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"You are always the best friend I ever could've had."
"You say that like something have changed. Clark, trust me. We've been through too much together. Nothing's gonna make me forget that.
Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan, Bride
"Clark needs you as much as the world needs him. You are part of this family, Chloe. And as Clark's oldest friend, I can't think of anyone better to watch over him."
Martha Kent to Chloe Sullivan, Beacon

Clark and Chloe.gif

Clark Kent and Chloe Sullivan are close friends since early adolescence, which eventually developed into a soulmate-like bond. This platonic/intimate-yet-unrequited friendship between them, usually called "Chlark" by fans, is one of the fondest, most enduring and complex relationships in the series.[1]

Clark and Chloe first met in eighth grade when Chloe just moved with her father to Smallville from Metropolis. It was a poorly-hidden secret that Chloe has been in love with Clark in some varying degree since the day they met, but her feelings were largely unrequited as Clark remains emotionally invested in his next-door neighbor Lana Lang (which Pete Ross described as Clark's "Lana blinders"). However, Clark has admitted that he did have romantic feelings towards Chloe, but was afraid of ruining their friendship if things don't work out.[2]

At the end of their freshman year, Clark and Chloe attended the Spring Formal as a couple and almost romantically kissed, but the party was interrupted by a tornado warning, and Clark abruptly abandoned Chloe on the dance floor to rescue Lana. The following day, Clark apologized to Chloe, and she passive-aggressively suggested that they should just remain friends, which (to Chloe's hidden dismay) Clark actually agreed. The emtional dilemma also proved to be a significant struggle for Chloe, as she also holds dearly her friendship with Lana amongst all her jealousy. Despite all these, Chloe's feelings for Clark persisted strongly throughout the high school years, and manifested numerous times whenever Chloe was freed from the embarrassment of expressing her love to Clark.

When Chloe started dating in 2006 and later got engaged to Jimmy Olsen in 2008, both she and Clark acknowledged that some things would change between them, but Clark stated that he would accept whatever changes because her happiness was one of the most important things in the world to him. (Plastique)

As one of the first people to learn Clark's true origins, Chloe has become Clark's closest friend and ally, and has saved his life multiple times. Clark is also extremely protective of Chloe and has saved her life many times in return, knowing that he can count on Chloe any time he needs her.[3] However, in Season 9, Clark's reliance oand trust in Chloe's instincts shifted drastically after the traumatizing aftermath of his battle with Doomsday. He started rejecting his human emotions and stopped sharing intimate details of his life with her, and they seemed to be more perfunctory than anything else. However, they finally resolved their differences towards the end of the season and gradually rebuilt their friendship.

When Oliver Queen asked Chloe about her feelings for Clark in early 2010, she stated that despite being a very good friend, Clark never managed to fully appreciate her devotion to him, and she had already come to the realization that Clark is not meant for her, to which Oliver commented that not choosing Chloe was "Clark's loss". (Escape)

When Desaad attempted to corrupt Chloe by seducing her with a hallucination of Clark, she realized that her romantic feelings for Clark had completely disappeared long ago, and successfully resisted the temptation. (Masquerade)

Although Clark has not always appreciated Chloe as much as she deserves, he has realized over the years that she is an irreplaceable friend and ally, and considers himself lucky to have her in his life. Clark and Chloe have one thing in common, they both know what it felt like to be an outsider.

Clark's secret

" Clark I.... I think you're amazing. You save people's lives with zero credit for yourself. To me, you're more than just a hero-- you're a superhero."- Chloe Sullivan, Arrival

Clark and Chloe in freshman year

As young teens, Chloe often wondered out loud how Clark was able to seemingly appear right in the middle of situations or disappear from a room, but she did not openly demand answers, viewing it as part of his introverted personality. Initially, Chloe was assigned to write a school biography about her friend, which manifested in her becoming interested in Clark's adoption. Clark tolerated the project but when he discovered Chloe was continuing to try to obtain information about him, he reacted with uncharacteristic hostility. Clark demonstrated his powers for Chloe when she was infected with a parasite and she reacted with awe, but forgot them when she was cured. When Lionel Luthor discovered Chloe's investigation, he manipulated her weaknesses (her crush on Clark and her journalism career dreams) to continue her research. Chloe later maintained that she did not tell Lionel anything he didn't already know, and paid dearly for her initial agreement and subsequent refusal to comply.[4] Chloe's curiosity was stifled by her ordeal with Lionel and the knowledge that her continued prying would almost certainly end her friendship with Clark, and for the most part, she backed off. However, when exposed to a gas that could make anyone tell the truth, she directly asked Clark what he was hiding (Clark was immune to this ability, though, and could still lie to Chloe), then went to the Kents, sure that they would tell her. Clark rescued and forgave her for her transgression, and she agreed to respect his privacy.

Ironically, Chloe's discovery of Clark's powers were the result of a completely outside influence: Alicia Baker. In early 2005, Alicia arranged a demonstration in which Chloe witnessed Clark's superspeed and super strength and instantly realized why her friend was so secretive. Chloe's discovery of Clark's powers served to change her own character as well. She began to regret ferreting out meteor freaks. She learned of Clark's other abilities when he was struck with amnesia. She also witnessed his weakness to meteor rocks on the night of their senior prom. For the rest of the school year, Chloe repeatedly tried to drop obvious hints that she knew his secret, to get Clark to tell her himself. But it wasn't until they were transported to the Arctic and Clark had to speed to save her from hypothermia that Chloe admitted knowing, thinking he was meteor-infected. Clark finally disclosed his alien origins and she once again reacted with awe and admiration.

Clark saves Chloe

Little change has occurred in their relationship since Chloe learned Clark's secret. Clark trusts Chloe with his deepest secrets: she was the only one who knew where he hides his key or how to get to the Fortress of Solitude (Traveler). Chloe is in love with Clark's heroic feats and how he saves lives every day but still remains humble.[5] She thinks of Clark as her own personal superhero,[6] but treats him no differently than she did before she knew. She pushes him to embrace his destiny and use his powers to the fullest.

Despite this, when Chloe was attacked by Brainiac in 2008, she began to eventually experience severe amnesia. Clark felt like she had given up so much happiness and safety as his secret keeper and wanted to do anything to cure her, but she explicitly told him that she would not trade her role for anything. However, as her amnesia progressed and Brainiac's influence became stronger, Clark pleaded with Jor-El to cure her, but asked that Chloe not remember his true origins. Chloe was seemingly unaware that she was missing memories; she described the experience as a mysterious weight that she let go of and allowed her to move on (Bride). Although Clark viewed his actions as a gift to her, he felt like he had lost something quite significant.[7] When Brainiac was removed from Chloe, her memories returned, including those of Clark's secret. It is unknown if or when Clark will tell her that he temporarily made her forget them.

Costs on Chloe's life

Chloe has been an aspiring journalist since childhood. In her high school years, Chloe found considerable success at the Torch and the Ledger covering the meteor freak beats, and even landing an internship at the Daily Planet before her sophomore year. After graduating high school, her success continued as she attended Metropolis University and working part-time in the bullpen at the same time. But since learning about Clark's powers, Chloe's journalism career has suffered greatly, as rather than focusing on writing exposes, she has killed promising stories that might reveal Clark's secret on numerous occasions.

Clark and Chloe at the Daily Planet

  • When Clark's new super-breath power blows the door off his barn, Chloe tries to discourage her cousin Lois from writing about the story. Lois does anyway, and it becomes her first byline at the Metropolis Inquisitor (Sneeze) and the beginning of her journalism career.
  • When Linda Lake, a struggling Daily Planet gossip reporter, discovers Clark's secret and attempts to expose it, Chloe smashes Lake's laptop with a hammer to destroy the story, and almost got killed by Lake in the subsequent scuffle.
  • When investigating the secret identity of the vigilante Green Arrow, Chloe discovers that Clark has deleted all of her photo files. When he asks her to stop investigating Green Arrow as a favor to him, Chloe agrees (Arrow).
  • When Lois investigates Kara's red ship and tries to show her story to the new Daily Planet editor, Chloe discourages her and tries to have the editor drop the interest. Lois ends up being hired at the Planet for covering the spaceship story and becomes professionally favored over Chloe (Kara).
  • Ultimately, Chloe lost her job at the Planet when Lionel Luthor left his Veritas key in Chloe's desk to give to Clark. Lex Luthor discovered it and summarily fired Chloe for lying to him.

While her journalism career has suffered what may or may not be a permanent setback, Chloe has also been able to translate her journalistic and sleuthing skills into helping Clark and other superheroes save the world. She often helps solve mysteries that Clark is investigating, using her superb skills as a reporter and researcher. She has started to help Oliver Queen's nascent team of superheroes as an operative codenamed "Watchtower", the strategist who directs and guides the superheroes remotely as they take on various missions. After the demise of Amanda Waller during Zod's destruction of Checkmate, Chloe exchanges herself as a prisoner to Rick Flag but manages to take over the command of Flag and the Suicide Squad, and is instrumental in the rescue mission against Trotter's VRA team. She eventually marries Oliver and formally relinquishes the role of Watchtower to Tess Mercer, and moves to Star City to fulfil her calling of coordinating other superheroes under the guise of a Star City Register reporter, a job she reportedly does not stay for long.

Early History

"I know you've been thinking about that all day, so let's get it over with so we can be friends."
— Young Chloe kissing Young Clark

Clark and Chloe's first kiss

Clark and Chloe first met in eighth grade when Chloe just moved from Metropolis to Smallville with her father. Clark was assigned by the school to show Chloe around on her first day, and she immediately asked where to buy a copy of the Daily Planet so she could "keep in touch with civilization". When he showed her around the Kent Farm, she wrongly assumed he was Amish.

However, when Clark showed her the bookcase in the Kent barn loft, Chloe was impressed and praised him for being a "gentleman farmer". She then admitted to Clark that she didn't make a lot of friends because her mother left the family and she spent way too much time reading. When she mentioned her favorite book Tales of the Weird & Unexplained being lost in the home-moving, Clark supersped away to the local library and fetched a copy of the book for her. Chloe was genuinely touched and gave him his (and her own) first kiss. Since that day, Chloe developed a profound crush on Clark, as he was the first person next to Pete Ross who was nice to her in the new town.[8]

High School

Freshman Year

"Everything has changed in my life in the last year, with my parents, with Lana. The only thing constant has been you. I'm glad for that, Chloe."- Clark Kent, Drone.

Clark and Chloe at the Lake

Clark and Chloe worked together on their high school newspaper, the Smallville Torch with Chloe as the editor. She was Clark's "boss" in a way, supervising and assigning his contributions to the paper. While at school, Clark saved Chloe's life from murder attempts by Coach Walt Arnold and Sean Kelvin.

Chloe kisses Clark after she shook Kyle Tippet's hand.

After Chloe was pushed out of a window by thieves at the Luthor Mansion and broke her arm, Clark felt guilty over not being able to save her and tried his best to bring the thieves to justice. Claiming he was simply concerned, Clark became defensive and jealous each time Chloe received attention from another boy. Despite this, Clark was seemingly oblivious to the fact that Chloe had a crush on him until they encountered Kyle Tippet, who put Chloe in a hypnotic trance and told her to do something she always wanted to do. She kissed Clark passionately, but then could not recall doing it a moment later.

Freshman year, Chloe was given the assignment to write a biography about a classmate and began investigating Clark's adoption. When Clark ran for class president, he got angry at Chloe when she endorsed fellow student Paul Chan over him, but he later realized that she was only being objective and they made up. He is clueless until psychic boy Ryan James also told Clark that Chloe had a crush on him and wanted him to ask her to the Spring Formal.

Clark and Chloe at the spring formal

When Clark forgot to register them for a student journalism convention, Chloe got upset that Clark never seemed to take her seriously and they argued. When Chloe began a relationship with Justin Gaines out of frustration, Clark was suspicious of Justin but Chloe thought he was just jealous. Clark later admitted to Lana that he was indeed a bit jealous. He asked Lex Luthor what he should do about his feelings for both girls, saying that he liked Chloe but still held hope that he and Lana would have something. Lex told him that he would never have either girl if he didn't take risk and decide. Clark repaired their friendship after saving Chloe's life when Justin attacked her, and offered to take her to the convention.

When Chloe was kidnapped, Clark did everything he could to find her and saved her from being buried alive. Faced with the thought that he could have lost her forever, Clark got up the nerve to ask Chloe to the Spring Formal and they shared a dance and a kiss. However, just when it seemed that their relationship might take a different direction, Clark left Chloe alone at the dance to rescue Lana Lang from tornadoes.

Sophomore Year

"I let myself indulge my feelings for him and I ended up getting hurt."
"At least you were brave enough to take the risk."
"Oh yeah, that's me, Cupid's cannon fodder... Oh, three months. I thought I'd be over it by now. When I saw him in the hall, those feelings just came back. I even made up some lame story about meeting a guy in Metropolis to try and get a rise out of him."
"Clark still really cares about you, Chloe."
"I know. But he cares about you more.
— Chloe to Lana on her relationship with Clark, Heat

"I'm the girl of your dreams, masquerading as your best friend. Sometimes I want to just rip off these disquise like I did at the Spring Formal but I can't, because you'll get scared and run away again. So I decided it's better to live with the lie than expose my true feelings for you."
— Chloe reading her letter to the ill Clark, Fever

Chloe and Clark arguing

Sophomore year, Chloe and Clark began a habit of acknowledging Chloe's crush but not letting it get in the way of their friendship. After the formal, Chloe made Clark believe that she thought it would be better if they just stayed friends and Clark agreed.

However, when Clark discovered that Chloe was still investigating his adoption, they had an intense argument about privacy with Clark eventually making Chloe cry by shouting at her to "find her own mother" instead. They later apologized to each other and Chloe confessed to Clark the pain she feels about being abandoned by her mother. However, when Lana Lang moved in with Chloe, their relationship only became more strained.

Chloe taking care of Clark

They managed to make up for a time, and while under the influence of a cave parasite, Chloe became wild and reckless and made out with a red kryptonite-affected Clark. She also told him she was sick of playing second-banana to Lana and that Clark needed to make a decision. He seemingly chose to attribute Chloe's outburst to being infected and ignored her behavior when she was cured. When Clark applied for a job at the Talon coffee shop, Chloe convinced Lana to hire him.

Chloe confronts Clark for not telling her that he is dating Lana

When Clark fell ill, Chloe wrote him a letter telling him the truth about her feelings, and read it to him as he slept. However, she knew he was still in love with Lana. The three tried to resolve their awkwardness, but when Clark missed a Torch deadline, Chloe got upset and accused him of not taking anybody else into consideration. Clark quit the paper and they agreed to "put their friendship on hold". However, when the Torch office was vandalized, Clark tried to help Chloe cope, but she was too angry and hurt by his recent actions. By the end of the school year, they had tentatively begun to repair their friendship, even as Clark and Lana began a relationship.

Chloe saw Lana and Clark kissing and was hurt that neither of them chose to tell her about it. In a moment of weakness, she agreed to betray Clark and continue to investigate him for Lionel Luthor.

Junior Year

""I'm just afraid that one day I'm gonna push too hard, and I'm not going to get the chance to say I'm sorry."
"Today's not that day." --Chloe Sullivan and Clark Kent, Truth

Clark orders Chloe to leave.

The tension between Clark and Chloe carried throughout the summer and into their junior year of high school. When Clark ran away, Chloe was also in Metropolis at her summer job at the Daily Planet and ran into him in a club. Under the influence of red kryptonite, he threatened her if she told; she kept his secret all summer until events unfolded in Smallville that made her try and persuade him to return. However, he was violent and angry and Chloe let Lana and his parents deal with his return.

Clark confronts Chloe over her betrayal.

Even after Clark returned home, he rejoined the Torch staff, but their relationship continued to be strained and awkward as Lionel Luthor put pressure on Chloe for more information. When Clark developed super-hearing, he heard a phone conversation between Chloe and Lionel and believed that Chloe was still investigating him. She apologized profusely and tried to explain that she could not get out of Lionel's deal, but Clark felt betrayed. Perhaps a manifestation of guilt at his own wrong choices, Clark did not accept Chloe's apology and they avoided each other for weeks.

Clark tries to save Chloe

However, when Chloe became the target of subliminal emails, Clark was hypnotized into trying to run her over with his truck. Chloe told the Sheriff that Clark lost control of the truck, but later questioned if Clark had done it on purpose. Clark denied this, but admitted that he was still upset with her for the deal with Lionel. When Chloe was safe again, she confessed to Clark that she felt like she deserved the attacks for what she did to him. He acknowledged that Chloe found him at his worst moment in Metropolis, so he too should give her a second chance for a wrong decision in a moment of weakness. She and Clark finally addressed his secrecy and her prying. They agreed that Chloe would take Clark as he is, without explanation, and their friendship was renewed.

Clark comforts Chloe

However, Clark was once again disappointed in Chloe when she gained the ability to make anyone tell the truth and began a destructive chain of events in which she unabashedly made people tell her their private thoughts until the exposure almost killed her. Despite their differences, Clark worked hard to find the antidote and saved her life, and Chloe once again tearfully apologized for her lack of discretion. He accepted, and Chloe and Clark's relationship was officially back on track. They both helped send Lionel Luthor to prison by testifying against him and ended their junior year with resolution and optimism.

However, shortly after, Jor-El abducted Clark with the insistence that he fulfill his Kryptonian destiny, and Chloe was seemingly killed while under Witness Protection.

Senior Year

"Look, Clark, as much as I'd like to blame the pom-pom juice for this, I obviously still have those feelings in me somewhere."
"Chloe... I wish I felt the same way, but I don't, at least not right now."
"Right. I know that. And I accept it. I just hope that we can keep our friendship.
— Chloe and Clark, Devoted

"I just have a feeling you're destined to do a lot more in this world then just score touchdowns."
"Chloe, you've been saying a lot of weird things to me lately. What makes you think I'm destined to do anything?"
"Just a hunch.
— Chloe and Clark, Recruit

Clark rescuing Chloe.

When Clark was returned, he was horrified to learn that Chloe had died, but quickly realized that her grave was empty. He met her cousin Lois Lane and the two worked together to uncover Chloe's fake death and rescue her from the hands of an hired killer.

Lionel in Clark´s body seduces Chloe and later humiliates her.

When Clark and Chloe began their high school senior year, Clark joined the football team and informed Chloe that he would have less time to spend on the Torch. Chloe was dismayed, but did not press the issue.

At the same time, Chloe unknowingly drank a love potion which caused her to become completely devoted to Clark. He found her in his loft wearing only his football jersey, and Clark was thoroughly confused at her strong advances. When she was cured of the potion, they reluctantly brought up her behavior and Clark had to admit that he did not feel the same way "right now". However, he also told her he intended to make time to commit to the Torch after all.

Clark helps Chloe cope with her ailing mother in Scare.

When Clark switched bodies with Lionel Luthor, he made rude comments to Chloe, almost making her cry. Back to normal, Clark tried to apologize and claim he wasn't himself, but Chloe was still angry and suggested he get psychological help.

Chloe offers her support to Clark as he deals with the death of Alicia Baker.

Their friendship was eventually repaired when Clark rescued Chloe again when she was drawn into an underground high-school gambling ring by Mikhail Mxyzptlk. Mikhail threatened to kill Chloe unless Clark lost the championship football game, but Clark used his super-speed and was able to both win the game and save Chloe's life.

Clark was the only person Chloe told when she discovered her mother was in a mental institution. Clark gained the opportunity to return Chloe's trust when he unwittingly used his super-strength and super-speed right in front of her. Thinking he was a metahuman, Chloe displayed a newfound maturity and discretion and chose to let Clark tell her himself. She kept his secret for months without him knowing.

Chloe tells Clark about his abilities.

When he was struck with total amnesia, she helped him re-learn all his powers and conceal them from others, but when he got his memory back, Clark did not take the opportunity to confide in Chloe. He saved Chloe once again from a deranged classmate who attempted to recreate a never-ending high school experience.

Chloe saves Clark.

As events unfolded that forced Clark to accept his Kryptonian destiny and collect the Stones of Power, Clark and Chloe's high school graduation was thrown into turmoil. Chloe discovered a weakened Clark in Lex's vault and dragged him to safety. He and Chloe were transported to the Arctic where she was the first human to see the Fortress of Solitude.

College Years

"Why was I the only one that could see her? I mean, why did she choose me?"
Maybe because you care more about other people than anyone else I know."-- Chloe Sullivan and Clark Kent, Tomb

Clark tells Chloe his secret

Chloe followed Clark to the Fortress and almost died from the extreme cold, but Clark interrupted his training to take her to a hospital. There, Clark finally had to address that Chloe knew his secret. Chloe revealed she saw him catch a car "like it was a beach ball." Clark admitted that he is from another planet, but Chloe was not appalled or frightened—she reacted with wonder and admiration. Chloe questioned Clark's seemingly flippant reaction to suddenly being human, telling him she thought his destiny was greater than being a farmer in Kansas.

Chloe talk with Clark about being normal

She helped him rescue Lana and the Kents from escaped patients from Belle Reve. When Clark's powers were restored, he confided in Chloe the uncertainty and disappointment he felt. When Lana was infected with a vampire-like strain of rabies, she bit Chloe and Clark rushed Chloe to the hospital and found the cure for both girls.

Chloe goes to the fortress to save Clark

While under the influence of silver kryptonite, Clark hallucinated that Chloe told his secret to Lionel, but after the effects went away, Chloe told him she would die before she betrayed him and they hugged. Chloe investigated Professor Fine which led her to the Fortress, where she helped Clark defeat Brainiac by removing green K from his chest. Clark and Chloe had a fireside chat about Chloe being more trustworthy than Brainiac gave humans credit for.

During his rocky relationship with Lana Lang, Clark often put Chloe in an awkward position, asking for sex advice, whether Lana missed him after their breakup, and a variety of other relationship issues. Chloe told him each time that he should tell Lana the truth and was a bit surprised when Clark announced his engagement to Lana. After Clark reset the day to prevent Lana's death, Chloe helped him to make sure it did not happen again.

Clark persuades Chloe to visit her mom

When Martha was mugged, Chloe and Clark met the Angel of Vengeance. Chloe realized that Clark's grief over the recent death of his father might make him do something he would regret. She strongly objected to his going after the thieves, but Clark didn't listen and almost killed a man. He later confessed to Chloe that he should have listened.

Chloe seemingly tried to commit suicide, and Clark asked her if she wanted to talk about anything, but Chloe told him that she would never try to hurt herself. She began to see a ghost and was placed in restraints in preparation for transfer to the Belle Reve sanitarium. Clark broke her out of the hospital and because he believed her, he was able to help her prove she was being followed by a ghost. Clark encouraged her to visit her mother for the first time.

Chloe kisses Clark goodbye

Clark got mad at Chloe for concealing the fact that Lana and Lex were dating, but he later apologized and congratulated her on her first front-page byline. They teamed up with Lex to find Martha and Lionel who were trapped by a madman seeking revenge on Lionel. As the events of Dark Thursday unfolded, Clark worked tirelessly to prevent the chaos, even saving Chloe's life from a car flying through the window of her Daily Planet office. She convinced him to go out and stop Lex instead of taking her back to the farm, but before he went, she gave him a passionate goodbye kiss, "in case they never saw each other again," and Clark appeared to reciprocate.

Adult Years

Year One

"I don't know what I'd do without you, Chloe... You mean a lot more to me than you know."- Clark Kent, Labyrinth.

Chloe introduces Jimmy to Clark

After defeating Zod, Clark returned to the Daily Planet and they embraced in an emotion-filled reunion. He started to bring up the kiss, but Chloe had since reunited with Jimmy Olsen. She brushed off any chances of hooking up. Clark reluctantly agreed, but he occasionally appeared to have mixed feelings.[9]

Chloe helped Clark locate the Zoners around the world. She also helped him hone his new superbreath power into a useful skill. On Thanksgiving day, Lana confided in Chloe that she was pregnant, but Chloe did not tell Clark. Similarly, Clark learned the identity of the Green Arrow, but asked Chloe to stop investigating the subject. Their shared secrets caused some tension in their usually-honest relationship.

Clark apologizes to Chloe

Clark angrily confronted Chloe about Lana's pregnancy, but when she retorted that she has to keep others' confidence as well as his, Clark apologized with a hug. When Clark was trapped in an alternate reality in his mind, he and Chloe were escaped mental patients. Knowing her anxiety over the subject, he only told her that she was the only one who believed in him.

Clark tells Chloe how much he values their friendship in Labyrinth.

Clark was exposed to red kryptonite and crashed Lex and Lana's engagement party. As Kal, he rudely said that Chloe "pines for" a relationship with him, admitting, "Can't say I haven't thought about it." Chloe quickly forgave Clark, which angered Jimmy. Saying he could not compete with Chloe's fierce devotion to Clark, he broke up with her on Valentine's Day. However, Clark told him they should get back together and they made up.

Clark and Jimmy teamed up when Chloe went missing. Upon her return, Chloe insisted Clark X-ray her and he located a tracking chip under her collarbone. Chloe showed how much she trusted Clark by forcing him to burn her and pick the chip out with his fingers. Chloe confessed her fear of being kryptonite-infected and Clark promised to protect her. On Lex and Lana's wedding day, Chloe upset Clark when she chastised him for not telling Lana how he truly felt about her.

Chloe is afraid that she is meteor-infected in Freak.

When Chloe's mother was drawn out of her catatonic state by Lex, he captured Chloe to manipulate Moira. She incapacitated Clark while under mind control but he was able to stop Chloe from shooting Lex and rescued Chloe and her mother. He later explained that before Moira slipped back, he told her all about her daughter's achievements.

Clark grabs Chloe

Chloe and Jimmy encountered a gunman sent to kill Lana Luthor. During the fight, Chloe was knocked off the staircase balcony. However she had already called Clark and he appeared at the bottom of the stairwell to catch her and lower her to safety. Clark tried to investigate who shot Lana and got angry when Chloe refused to tell him what she knew. She urged him to realize that sometimes people do things that he might not understand.

When Clark finally learned the true reason that Lana agreed to marry Lex, he reported to Chloe that he told Lana his secret and she acted like she was happy for him.

Year Two

"And you know I'm here for you, no matter what side of nature or nurture happens to be winning out."
"It goes both ways, Chloe" - Chloe Sullivan and Clark Kent, Bizarro.

Chloe goes to comfort Clark over Lana's death.

After Reeves Dam collapsed and trapped Chloe and Lois, Clark was able to break through and take them to safety. Unable to sit and do nothing, Lois left Clark at the hospital to wait to see Chloe's condition. Clark was devastated and disoriented from shock when informed that Chloe didn't make it. He lost control of his super-hearing, focused on everything, and heard her in the morgue calling for help. He tried unsuccessfully to get her to talk about her miraculous resurrection, but Chloe refused. Later, Chloe tried to come to terms with Lana's death and the two shared a hug.

When Chloe decided to undergo a radical procedure by Dr. Curtis Knox to cure her meteor rock infection, Clark tried to talk her out of it, but Chloe was willing to risk it. Clark had to save her when it was revealed that Dr. Knox was, in fact, killing his patients.

Chloe refuses help Clark due to her own troubles.

As Clark and Lana tried to make their relationship work, his powers were transferred to Lana and she began a destructive chain of events that made Clark admit to Chloe that he thought Lana had changed. Chloe decided to show him Lana's Isis Foundation and they were shocked to realize that Lana had been spying on Lex. Chloe later informed Lana that she wouldn't let her bring Clark down with her.

Clark is vulnerable after putting on a blue kryptonite ring in Blue.

When Clark's Kryptonian uncle Zor-El tricked him into releasing a replicant of his biological mother, Clark put on a ring containing blue kryptonite that rendered him powerless. He asked Chloe to give him a ride back to his farm so he could attempt to remove the ring, and confronted and defeated Zor-El.

When Clark was frozen in the Fortress, the phantom Bizarro attempted to take over his life for several weeks. He frequently used Chloe as a resource but was less considerate than Clark, even mocking her behind her back. When he began to "forget" things, then forcefully grabbed her arm, Chloe realized that he wasn't himself. Although Lana refused to listen, Chloe insisted that something was wrong. She stole Dax-Ur's shield and gave it to Clark when he returned.

Clark is worried about Chloe's meteor power.

When Chloe admitted to secretly working for Oliver Queen, Clark was dismayed and angry at Oliver for putting her in danger. Clark also reassured Chloe that she was irreplaceable as his sidekick. They searched for their respective cousins after Lois followed Lex to Detroit and found Kara. Clark entered a comatose Lex's mind, but became trapped when Lex started to crash. Chloe used her powers to heal Lex and saved both him and Clark, almost killing herself in the process. Clark watched over Chloe all night for eighteen hours until she regained consciousness. He asked her not to use her power again, but she wondered aloud why she was given such an amazing gift.

Chloe hugs Clark after thinking that she had lost him.

When Pete Ross came to town flashing a temporary stretching power, Clark and Chloe both unsuccessfully tried to get their old friend to be discreet, but he rebuked them. They were proven right when Pete was tortured by Lex and Clark had to save him. When Clark was kidnapped and held in a cage, Lana called Chloe for help and they worked together to track down where Clark was held. Chloe was convinced that Kara was the only person that could save him, so she took Kara to the Fortress of Solitude to ask Jor-El to restore her powers. Jor-El only responded when Chloe pleaded that she loved Clark. Kara's powers were restored and she was able to save his life.

Chloe offers Clark help with Kara.

Chloe and Clark were devastated when Lana was put into a painful catatonic state by Brainiac. She was fired from her job when Lionel Luthor left his Veritas key in her desk to give to Clark. She helped Clark track Brainiac using the resources at the Isis Foundation. Chloe helped Clark locate Edward Teague and rescued him when Teague tried to sacrifice Clark as the Traveler.

She and Clark worked together to figure out Kara's strange behavior. Chloe decided to try to overpower Kara, but was instead attacked by Brainiac in disguise. However, her healing power weakened Brainiac enough for Clark to defeat him, and he was able to restore Chloe and Lana to full-health. When Jimmy reported that Chloe had been arrested, Clark knew that Lex was involved and fatefully went to confront him at the Fortress of Solitude.

Year Three

"You're the best friend and ally I could have had, Chloe. The truth is, you saved me more than I could have ever saved you" - Clark Kent, Abyss

Chloe tries to save Clark.

Clark and Oliver work together to rescue Chloe from her imprisoment but in the process, Oliver fell victim of a mind-control serum and mortally wounded Clark. Against his protests, Chloe tried to heal him, but her power rendered inactive. He died in her arms, but then was saved by Martian Manhunter. Upon her return, Chloe accepted Jimmy's marriage proposal but she waited a week before telling Clark. When Clark found out from Davis Bloome, she admitted that she wasn't quite ready for the inevitable change in their friendship after her marriage She asked Clark if he was. Clark only said that her happiness is one of the most important things to him and that she shouldn't worry about anything else.

Clark hugs Chloe and tell her that he wants see her happy.

After Oliver was poisoned at a fundraiser Clark learned about Chloe´s new power and immediately knew it was the result of Brainiac's attack on her and was upset, but Chloe believed nothing could be done and chose to see it as a gift.

When Jimmy found the letter she wrote to Clark six years ago, he became upset. Chloe showed Clark the letter and stated that she would always love him, she no longer felt that strongly. Clark admitted to Lois that he was not aware that Chloe felt that intensely back then. Clark continued to support Chloe's upcoming marriage, agreeing to give her away at the altar and stating that she had never seemed so happy.

Chloe shows Clark the letter that she wrote years ago

Although they began to have differences in their thinking, Chloe and Clark continued to work together. After Clark and Lois disappeared from the farm, Chloe retrieved the Crystal of Knowledge and risking her own health, she was able to activate the Crystal and save Clark and Kara Kent from the Phantom Zone. This event prompted Oliver Queen to point out that he thought Chloe was in over her head with regards to Clark's alien origins.

Clark says goodbye to Chloe before he requests that her memories of his secret be taken from her.

When Chloe began to lose her memory, she found that the only person she could remember was Clark and admitted to him that she had been having to remind herself of everyone else and had been faking her feelings for weeks. Clark wanted to rebuild the Fortress of Solitude to ask Jor-El to cure her, saying that he thought his secret was destroying her life. Chloe countered that she felt like knowing his secret changed her life for the better and wouldn't give up her role for anything. Chloe's amnesia progressed as she lost memories of Clark as well. Chloe received an MRI for treatment, and when instructed to remember a "happy place," all of her memories were of romantic moments with Clark. Convinced of his reasons, Clark went against her wishes and asked Jor-El to remove her Brainiac infection, along with any memories of his true origins or abilities. He gave an unconscious Chloe a heartfelt apology for going back to hiding the truth, but that it was the only way he knew to keep her safe.

Clark walks Chloe down to the altar.

Chloe's wedding proceeded as scheduled with Clark hosting it at his farm, setting a priority to make it perfect. He revealed that he had saved the boutonniere she gave him before the Spring formal and gave it to her to put in her bouquet as "something borrowed". As they shared a dance, she said nothing would change between them, but Clark spoke as if they were not best friends anymore. Chloe revealed that she felt a weight had been lifted from her. However, the wedding was interrupted by a mysterous murderous creature, which kidnapped Chloe.

Clark saves Chloe from her Brainiac infection

Shortly after, Clark met the Legion of Super-Heroes and told them that Chloe was missing. They informed him that in history, Clark defeated Brainiac with the red crystal, but since it was destroyed, the only way to defeat him was to kill the human host. Clark was unwilling to allow the Legion to kill Chloe and went to the Fortress to help, where he was confronted by a possessed Chloe. Brainiac inside Chloe told Clark that he chose Chloe because he knew that Clark would never hurt her. The Legion was willing to sacrifice Chloe's life to defeat Brainiac, but Clark convinced them to work together to save her. They successfully removed Brainiac and cured Chloe, in the process, restoring her memory of Clark's secret. Chloe had no recollection of the time in which she forgot his secret and Clark did not tell her of his decision.

Clark tells Chloe to care more about Jimmy

When Lana Lang returned to Smallville, Clark asked Chloe if they should try to rekindle their relationship and Chloe advised him to talk to Lana. She wondered what Clark's intentions were with regards to Lois' feelings for him but Clark did not answer. When Clark discovered Lana's plans to steal a power suit from Lex, he questioned why Chloe did not tell him she knew of Lana's whereabouts. Chloe reminded him again that she keeps the confidence of all of her friends.

Clark and Chloe share a break

When Clark was blackmailed by Linda Lake, he told Chloe that he planned to share his secret with the world. Chloe did not think it was a good idea and wound up having to flee town due to the ensuing chaos. Clark had to reset the day and continue to keep his secret. Chloe remarked that perhaps Clark hides behind it to avoid getting hurt. Clark told Chloe that he was making the Red-Blue Blur more visible than ever to serve as a symbol of hope, but Chloe was wary. When Tess Mercer began to show interest in Clark, Chloe urged him to be more careful and discreet. Clark advised that she should worry more about Jimmy, who was not coping well with his health problems. However, this advice came too late and Jimmy ended his marriage to Chloe.

Clark comes to comfort Chloe

On Chloe's birthday, was unable to attend the party due to his hero duties. Chloe fell under a magic spell in which she looked identical to her cousin Lois and tricked Clark, who did not realize it was her inside. Chloe learned that Clark was trying to see Jimmy's side of their breakup, and Clark learned that Chloe was hurt that Clark didn't call her on her birthday, and that she was indeed jealous of his partnership with Lois. When Clark fell under the spell as well, Chloe was able to break it for both of them by showing how much she believed in him. Clark later asked her why she hadn't told her how she felt. Chloe said she believed Clark had feelings for Lois and that she was going to try not to regret the past and move forward.

Clark tells Chloe that Davis is still alive

As Chloe's world began to crash down slowly and with Clark engaged in his hero duties, she began to feel more closely with Davis Bloome. This called the attention of Clark, who believed that Davis was not a good company for Chloe and the two ended arguing.

After learning that Davis was a Kryptonian monster that was destined to kill Clark, Chloe decided to help Davis to commit suicide to protect Clark. She became very sad because of what she done and Clark tried to support her. However, Davis didn't die, and went to Chloe's apartment for help. He said she was the only one who could control the beast inside of him and then asked her to stay with him. Knowing that Clark's life was in danger, Chloe accepted the request from Davis and began to harboring him in her house.

Chloe tells Clark that she is leaving to protect him

Very unwillingly, she kept him hidden for several weeks, until the situation became very untenable. Chloe ran away with Davis to try to protect both of them from each other. Oliver tried to tell Clark that she had feelings for Davis but he denied it, and became jealous and concerned for Chloe. During an intense and heart-felt phone call to Clark, Chloe revealed that by sacrificing herself, she could truly save him and the world. Clark insisted that he would not give up trying to find her and save her, and they shared a quick moment before Chloe hung up in tears.

Clark leaves a heartbroken Chloe

Clark continued his search for her and Chloe remained with Davis several days. After Tess orchestrating a fake encounter between "Chloe" and Clark, finally, the real Chloe appeared and was ambushed by Oliver's team. Clark went to rescue her, but was late and was taken down by Oliver. With the help of Jimmy, Clark rescued Chloe and Davis but in his eagerness to stop Doomsday, not realizing how dangerous Davis has become, Jimmy was murdered. Clark felt completely responsible for this and suffered an existential crisis. As a shattered Chloe desperately needed a hug and a friend, Clark only thought of himself and decided that his human side was what made him weak and left a heartbroken Chloe alone in a empty room.

Year Four

"It isn't about what we want, Clark. It's about what the rest of the world needs. I get it. I was lucky to be a part of your life for a little while, but we both know that... you'd have to move on one day."
Chloe to Clark, Savior

"Was there a time when you would've given just about anything to stare at that farmer's tan and all its glory, I'm guessing?"
"That was a long time ago, like in a Smallville far, far away. I mean... Okay, yeah, I did love Clark, a lot. And I waited years for him to see that, see... me. But even with his X-ray vision he never did. I need more than that. I just needed someone who would get me. And as good a friend as Clark is, he's never gonna be that person, which is fine. Really, I mean those wounds healed a thousand super-saves ago. Now they are just scars."
"It's Clark's loss.
— Chloe to Oliver on her feelings for Clark, Escape

Chloe wants Clark to save Jimmy

For over a month, Clark continued to make his anonymous saves in Metropolis as The Blur while training in the Fortress. During this time, he made no contact with Chloe although she needed him enough. After Lois reappeared, Clark arranged to meet Chloe at the top of the Daily Planet and she informed him that Lois had gone to the the future with the Legion ring. Clark apologized for not having called her and say that he was too busy, but Chloe tells him that she understood that he needed to continue with his life and that she was happy to have belonged to a part of his history.

Chloe later arrived at the Kent Farm and begged Clark to take the ring, go back in time, and save Jimmy from being murdered by Davis. Chloe was heartbroken when he refused and told him there was nothing human left in him.

Chloe tells Clark to stop backing down

Despite being angry with Clark, Chloe continued covering him with Lois until she discovered that Lois still was in contact with The Blur and that he felt that Lois was someone he could talk to. Chloe goes to the Kent Farm and when Clark arrived to feed Shelby, confronted him. Chloe asked why Clark was still contacting Lois, and told him that if he was going to abandon his "human attachments," then he needed to recognize the sacrifices already made by the two of them and finish the training he set out to accomplish.

Clark apologizes to Chloe

Clark later returned to Watchtower to apologize to Chloe for not being there for her when she needed him after Jimmy's death and confesses that he has his doubts, but can't let go of the human life he's been trying to leave behind. Chloe confesses that she missed Jimmy so much, and then persuades Clark to return to the Daily Planet to protect Lois from Tess.

Despite having made the peace, the relationship of Clark and Chloe was severely impaired since then and due to the different ideals that both started to have. Although Chloe was worrying enough for Clark, she felt that Clark was not prepared to do the necessary things and began to take several issues into her own hands without saying anything to him.

Chloe tells Clark that she knew about him and Lois

She helped Clark to localize the Kryptonians that suddenly began to appear around the globe and also became concerned and a little jealous about the relationship that began to emerge between Clark and Lois, especially after realizing Clark used his temporary powers of hearing thoughts to get a date with Lois and confronted him with this. However, Chloe realized she could not do anything about it and then gave Clark green light to continue. She was quite mature about this and just as happened with Lana Lang, became a confidant of Clark about his love life.

Clark confronts Chloe about Lois' disappearance

When Lois disappeared from the hospital where she was, Clark's instincts led him to blame directly Chloe, especially after discovering that she had been monitoring not only his home but also the movements of Lois. The two argued for this but at the end Chloe revealed that Tess was in charge of the kidnapping. Clark tried to apologize, but Chloe would not let him.

Chloe eventually revealed to Clark everything she had been doing behind his backs and Clark became very concerned. He scolded Chloe for doing things at her will and then she told him that he never would do the things that are necessary. Clark began to worry that Chloe began to spend to much time inside the Watchtower and lose contact with the real world and then made her know his concern. Chloe said she was fine and then continued helping Clark in his missions.

Clark reprimands Chloe

After witnessing a possible apocalyptic future, Chloe lost interest in helping the Kryptonians who were now commanded by Clark, and this caused the two had a little dispute in which a gem-stone kryptonite infected Clark ordered Chloe care more and only for his back. Chloe took the order literally and pulled to the surface what she thought about the relationship of Clark with Lois. When Clark was just about to kill Tess, Chloe stopped him and later confessed to him that sometimes protecting his back means save him even from himself.

Chloe tells Clark that sometimes protecting him means saving him from himself

Chloe continued to distrust Clark and hide things from him as well. She decided to prepare for a possible battle with the Kryptonians by gathering an arsenal made of kryptonite. She assured to Oliver Queen that she could not continue to trust Clark.

Clark saves Chloe from Checkmate

Chloe began secretly dating Oliver and while the two were on a trip to an inn on the outskirts of the city, they were discovered by Clark and Lois. Clark was quite surprised at what had just discovered while distrustful knowing the behavior of Oliver with the woman’s. Clark advised Oliver not to take it for granted to Chloe because she had already suffered much and unconsciously expressed his displeasure about what he thought of Oliver dating Chloe (he think that Oliver was not right for her). After being possessed by a Celtic spirit and have flirted with Clark in the shower, Chloe and Clark talked about they respective dates in the inn. Chloe calls him out for trying to sleep with her cousin, knowing he have superpowers to which Clark replied that because of his training at the Fortress is able to control his strength now. Chloe learns about the advice that Clark gave Oliver and when she is confronted by Oliver, makes him promise not to receive further tips on relationships from Clark. Oliver takes the opportunity to ask her about her feelings toward Clark to which she admits she was in love with him for many years and was waiting for Clark to notice her, but that never happened and then she decided to move on with her life.

Clark, on red kryptonite, is angered when he learns about Chloe's kryptonite arsenal

When a secret agency wished to recruit members of the community of heroes, they kidnapped Chloe to force Clark and Oliver to join them. When Clark went to rescue her, the leader of the agency, Amanda Waller, claimed him to have left his most valuable ally so vulnerable and made him see the importance that Chloe has inside the community heroes. Clark revealed his secret identity to rescue her and after saving her, he apologized for having neglected her, to which she replies that he didn't neglect her but rather put her to one side of the road and went away when he didn't needed her anymore. Chloe told him that she made the decision to help the world and that knew what she was getting into when she decided that. Since then, Clark began to look back over Chloe again.

Chloe warns Clark about Lois

While Chloe helped Clark to discover what Lois has been hiding from him, Clark was infected with red kryptonite and discovered the arsenals of kryptonite that Chloe has been hiding but thought that it was from Tess. Chloe confessed that the arsenals are hers. She tried to explain but Clark became angry that she didn't tell him and knocked her to the ground. Chloe found out what made Clark behave irrationally and then teamed up with Tess and John Corben to return him to normal.

When Chloe found Lois's plans to have a dinner with Clark to come clean with everything, she warned Clark about it. Later, she revealed him that the one who has been calling Lois pretending to be The Blur was Zod.

After Zod and his troops decided to rebel against the planet, Chloe warned Clark that it was time to make a definitive move.

Chloe reopens Watchtower after an uplifting pep talk from Clark

With the Watchtower systems unusable, Chloe tried to help Clark as possible, while trying to rebuild the place. When Clark confronted Chloe about the slowness, she revealed that the Watchtower's computers were ready to work but the problem was her. She confessed that after he left, she sought refuge in the virtual world to escape the loneliness, but now that she had Oliver, she wanted to connect with the real world again and not spoil what she had because she was definitely not a hero. Clark told her that she was such a hero as he and the rest and if it were not for her, anything they had achieved so far wouldn't have happened. Clark asked Chloe to return to being Watchtower by him, and then she accepted.

Clark tells Chloe the effects of the Book of Rao

On the day of the battle against the Kandorians, Chloe recruited all of their league heroes to help defend the world and Clark displayed the Book of Rao, which could help them achieve victory. Chloe was excited to get the device but when Clark explained the effects that it would have, Chloe was upset to learn that she would lose Clark forever yet understood the sacrifice needed to be made and encouraged Clark to do so saying that probably that was his destiny. After Clark agreed to use the Book of Rao to send the Kryptonians to another world and says goodbye to all his teammates, Chloe, devastated by Clark's decision, said that she was proud of him and walked off in tears before Clark could say goodbye to her. Clark tried to go after her but Oliver stopped him saying that goodbye to your best friend was always painful and that she needed to be alone.

Year Five

"You're the strongest person I know when you're fighting for the rest of us."
— Clark to Chloe, Lazarus

"I always knew you were destined for big things, Chloe. And I know no matter what we'll still be in each other's lives."
"You know I'll always be here for you. You know that, right?"
"I do.
— Clark and Chloe, Fortune

Clark reunites with Chloe after rising from the dead

Chloe was searching for Oliver through video feeds when Clark startled her. Shocked, he told her that he had survived his fight with Zod, but also that he had a "near-death experience". He then asked if she could look for any information on a certain dead LuthorCorp project that turned out to be Cadmus Labs. Unbeknownst to him, she went to the JSA Brownstone and looked into Oliver's fate using the Helmet of Nabu. Clark eventually found her unconscious, and brought her to Watchtower. After she awakened, she then told him what she'd foreseen and after he departed, bid him farewell. Without telling Clark, she eventually traded herself for Oliver, becoming Rick Flag's new hostage in exchange for the freedom of the man she loved.

Clark tried to contact Chloe but was unsuccessful, as he was unaware of her sacrifice. When he learned from Oliver that she'd committed suicide using a cyanide pill, he was shocked, but he also learned that she'd taken the antidote to the cyanide pill. He then came to the conclusion that she'd faked her death.

During her time away, Chloe discovered other heroic figures that Clark and the team should meet. She even discovered the Suicide Squad, and made them an offer they didn't refuse.

Chloe asks Clark to trust her.

Clark began having flashbacks of Chloe experimenting on him after being captured by the VRA and, after finding out that Oliver and Dinah were having the same visions too, Clark began to question if he could really trust Chloe since she left with out telling anyone where she was going. Finally, Clark found Chloe at the Daily Planet rooftop with Oliver, and she explain that they are stuck in a virtual reality setup by the VRA. When Chloe told him that she could only get him out if Clark believed her assertion and asked if Clark trusted her, Clark wanted to know where she's been, but Chloe said that he had to trust her and offered her hand. Clark reluctantly refused and said he couldn't. After escaped with Oliver, Chloe continued to try and get Clark out of the virtual world but worried that Clark had lost his trust in her. After Lois realized that Clark had been hiding his resentment towards Chloe by leaving, pointed out that Clark expected Chloe to trust him all these years even when he was keeping secrets.

Clark talks with Chloe about how much she has change since high school.

After he and Lois returned to the real world, Chloe came to see Clark at the farm and admitted that she had been out of touch. Clark admitted that if she had been there, she would have been captured with him and the others by the VRA. Chloe explained her reasons to leave and then Clark asked her how she managed to trust him even when she suspected he had a secret, and Chloe figured that he was lying to protect her, and she trusted him.

Chloe and Lois cheer up Clark.

Chloe came to see Martha Kent at the hospital after she was admitted for being shot at a pro-hero rally. Chloe talked with her about her leaving Clark and they both agreed that leaving Clark was for the best, but should now stay with him for support. Chloe and Lois later showed Clark videos from the citizens of Metropolis that supported the Blur in order to cheer Clark. Chloe, Clark, Lois, Oliver, and Martha were all later at the Kent Farm to watch the VRA announcement and were all very happy to hear that it was repealed in a nationwide vote.

"One kiss.. Come on, we'll never have to tell anyone".

After being captured by Desaad, he tried to tempt Chloe using the seven deadly sins to make her fall to the dark side. Desaad tried to use the sins and fears that were in Chloe's heart and used a hallucination where Clark declared his love and tried to kiss her. Chloe realized what was happening and was able to resist. Desaad then used another hallucination where Lois spoke to Chloe and accused her of being jealous of her relationship with Clark because she abandoned her life for him and received nothing in return, but Chloe said she was just happy for Lois and Clark. Chloe was able to resist all and eventually was rescued by Clark.

Clark and Chloe wake up married to each other

Chloe told Clark he was the happiest she'd ever seen him at his and Lois's bachelor/bachelorette party. Chloe then made a speech, first to the bride and groom and then to her friends. The next morning, Clark then woke up confused and heard the sound of a crash which hinted for him to look in the closet, from where Chloe tumbled out, decked in a veil, short frilly wedding dress, and layers of white and silver costume jewelry. Clark inspected Chloe's finger to find she was also wearing a ring as he was and equally confused about how they got to where they were. Panicked, they questioned each other, even considered whether they have consummated what looks like their honeymoon. A quick search led them back to the champagne bottle which had a note from Zatanna. They deduced that Zatanna charmed the champagne, which put a spell on all of them, complete with a memory charm. The phone rang, and Clark learned that his wallet was downtown. Clark and Chloe then went to the limo, which was decorated with flowers and "just married" written on the side. Inside, Chloe found half a marriage certificate, with her name inscribed upon it, as well as signed and printed at the bottom; Chloe concluded that Clark's name obviously appeared on the other ripped half. At that moment, Clark saw a text message from Lois from the night before, which said "I just need more time." Chloe persuaded Clark not to doubt what he had, that his relationship was in a solid place. Suddenly, two young girls passed by, clad in leather jackets with Elvis pictures, listening to an Elvis impostor crooning show tunes. Chloe stopped the girls, and a closer look revealed that Elvis was none other than Emil, who seemed to be an overnight success. Chloe noted the lead and told Clark to meet at Watchtower. At Watchtower Clark and Chloe along with Tess looked for leads. They found that an armored car was stolen from the night before and that it could be traced by sounding the alarm and having Clark catch the signal with his super hearing. His superpowers proved unnecessary, when the alarm beeped from inside his pocket. He traced the signal from the car back to no other location than his barn. Emil had also been arrested but Chloe realized that since Emil's name had no trace in the current police records, Emil must not be in prison. Clark concluded that the "police officers" who arrested him must have been criminals posing as cops. Chloe and Clark enter and track the fake cops to Fortune Casino and discussed how the Watchtower search gave results linking the casino personnel to various crimes. They then caught sight of Lois and Oliver onstage as showgirls, as did the casino boss, Amos Fortune. A battle ensured as Chloe helped Ollie and Lois fight off Fortune and his men, while Clark saved Emil just in the nick of time.

Chloe hugs Clark goodbye.

Later at Clark's barn, Chloe informed Clark that the wedding chapel declared Clark and Chloe's wedding a drunk prank. They relaxed and discussed the Lois-Clark relationship, with Chloe expressing her congratulations. Clark guessed that Chloe was thinking of leaving again. Chloe affirmed that she didn't feel she could be Watchtower again, but was afraid to break it to Oliver. She proposed instead that she wanted to be a hero guide, who finds potentials and helps them explore it. Clark assured her that he would support her, but that they should be there for each other no matter what. Chloe then revealed that she was "The Star City Register's newest hire" and agreed to be there as well. Later before leaving Clark, Chloe, along with the rest of the gang watched the amusing footage recorded by Emil from the night before. As Chloe left, Oliver revealed to her that he had the other half of the marriage certificate with his signature on it, revealing that she didn't marry Clark but instead Ollie, to which she was very happy.

Chloe later returned to Smallville for Clark and Lois's wedding, serving as the matron of honor. Chloe saw that Lois was thinking of backing out of the wedding and Chloe helped out her friend by showing Lois his wedding vows which allowed Lois to be present at the wedding. At the wedding Chloe noticed that something wasn't right about Clark's wedding ring and realized it was made of gold kryptonite. Thinking quickly, Chloe tossed the ring out of Lois's hand and tried to talk to Oliver, who had tried to get the ring on Clark. Clark realized that he was corrupted by Darkseid and ordered to get everyone out of the Chapel.

Chloe hugs Clark

Once Oliver was freed from Darkseid's control, Clark met back with Chloe on the farm to witness Darkseid's Apokolips descend upon the world. Chloe decided to return to Star City to access Watchtower's database but not before hugging Clark and leaving him with a very puzzling "See you in the funny pages."

Alternate Realities

Lex's dream

After Lex Luthor was shot and comatosed, he had a delirious dream of a possible future that would happen if he chose differently. In that reality, Lex renounced his tie with his father Lionel and was married to Lana Lang, about to have a second child. When the family went to shop for a Christmas tree at the Smallville town fair, Lex and his son Alex encounters the happily married Clark and Chloe. Clark had just been newly promoted as a formal reporter at the Daily Planet, and Chloe was successfully getting her book published.

Clark's hallucination

When Clark was trapped in a mind labyrinth by a Phantom wraith, he found himself confined to a mental hospital for alleged paranoid schizophrenia. After he escaped the institute and went to find his mother Martha, he was shocked to learn that Martha had married Lionel Luthor, and was soon pursued by LuthorCorp security guards. Just as he was about to get captured, Chloe appeared and drove him away. Clark was very glad to see Chloe, who was the only person Clark knew who would still believe him not being crazy about being superpowered and was willing to lend Clark her car. They were planning to escape and go into hiding, but after Clark hesitated at Lana's plea to stay, Chloe was disappointed that Clark "would never be able to resist her (Lana)" and decided to leave without Clark. However, she was confronted and shot by two LuthorCorp men at the entrance hall of the Talon theater, and died in Clark's arms.

After Clark was finally freed from the Zoner by Martian Manhunter, he immediately hugged Chloe, who had just arrived at the Kent barn to meet him, and remarked on her importance as "the one person who believed in me", which "mean a lot more to me than you know".

Alternate future

In Apocalypse, Clark found a page mysteriously appeared in Virgil Swann's journal, with a message from Kara on Krypton that Brainiac has changed fate by traveling back in time. After Chloe forced Clark to use the Key, Clark arrives at an alternate future where Kal-El's ship never arrived on Earth. While wandering around Main Street, Clark sees Chloe walking out of a supermarket, but she doesn't recognize him at all. When he asks her if she knows Lana's whereabouts, Chloe remarks that Lana was a cheerleader and they "didn't exact swim in the same social pond". He then asks if she can help him track Lana down, but Chloe politely declines and says she has to go somewhere. When an attractive brown-haired man walks up and lovingly hugs Chloe, Clark asks if that is her boyfriend, and the man claims to be her fiancé due to get married on Sunday. Clark offers his congratulations as Chloe happily leaves with her fiancé, and Chloe replies with her blessing hoping Clark will find Lana. Clark says he feels happy for Chloe, although he actually seems upset that Chloe is not this happy in his real world.


Clark Luthor is ready to murder Chloe.

Chloe terrified by Clark.

On the 2005 graduation day at Smallville High School on Earth-2, a homicidal Clark Luthor attacked the ceremony, killing many meteor-infected people. Chloe tried to save herself by hiding under a desk, but Clark could locate her because he could hear the thumping of her heartbeats. As he prepared to kill Chloe, he soon felt the harming effects of the green kryptonite necklace that she was wearing around her neck and left instead.

Oliver is attacked by Ultraman in public, who mocks him, Lois and Chloe.

Years later in Metropolis, Oliver Queen has called a press conference to reveal that Ultraman is really Clark Luthor and to announce that Queen Industries is going to provide every citizen of Metropolis with a personal amount of "meteor rock" with which to defend themselves from the villain. Meanwhile, Chloe is waiting with a sniper rifle and a kryptonite bullet with which to shoot Ultraman, whose appearance on the scene is fully expected. And appear he does, fully aware that it's a trap, as well as snapping Oliver's neck when Chloe fails to shoot for apparent fear of hitting Oliver, who is her secret lover.

According to Bryan Q. Miller, there was a scene as one of Chloe's flashes that did not make it into the final script in Season 10, featuring Clark Luthor's demise that would take place right after the events of the episode Kent. There, it would be revealed that the Earth-2 Chloe ambushed Clark Luthor at the Fortress of Solitude with blue kryptonite-enhanced weapons along with the Earth-2 versions of Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and Cyborg, right after he had communicated with Jor-El. Clark would try to convince his attackers that he had changed, but they would be too vengeful to care, and Chloe would deliver the final shot to avenge Oliver.[10]

Sexual Escapades

  • Chloe kissed Clark while was under the influence of Kyle Tippet, who commanded her to stop hiding her feelings and do what she had always wanted to do. (Hug).
  • Clark kissed Chloe in the cheek (unknowingly) in front of Lana. (Tempest)
  • Clark and Chloe danced and almost kissed during the Spring Formal. (Tempest).
  • Infected by red kryptonite, Clark used his X-ray vision to see through Chloe's clothes and informed Pete about the birthmark that Chloe has on her buttocks. (Red).

Clark and Chloe make out at the Talon.

Chloe kisses Clark.

  • While investigate Seth's medical records for clues on a hospital, Chloe covers for them from the doctors by pushing Clark against the cabinets and kissing him, explaining that they were just "taking a break from candy striping". (Magnetic).

Chloe flirts with Clark.

  • Clark ripped open Chloe's clothes down to the lingeries to save her life when she was infected with truth serum. (Truth).
  • After drinking a kryptonite-laced love potion which caused her to become completely devoted to Clark, Clark found Chloe waiting for him in the loft wearing nothing but his football jersey. She then tried to seduce him, and forcefully mounted and kissed him. (Devoted).
  • When Clark switch bodies with Lionel Luthor, Lionel used Clark's body to take his revenge on Chloe by playing flirtatious mind games with her, telling her about how he finds her fascinating and leans in to kiss her. Just as they are about to kiss, he pulls back and whispers cruelly, "Don't you wish," and saunters off. (Transference).
  • While investigating an alleged murder that involved Lex, Clark and Chloe reenacted the sexual scene in the elevator in order to discover the truth. (Bound).
  • Chloe kissed Clark when the world was crashing down due to Dark Thursday. (Vessel).

Clark and "Chloe" in the shower.

  • A desperate Chloe asked Clark to use his X-ray vision to discover whether something was inside her body, but Clark was embarrassed to see his friend naked. She stated that they were adults and then Clark complied. (Freak).
  • Chloe was possessed by the Silver Banshee, which made her walk into Clark's shower completely naked, much to his embarrassment. (Escape).
  • Before Clark saves Chloe from Desaad, she was tormented and tempted with a hallucination of Clark almost kissing her. (Masquerade).
  • The morning after Lois and Clark's engagment party, Clark wakes up with no memory of the night before finding Chloe also confused in his wardrobe wearing a wedding dress. Because they are both wearing wedding rings, and Chloe found half a signed wedding certificate, they surmise they must have gotten drunk and married. Chloe makes a nervous joke considering wether they had consummated, but it turns out that this was just a magical prank by Zatanna from the night before. (Fortune)


"Look, Clark, I understand that you haven't been yourself - but you know that I would never tell Lionel your secret. I'd never tell anyone. I'd die before I'd ever betray you." - Chloe, Splinter


  • Clark and Chloe shared their first kisses with each other.[11]
  • Chloe is the first person who encouraged Clark to adopt a secret identity.[12]
  • Chloe was seen in 2018 passionately reading her son a bedside story of how her friend became Superman.
  • Clark and Chloe are the only two main characters to appear in all 10 seasons of Smallville.
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Romantic interests Chloe SullivanLana LangKyla WillowbrookAlicia BakerLois Lane (destiny)
Work Smallville TorchJustice LeagueDaily Planet
Details Powers (loss, vulnerabilities, training) • secretattireglassesbloodfighting style
Homes Krypton (knowledge) • Kent Farm (house, cellar, barn, loft, truck) • FortressApartment (telescope)
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Chloe Sullivan in Smallville
Family Gabe SullivanMoira SullivanLois Lane
'Ships ClarkLoisLanaPeteLexLionelJimmyOliverDavisEmil
Work Smallville Torch (poll) • Daily PlanetIsis FoundationSuicide SquadJustice LeagueWatchtowerStar City Register
Chronicles Chloe ChroniclesVolume TwoVengeance Chronicles
Other Wall of WeirdSullivan's TravelsChloe's letterChlois theoryNear-death experiencesEpisodes


  1. Smallville: Big Fans (2007)
  2. Stated by Clark in Crush and Crimson
  3. Stated by Clark in Prey and Lois in Collateral.
  4. Chloe was fired from her internship at the Daily Planet and blacklisted (Delete) Her father Gabe was also fired (Whisper) and blacklisted from being hired (Truth). He was out of work for an extended period of time. They had to move into a one-bedroom apartment (Recruit), and Chloe's college fund was depleted. (Jinx).
  5. "I think you're so amazing. You save peoples' lives and take zero credit. To me, you're more than just a hero-- you're a superhero."-- Chloe, Arrival
  6. "Lana's not my hero, Clark, you are."-- Chloe, Promise
  7. Clark stated this to Jor-El in Abyss and told Chloe in Bride that she was always one of the best friends he could have had. Chloe noted the past tense and was confused.
  8. Clark reminisced about this scene in Season One's Obscura; the scene is also recreated and shown in Season Eight's Abyss.
  9. Clark displays obvious discomfort in Wither when he realizes Jimmy spent the night at Chloe's, and while witnessing Chloe and Jimmy kissing in Subterranean.
  11. Obscura, Abyss
  12. Identity, Infamous