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Clark and Lois' apartment is a studio apartment located in Metropolis at 2318 Main, #207. The couple agreed to move to Metropolis to start their new lives together. At first Clark is afraid that if they didn't have the Kent Farm they'd lose each other in the process. But Clark learned from Jonathan of the alternate earth that it "It's not the place that makes the home, it's the people in it that makes it the home."

Physical Appearance

The interior of Clark and Lois apartment

Clark and Lois's apartment building is made of solid red brick, including the inside walls. It has an average size window on the side. Clark's old telescope is set up at this window, like it was in the barn's loft at the Kent Farm.

When they finally moved in Lois set up the living area with the primary colors of red, yellow and blue.

Season Ten

Lois sets up Clark's telescope in their new apartment

In its first appearance, Lois was moving stuff from the Kent house to their apartment, and admitted she wanted to make it look as much like the farm as she could to Clark Luthor, whom she mistook for Clark Kent. She explained she would miss the Kent Farm, which she considered was her only home. Luthor told her he would enjoy it here, but wanted to make changes, and pushed over the telescope. Lois then realizes he isn't Kent but doesn't let him on that she's uncovered his identity. Later at the Kent house Clark and Lois are on the porch discussing their future and came to the decision that it doesn't matter where they live as long as they are together. Clark then told her that he was going to call the real estate agent in the morning to sell the Kent farm. Deciding to move to the Metropolis studio apartment.

Clark and Lois settle in their new apartment

As Lois and Clark begin to settle into their new apartment, there are interrupted by Tess who's alerts them of Slade Wilson's reappearance on earth. Clark leaves on a suicide mission into the Phantom Zone for a total of three week. During that time Lois set's up their new apartment with the belief that Clark would return to her safe and sound. Upon his return Clark is greeted by Lois with a warm embrace.

Clark visited Lois at their apartment, and was shocked yet pleased to learn that she was willing to marry him after all. She confessed that she had read his vows, and he read her vows in return just as he began to have doubts before agreeing to meet her at the altar.

Season Eleven

Lois asleep.

Lois dreaming.

Months later we see a window view of the apartments bedroom. Upon Clark return home to Lois, Clark showers and brushes his teeth, talking with her about the energy ribbon - or "aurora" - that attacked the space station. As he then makes breakfast, he asks if they should return the wedding presents they received. Lois states that the wedding was postponed not cancelled, so they shouldn't have to. He notices that the 'S' shield on the Superman t-shirt she slept in doesn't look right and she mentions that it seems no one can draw it the same way twice, also given that he's just altered his suit.

Lois and Clark discuss Superman's wardrobe changes.

Clark explains that he's put lead in the shield of his new suit to protect himself from being shot with Kryptonite bullets. As they lament their independently busy lives - he with saving the world, she with becoming a pre-eminent reporter - Lois mentions that the Russians have already announced they will be commissioning a statue of Superman to commemorate his saving of the space station.

Clark expresses his discomfort at the hero worship, but Lois assures him that it is inspiring people, just as he wanted to do with the suit. Clark states that he'd like to finally tell the world that Superman is an alien. Lois counters that with all of the concern brought on by the pictures of the aliens on Apokolips, it might not be the best time, especially with Lex Luthor making such noise about it in public.

Lois reaffirms her love to Clark through a whisper.

A few nights later, Lois stands at her window gazing up into the sky where she catches a glimpse of Clark streaking in the sky. Where she tearfully reaffirms her love to Clark as she and he are temporarily separated due to Lex Luthor coating Superman with radiation that could track his every locations on Earth. Clark decides to distance himself until he can find a solution to prevent Lex from discovering the life he built with Lois.

Lois receives an unexpected surprise at home...

A couple of months later, Lois is sitting in her apartment on the couch talking to Clark on her cell phone as they catch-up with each other on the events that have transpired between them lately. Clark asks Lois how goes her investigation with Lex, she tells him that she's gathered intel and will tell him on his next flyby. Clark tells her he doesn't think that will be needed anymore. Instantly Lois hears a knock on the door and opens it to see Clark say "Honey I'm Home".

Clark returns to Lois.

Lois jumps into his arms and passionately embraces him. Clark tells her that Bart Allen's sacrifice removed the ISO readings from his body. Lois is overjoyed and tells Clark to put his Superman Suit on as they still have work to do.

Lois screams of delight in the shower with Clark.

The following morning, Lois and Clark spend a pleasurable time of intimacy in the shower together. Before departing the confines of the shower, Clark washes Lois's hair much to her delight. Clark admits he missed moments like this. Lois acknowledge this and express feeling the same way as well and playful says she'll be more than happy to wash his hair the next time. As they have a lot of domestic bliss to catch up on. Clark agrees and thinks the process would move along faster if Lois wasn't leaving the country so soon.

Lois had accepted the assignment to journey to Africa to uncover the identity of the vigilante known as the Angel of the Plateau who is causing problems for the Warlords in the region.

Lois reminds Clark that "Superman doesn't impose his will on others."

Clark address to Lois his uneasiness and concern for her safety and feels he should be their with her. But Lois reminds him that "Clark Kent" re-emergence back the work from an extended leave will be cause for Franklin Stern to keep a close eye on him, Furthermore Lois reminds Clark of what he had previously said to Hank Henshaw regarding "Superman not imposing his will on others."

Clark tells her to be careful as he beings to don his Superman attire. Lois promises him that if anything major goes down she'll call him using the signal-watch. Lois is however more concerned how Clark will manage after what just occurred with Bart.

Lois encourages Clark to go out and do his job as Superman.

Clark says he will but he wonders how many more people do they have to loose. Clark hears a distress about a fire coming from an apartment building on Russell and Glosson, While Lois prepares to head to the airport with a Ferris airline ticket. Clark apologizes for not being able to fly her personally to the airport. Lois understands his duties. He profess his love for her as he flies out the window and she in turn acknowledge it and declares her love for him as well.

Clark gets a startling call from his mother while hovering above the bed with Lois.

A few weeks since their respective time apart from each other Clark and Lois are reunited and are seen one night sleeping together floating above their bed in the bedroom of their apartment when Clark suddenly gets a call from his mother pleading for help.


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