better off without him. Jor-El responded to her by having a private discussion with her in an energy tube, until Clark arrived and saw a pre-recorded message made in the final moments of Krypton by Jor-El and Lara, who declared their love and undeniable reassurance in their son Kal-El fulfilling his destiny and making them proud. Returning to the farm, Lois placed her mother's family heirloom old blue in the window, signifying her completion of moving in. She and Clark had a short discussion on how their parents tried to protect them both from having to deal with their own faults and failures . Before leaving for a karaoke party at the Ace of Clubs. Lois put away her mother's box and discovered an envelope Ella made for her wedding day, unaware that at the same time Clark had pulled an engagement ring out of his pocket.

As Clark's relationship with Lois continues to grow and flourish they are still challenges to face and overcome....



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