"I just can't believe that you're like me. I mean, not exactly like me, but me. You know?" - Alicia Baker to Clark Kent, Obsession

Alicia Baker

Clark and Alicia

The relationship between Clark Kent and Alicia Baker was brief but intense.

Alicia was obsessive, but Clark was strongly attracted to her because she accepted him without judgment after discovering his powers. He felt he could be himself around her.[1]

Season Three


Clark and Alicia talk about their powers.

Alicia's feelings for Clark developed quickly after he saved her when the elevator that they were in started to free-fall down the shaft. Alicia looked on in wonder as Clark used his super strength to stop the elevator safely. Clark asked her not to tell anybody and, as rescuers tried to open the elevator, she approached Clark and teleported them both to the ground floor. This incident helped them establish a connection, as they both had to keep their powers secret. Alicia's actions proved that she trusted Clark even from this early stage in their relationship.


Clark and Alicia get caught.

Clark was relieved that he did not have to hide his secret from her, although she quickly became clingy and was not keen on Clark's suggestion to set some boundaries in their relationship after she broke into his locker to cover it with naked pictures of her. As she became concerned that people were trying to come between her and Clark, she started a series of attacks, including hospitalising her father and attempting to kill Lana Lang. She thought she was doing these things out of her love for Clark, to prove herself to him and for the sake of their relationship. She claimed their powers made them different and that she and Clark should be able to do whatever they want with complete disregard for morality. However, Clark knew better and was the only one able to stop her, no matter how much he may have liked her before her breakdown.

Season Four

After spending nearly a year at Belle Reve she seemed to have learned to respect her powers, though her better judgment was still clouded by her feelings for Clark. She was obviously still in love with him and at some point during the year, she learned more about him and, more specifically, the effect that red kryptonite had on him. She used the red kryptonite to loosen Clark's inhibitions and encourage him to marry her.


Alicia takes a bullet to protect Clark's secret.

Caught up in the moment, she went ahead with the wedding in Vegas,

Clark and Alicia's wedding.

engaging in foreplay to culminate their union, although afterwards she felt guilty for affecting Clark's decisions and wanted to be with "all of Clark" so she removed the red kryptonite necklace. Clark was furious with Alicia for this but she redeemed herself by risking her life to protect Clark's secret, finally proving that she did truly care for him, even if it wasn't always shown in the choices she made.

Clark finds Alicia's lifeless body.

Convinced that Alicia was fully rehabilitated, Clark started a serious relationship with Alicia. However, others were more skeptical about Alicia's reformed behavior, but Clark stood up for her when the entire town blamed her for attacking Jason Teague and Lana. It wasn't long before Clark started to doubt her too when evidence linking Alicia to the attacks started to be left at the scene of the crime. This changed their relationship drastically, as she began to feel resentful of the fact that Clark could live in anonymity, while she was being vilified just for having powers.

Truly believing that others would accept her if they knew that Clark was different too, she went back on her word to protect his secret and exposed his powers to Chloe. However, it is notable that she chose Chloe, as she was a reporter and Alicia was hoping that she would expose his secret but in an objective way, due to Chloe's close relationship with Clark. This choice shows that Alicia did not intend to hurt Clark, but wanted to free him from the burden of his secret.

When she was killed, Clark mourned her for days, knowing that she died thinking he still suspected her of attacking Lana and Jason. He also regretted not divulging his secret, wondering if she would still be alive if he had and stating that he could not forgive himself for this fact. Clark didn't get any closure before her death, and probably still carries the burden of his perceived responsibility in it.


  • Alicia Baker was the only woman on the show to be shown marrying Clark Kent. That said, underage marriages are not legal in Nevada. Which means they were not officially married as Clark stated to his mother.[citation needed]
  • Alicia was Clark's only serious girlfriend who apparently was not aware of his alien heritage, as she simply thought him to be meteor-infected.


  1. Stated in Obsession.
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