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Clark Kent and Emil Hamilton first met when Emil helped a depowered John Jones recover from a bullet wound. They have continued to be allies since, joining forces in Oliver's team of heroes working out of Watchtower.

Season Eight

John Jones had been shot and Clark was concerned for him. He then saw Emil Hamilton for the first time begin to operate on Jones saying no one in or out with his authorization. Clark was at first very skeptical of Emil then Oliver Queen walked in and asked Emil for his assitance saying that Emil works for him. Oliver stated that Emil was a specialist for people like them and knew that Jones was martian. With Clark began to trust Emil and paid Jones regular visits and Emil assured him he was going to be better.

Emil helps Clark and "Chloe"

When Chloe Sullivan seemingly returned after leaving with Davis Bloome to protect Clark from Doomsday, Clark received a call from Emil that Doomsday had struck again. At a garage in Granville, Clark and Chloe meet with Emil, who was digging out a bone spur. Emil shows them two corpses and confirms that the bodies were both meteor-infected and hunting Doomsday. They are revealed to be members of Tess Mercer's Injustice gang : Neutron and Livewire. Emil confirns that Neutron was killed by Doomsday but points out that Livewire was killed by a small, temporal-lobe GPS implant that exploded and was triggered by her employer. Chloe seemingly panics and says she's going outside, overriding Clark's concerns. Emil says that something else is going on and Chloe came to him looking for a cure for Davis a week earlier. Emil then tells Clark that when it comes to affairs of the heart that everyone uses lies and secrets to protect the ones they love. "Chloe" is later revealed to be Eva Greer, after she dies in Clark's arms and Clark called in Emil, who explained that Eva was a shapeshifter. Clark comes to the conclusion that Chloe was still with Davis and that should have been able to see through Eva's disguise. Emil says it was her job to fool him by taking the form of his best friend. Emil warns that Chloe could be caught in the crossfire, and that Tess may kill the other members of the team if Clark decides to confort her. Clark asked Emil to isolate the GPS signal so they can track Tess's team. Emil was successful in isolating the GPS signal and Clark informed the rest of Tess's team that she is tracking them and they decide to kill her but went when Clark tried to stop them he got his abilities stolen by Parasite. Clark called Emil and told him he needed to get to Smallville to warn Tess so Emil provided him with a Lamborghini.

Season Nine

Clark heard a report over his police scanner of an incident over at Metropolis General. He arrived at Met Gen where he met with and talked with Emil about had what happened. Emil told him that a man with a kryptonite heart and bio-mechanics admited himself to the hospital and put one of his orderlys in a coma when he tried to sedate him. Emil also noted that his kryptonite heart was boosting his adrenline and that someone may have built him against his will. Clark stated that it was like one of Lex Luthor's projects. Emil gave Clark an EMP grenade so that he didnt have to go near the man.

Clark came to Watchtower with a sample of Tess's blood for Emil and Chloe to analyze and identify a virus from an ongoing zombie plague. They brought up security footage and Emil hypothesized that it may be a virus that affects the rage areas of the brain. Clark superspeed Emil across town to speak with the doctor at Metropolis Gen. Emil approuched the doctor and learned that the virus was now airborne and the hospital was being quarantined, along with any other places Tess had been. Emil concluded an antidote with a blood type similiar to Davis Bloome was needed since the blood sample had a similiar makeup. Clark then arrived back at Watchtower and said that his blood would be a perfect match. Chloe and Emil drew his blood using a needle dipped in liquid kryptonite. It was incredibly painful for Clark and it rendered him unconscious. Chloe and Emil had no choice but to leave him there so they can prep and deliver the antidote in the water supply. Emil managed to create an antidote and released into the water supply.

Emil examines Clark.

Lois was admitted to the hospital after she fell into a coma. Oliver told Clark that Emil requested a copy of her tests Clark questioned why Emil would be interested in Lois's condition and Oliver speculated that Emil wasn't and that Chloe really was. Clark discovered Tess had taken Lois to Belle Reve and was accessing her memories of her time in the future. Clark tried to save Lois but accidently got hooked to her memories. Chloe and Emil heard what happened and came over to Belle Reve. Emil examined Clark and tried to get him to respond but didn't. Emil explaind to Chloe that Clark and Lois' brainwaves were connected but that he may be able pull Clark out of it. Chloe stoped him and said that the assasin from the future told Clark that he would destroy the world, and Lois' memories are the key to stopping it. Emil decided to keep Clark connected to Lois's memories. Clark woke up and Emil reported that when Lois wakes up, she will no longer have memories of what happened in the future.

Clark found the deceased body of Wesley Dodds and Emil examined him. Later Emil heard of an incident involving John Jones and Doctor Fate and brought in Jones for inmeddiate treatment. Clark along with Courtney Whitmore rushed in and Emil explained that the unconscious John Jones is undergoing some sort of incubation that he cannot even guess what the end result will be.

Emil relaxes after being told to do so by Clark.

Clark came to Watchtower to find a panicking Emil trying to break through Chloe's firewalls. Clark was able to tell that Emil was freaking out. Clark told him to relax and because of he was under the effects of gemstone kryptonite, Emil loosened up and grabbed himself a beer, not really caring about what was really going on. Clark was surprised at this and tried to make Emil go back to the way he was before but found out that was impossible. Clark told Emil about the pixie dust he inhaled and Emil jokingly told not to inhale. Clark went on to talk about his new found power and Emil stated that the human mind was open to suggestion. He suggested that Clark used the power to his advantage while he still had it.

Season Ten

Clark found Chloe in a coma after putting on the Helmet of Nabu. Clark took her to Watchtower and Emil examined her. Emil told Clark that she was suffering from the trauma caused by the helmet.

Emil discusses the tattoos and the VRA with Clark and Oliver.

Clark was at Watchtower with Emil working on a way to remove the tracking tattoos put on him, Oliver and others by the Suicide Squad. Emil discovered that enough blue kryptonite was used to tag him with the tattoo while still allowing him to use his abilities. Oliver then arrived and they all discuss the recent VRA being passed and what should be done about the rest of their team. Lois later found Emil in a supply room at Met. Gen and demanded where Clark was. Emil at first denied knowing anything then Lois threathened him a surgerical knife and Emil then said he's probably in Florida and Lois let him go saying she was only bluffing. Emil attended Clark and Lois's engagement party at Watchtower. He, Tess, and Lois were later taken in for

Clark saves Emil and Tess.

questioning by the government for their involvement with the heroes. Emil and Tess were being taken to a warehouse when Clark arrived and saved them. He asked them where Lois was but their silence made him realize they had no idea and that she was still missing.

Clark saves Emil.

Emil attended Clark and Lois's bachelor/bachelorette party along with Chloe, Oliver, and Tess and was recording everything. Everyone needed up having a wild night thanks to champayne spiked with magic. The next morning Clark found Emil in an Elvis getup and Tess, clad as a June Cash look-alike showgirl, sharing the spotlight to a country rock song onstage at the Ace of Clubs. Clark then watched as some police officers plied Emil off the stage and arrest him on charges for stealing an armored vehicle, to which he figure out he must have done. While at Watchtower, Chloe realized that since Emil's name had no trace in the current police records, Emil must not be in prison. Clark concluded that the "police officers" who arrested him must have been criminals posing as cops. Sure enough Emil was taken by criminals working for Amos Fortune, owner of Fortune Casino and demanded his armored truck with money and lemur back. The guards were then about to crush Emil's head, who had figured out that the henchmen hijacked Fortune's truck, so that he could pick up double from the insurance company. Clark rushed in to save Emil just in the nick of time. Later Clark, Emil, and everyone else at Watchtower laughed and enjoyed the amusing footage recorded by Emil.

Lois and Emil rejoice to have Clark back.

Clark was transported to the Earth-2 reality by Clark Luthor and Emil and Lois were working together to repair the destroyed mirror box. Emil managed to repair the box and brought back Clark to their world much to the relief of Lois.