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This article is about the Earth-2 counterpart of Clark. For his Earth-1 doppelganger, see Clark Kent. For his Earth-13 doppelganger, see Clark Kent (Earth-13).

"I got to tell you, sis -- this alternate Earth -- it's a blast. Doesn't feel right, though. Not having blood on my hands before lunch." - Clark Luthor to Tess Mercer, Luthor

Clark Luthor was the Earth-2 counterpart of Clark Kent. Like Clark, he was the infant Kal-El sent from his universe's Krypton prior to its destruction. His spaceship landed in Miller's Field amidst a meteor shower. There he was found and taken in by Lionel Luthor and his son Lex.

Growing into a ruthless masochist under Lionel's parentage, Clark Luthor achieved everything his Earth-1 counterpart was able to in that he managed to discover and unite his Stones of Power to erect his Fortress of Solitude, in so doing he murdered both Virgil and Patricia Swann.

After killing his older brother and thus proving himself a worthy successor, Clark was made CEO of LuthorCorp Media and enjoyed a relationship with his younger sister, Tess Luthor. In addition to his day job, Clark assumed the identity of Ultraman to intimidate their competitors.

Physical Appearance

Clark Luthor as a late teenager.

The shirt with Ultraman's symbol.

Due to being an alternate version, Clark Luthor looks nearly identical to Clark Kent with one or two differences in physical appearance.

Like many Luthors, Clark's choice in clothing consists mostly of well-tailored suits with shirts, vests and ties with the dark color themes of black, blue, purple or gray. However, he occasionally wore typical style suits. He also seemed to keep his hair well groomed.

Clark's scar.

Clark Luthor also has a criminal persona known as "Ultraman". His outfit seems to be his black suit but in place of his black suit shirt and black tie, he has a gray t-shirt with an Ultraman symbol on it.

Clark Luthor also has an L-shaped scar on his right arm that his brother Lex caused using gold kryptonite.


Clark appears in bed with two women Mandy and Bambi.

Clark and Tess

Clark Luthor is a self-proclaimed murderer and tyrant, who casually said it felt weird not to have blood on his hands before lunch. He murdered his adopted brother Lex Luthor, after Lex branded his forearm with the letter L using "gold kryptonite", with Lionel's approval. Clark Luthor is also sexually promiscuous: he went to bed with multiple women, all the while having a secret relationship with his adopted sister Tess Luthor behind his adopted father's back. Clark was obsessed with the mirror box, as well as looked everywhere for it. He told his sister Tess about his obsession, but she had little interest in it. Due to his upbringing, Clark Luthor lacked the subconcious mental blocks that kept Clark Kent from reaching his full potential.

Clark and Lionel Luthor (Earth-2) fencing.

He was implied to have been trained in fencing as shown by how he and Lionel would engage in (implied) daily fencing matches.

Powers and Abilities

Having been raised to fully embrace his potential and never hold back, Clark Luthor has always exhibited and used the full measure of his developing Kryptonian abilities without any psychological or ethical barriers. As an adult, his abilities easily rivaled that of Clark Kent's.

  • Solar Battery: As a Kryptonian, Clark Luthor's abilities were rooted in his alien body's reaction to the yellow sun of Earth-2's solar system; his cells absorbing and metabolizing the radiation of the star-light and manifesting its momentum as overwhelming levels of energy, strength, and power.
    • Super-Strength: Clark Luthor exhibited the same levels of strength as his Earth-1 counterpart, if not possibly higher due to his lack of restraint. He casually murdered people with his bare hands and easily tossed both Tess Mercer and Lois Lane across a room with a shockwave created by his fist.
    • Super-Speed: Like his strength, Clark Luthor's speed matched his Earth-1 counterpart's. While on Earth-1, Clark Luthor was able to avoid detection by Tess Mercer's security feeds and sneak into the Daily Planet. Later, he chased Clark Kent from Metropolis to the Arctic in a matter of minutes.
    • Clark Luthor murders Justin Gaines and Jodi Melville.

      Heat Vision: Clark Luthor used his heat vision most profusely when he murdered all of the meteor-infected Smallville High metahumans during their graduation ceremony; casually incinerating them into charred husks with powerful heat bursts more deadly than anything Clark had shown at the time.
    • X-Ray Vision: Clark used his x-ray vision to see Chloe hiding behind a teacher's desk during his murder spree on Graduation Day.
    • Super-Hearing: Clark could hear Tess and Lois's conversation from a vast distance away. He could also hear Chloe's heartbeat while she hid under a desk.
    • Invulnerability: When he broke into Watchtower he was uninjured when he crashed in, even though he broke into chest first.
    • Flight: Clark once flew to the top of Watchtower, as well as later flew toward the Fortress while chasing Clark Kent. Luthor learned to fly years earlier than Kent because he was taught to not hold back any of his powers and abilities by Lionel.
  • Fencing: Although he was never shown to fence himself, it can be assumed that Clark was a skilled fence-fighter as the Lionel of Earth-2 was seen to use foil blades tipped with blue Kryptonite to ensure that Clark would be potentially injured during their fights, thus adding to the risks.

Early Life

Clark Luthor has the same birth and early history as Clark Kent, though was found by Lionel in a cornfield after the 1989 meteor shower, thus Lionel raised him. He developed a rivalry with his brother Lex due to the way their father used to pit them against one another in the hopes that one of them would prove a worthy successor to his empire. The fact that Lionel was more supportive towards Clark, made Lex jealous of his adopted brother, making their relationship even worse. Clark attended a prep school with both Lex and Oliver Queen, during which he and Queen had a major antagonistic relationship.

At some point prior to 2005, Lex branded Clark's forearm with an "L" using gold kryptonite (as part of an effort to oppose his father and adopted brother), then Clark murdered Lex with Lionel's approval.

Clark murders Greg Arkin.

On the graduation day of Smallville High, Clark attacked the ceremony and murdered many meteor-infected people including Justin GainesJodi Melville and Greg Arkin. According to him, he was going to hunt every "meteor freak" individually, with the approval of his father, but he decided to wait until their graduation so he can murder them all at the same time. He was also going to murder Chloe Sullivan, who was hiding under a desk in the office of the Smallville Torch, but her Kryptonite necklace prevented him from doing so.

Clark is ready to murder Chloe.

Chloe is terrified by Clark Luthor.

At some point prior to 2010, Clark started a romantic relationship with his adopted sister, Tess. He also became CEO of LuthorCorp Media and assumed the identity of Ultraman as well as murdered both Virgil Swann and his daughter Patricia Swann.

Season Ten

"I can do whatever I want. I'm not going back to Lionel's world. 'Cause that's exactly what it is -- Lionel's. This world will be mine." - Clark to Tess, Luthor

Clark Luthor in Earth-1 Metropolis.

Clark Luthor was accidentally transported from his universe to Earth-1 where he replaced Clark Kent after his doppelganger unintentionally activated the mirror box, which had been willed to Tess Mercer on Earth.

Clark kissing Tess.

Clark Luthor arrived to Clark Kent's reality where he saw the 'S' symbol on the wall in red and knew that this world was different than his (and Lionel's) world. He went to the Daily Planet to meet Tess, thinking that she was the Tess from Earth-2. Tess reacted quickly and played her 'role' and he told her that he wanted the box so he could destroy and conquer this world (or at the very least Metropolis). Clark Luthor also acknowledged that in that universe, Lex Luthor had done something right by killing Lionel years ago.

Clark attacks Watchtower.

Tess summoned Lois Lane to Watchtower to explain her the situation but he attacked them, injuring Lois and threatening Tess to murder her if she refused to hand him over the box. Clark Kent, ultimately managed to get back to his universe, only to find himself surrounded by Tess, Lois and Oliver Queen all wielding kryptonite weapons. The Watchtower trio had been about to kill Clark Luthor when the mirror box was activated and Clark Kent switched places again.

Ultraman attacks Oliver in public mocking him, Lois and Chloe.

Ultraman murders Oliver in public.

When Clark returned to Earth-2 Oliver Queen and Chloe Sullivan of that world had organised a plan to kill him. Oliver set up a press conference and revealed to the crowd Ultraman's real identity and his greatest weakness, green kryptonite. Meanwhile Chloe was on a roof of a building with a shotgun with kryptonite bullets so when Ultraman would appear she would be able to kill him. Unfortunately when Ultraman appeared he grabbed Oliver so Chloe couldn't shoot at him for fear that she would hurt Oliver. Then Ultraman murdered Oliver Queen by breaking his neck in front of his wife, Chloe (Oliver's cousin-in-law) and everybody else who were on the press conference. Having murdered Oliver in front of everyone and his secret identity been no secret anymore, Clark had to leave Earth-2 because he couldn't live in a world where everyone knew his weakness and wanted to kill him.

Clark Luthor returns.

Clark Luthor later returned, using the mirror box that was still left in his universe to transport himself back to Earth-1. However, due to the lack of a second mirror box, he did not switch places with Clark Kent. To rectify this, he ambushed Kent in his barn and transported him to Earth-2 while he now remained, destroying the mirror box in hopes of staying permanently.

Clark Luthor pretends to be Clark Kent

Clark Luthor then took up Clark Kent's identity. He red a message from Lois to meet her at an apartment. When he got there Lois apologized for acting crazy towards the real estate agent and that she found the apartment in the rental pages. Clark Luthor did not let on that he was not who Lois thought he was. He tried to get her to tell him how to find Lionel, so he could kill him. Lois told him to go find Tess and ask her about it. When "Clark" contemptuously broke the telescope Lois had set up for sentimental value, Lois realized that it was Clark Luthor. When he left, Lois desperately tried to call Tess, but to no avail.

Tess receives a gift from Clark Luthor

Clark Luthor shows up at the Luthor Mansion where Tess was asking a foreman how much it would cost to tear the place down to the ground. Tess jokingly asked him to use his powers to burn the place to the ground to help save her money. However Clark Luthor lamented at how a family lived here. Tess said that the weeds would take over the place. Clark Luthor began to gently rub his hand and Tess realized who he was. Clark told her that he wanted to get rid of Lionel but before the conversation could go further they were interrupted by the foreman. Clark Luthor smiled and said that they had all the time in the world. Lois and Emil Hamilton were back at the barn trying to piece back together the mirror box that Emil and Tess had recovered after Clark Kent had destroyed it. Tess called them from the Daily Planet and said that she would do everything she could to find and stall Clark Luthor until they got the mirror box working. Just then she saw a box on her desk and opened it to find a dress with a note from Clark Luthor telling her to meet him at the Ace of Clubs. Clark Luthor then appeared behind Tess. Tess was surprised that the dress was in her perfect size. Clark Luthor said that he knew everything about her and every step she took, as well as then disappeared.

Clark and Tess meet for a date.

Tess hesitates about Clark's demand.

Having dinner with Tess at the Ace of Clubs, he tried to persuade her that all he wanted was a second chance and to get that, the two of them would have to kill Lionel. At LuthorCorp Plaza, Tess betrayed Clark and he hung her out the window, prepared to drop her out much like Lex had done to Lionel.

Clark Luthor in his Fortress.

Clark Kent rescued Tess, having escaped from Earth-2 and the two Clarks clashed, the battle leading to the Fortress where Kent tried to bring out the good in his counterpart, telling him that there was still good in him and that now that Lionel was no longer on Earth-2, Clark Luthor could go back there and be its hero if he allowed Jor-El to teach him how. The Fortress of Solitude transported him back to his home where he was greeted by Jor-El.

Season Eleven

After travelling to Earth, the Chloe Sullivan of Earth-2 tells Oliver and Chloe that her world was destroyed by "The Crisis". It is left uncertain whether Clark Luthor survived or perished with Earth-2 but it is indicated that it is the latter.


In the Comics

In the comics the evil version of Superman, Ultraman originates from the alternate world of Earth-Three/Earth-3 and in some versions from Antimatter-Earth. The Golden age version of Superman, Kal-L, is from Earth-2.

Ultraman as he appears in publications.

Kel-Li (Ultraman) came to Earth from Krypton, which had not been destroyed, to Centropolis. When exposed to Kryptonite as he grew up, he was not weakened like Superman, but instead gained new powers or strengthened existing ones. Adopting the name Ultraman, he decided to use his powers to conquer Earth. Along the way, he encountered other powerful beings: Superwoman (evil version of Wonder Woman), Owlman (evil version of Batman), Johnny Quick (evil version of Flash and Johnny Quick a.k.a. Jonathan Chambers) and Power Ring (evil version of Green Lantern) who banded together to better dominate their world. Ultraman developed the ability to see into other realities, from his exposure to kryptonite. Having largely conquered his world, he wanted to test his might against the beings of Earth-One and Earth-Two. The combined strength of both the Justice League and the Justice Society was too much for the Crime Syndicate and they were imprisoned in Earth-One by Green Lantern. They would escape their imprisonment a number of times over the years and seek their revenge. Sometimes they would find allies in Earth-One and Earth-Two's Lex Luthor to assist them. After the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, the multiverse was considerably reduced. Many of the Earths had been merged to form one continuity with heroes from various realities now fighting alongside one another. The Crime Syndicate existed now in the Anti-Matter universe.

Superman vs. Ultraman.

This Ultraman was a human astronaut named Lieutenant Clark Kent. After his shuttle crashed, an alien race reconstructed him with powers similar to Superman, though he needs to be near a substance named anti-kryptonite to sustain them. The process is believed to have also twisted his mind. The Justice League received a call for help from a desperate Alexander Luthor, one of only 8 or so heroes in a dark world dominated by the Syndicate, headed by the megalomaniac Ultraman. This Ultraman married Superwoman (who was an Amazonian) in their human guises of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, who still had an affair with Owlman despite the risk if Ultraman found out. In fact, it was suggested that he may know but undisclosed photographic blackmail material in Owlman's possession prevents Ultraman from doing permanent or lethal damage. When the Justice League arrived on their Earth, the Crime Syndicate switched places. Both teams found that they could not succeed in the other universe. Ultraman learned this the hard way when he fought the Martian Manhunter who had remained behind with Aquaman.

Ultraman impersonating Superman in Kandor.

Ultraman was discovered in the bottle city of Kandor by Power Girl and Supergirl. He was brought there by Saturn Queen to imitate Superman. Which version of Ultraman this is was not revealed, however, there are strong hints that this is the original Earth-Three Ultraman saved by Saturn Queen during the reformation of the multiverse in Infinite Crisis by Alexander Luthor Jr. They ruled harshly, especially for the city's alien population.

Booster Gold volume 2  #3 (2007)  "52 Pick-Up, Chapter 3: Hexed"

In an alternate timeline, Jonathan Kent's ancestor is murdered by Supernova and infant Kal-El is instead found by Lionel Luthor, a traveling salesman. Lionel renames him "Lionel Luthor Jr". When the Lex Luthor of that reality finds out his brother is actually an alien and Superman, he's enraged and vows to murder him and succeeds about a year later. This timeline was prevented by Booster Gold when he traveled back in time to the old west.

Countdown To Adventure #2 (November 2007)

Forerunner (Viza Aziv) travels to Earth-10, an alternate universe where the Nazis have won WWII. Kal-L's ship landed in Sudetenland in 1938 and the Nazis reverse engineered Kryptonian technology to win WWII and enslave the Earth. Kal-L becomes Overman and head of JL-Axis and carries out ethnic cleansing for Hitler. He's recruited by Monarch to battle the Monitors.

Ultraman as he appears in DCnU.

Within the New 52 continuity, Ultraman made his debut in the Forever Evil story arc. He retains the physical prowess of Superman, but with notable changes to his weaknesses and the source of his powers - he is instead empowered by green Kryptonite and weakened by yellow sunlight.

This version of the character is shown to derive his powers by either eating Kryptonite raw or crushing it down and snorting it similar to cocaine. His body's need for Green K functions just like a drug addiction. In contrast, exposure to sunlight psychologically traumatizes him.

His backstory is relatively similar to his Prime Earth counterpart, with a few notable changes. The Jor-El of Krypton-3 - named Jor-Il - was a belligerent scientist whose actions led to Krypton's destruction. Seeking vengeance, he and his wife secured a pod for their son, Kal-Il.

As the House of Il's U-shaped symbol represents strength, Jor-Il's last wishes were for his son to be the strongest that there was, or to be nothing at all. On his journey to Earth-3, Kal-Il is indoctrinated by the pod's AI with hateful ideologies which held power above all else.

Kal-Il's rocket eventually landed on the house of a young abusive couple, the Kents, in Smallville. Kal-Il forced the Kents to become his parents until years later when they tried to escape the farm. Then the seven year old boy, now named Clark, decided he didn't need them anymore so he murdered and buried them in the cornfield. After that he burned the farm down and left.

At some point, Ultraman murdered the President of the United States, Lee Harvey Oswald. Later he married Lois Lane a.k.a. Superwoman and formed the Crime Syndicate and he along with the other members ruled Earth-3 until the Anti-Monitor, who also attacked Krypton, invaded their Earth leaving it devastated.

Ultraman and the Crime Syndicate.

Ultraman, along with the rest of the members of the Crime Syndicate are revealed to be behind the Secret Society of Super Villains' plot, as well as have been preparing to invade Prime Earth by storm. Secret Society's leader, Outsider (alternate version of Alfred Pennyworth from Earth-3) revealed that Pandora's Box, which everyone was fighting over was actually a doorway to another universe which can only be opened by someone from Earth-3. He then opened it allowing for the Crime Syndicate to step into the Prime Earth universe.

After some unknown amount of time, the Syndicate proceeds to gather all of Prime Earth (planet)'s villains and recruit them, claiming that the Justice League is dead and Prime Earth now belongs to them. Ultraman murdered Monocle, with his heat vision, when he claimed that the Crime Syndicate was the Justice League in disguise.

Ultraman is later revealed to have a dysfunctional marriage with Superwoman. Superwoman, who has a secret affair with Owlman and is pregnant with his child, is worried that her husband will soon find out about the affair and that the child is not his, believing that Ultraman already knows she is pregnant because he can hear the child's heartbeat. Later, Ultraman and Owlman argue about their mysterious prisoner's fate. Owlman says they must kill him because of what he did to their team but Ultraman says they still need him. Superwoman agrees with Owlman but Ultraman says the prisoner will stay alive and if someone touches him he will answer to him. Ultraman then tells his wife to never disagree with him in front of Owlman again.

On his way to Kahndaq, Ultraman heads to The Daily Planet first, where he finds James Bartholomew Olsen. He asks him what does he do and Jimmy responds he is a photographer. He then crushes Jimmy's hand because as he says he is disgusted and angered by him because he is not as cutthroat as his doppelganger, who also used to take pictures of Lois Lane, his wife, in exchange for favors, was on Earth-3. Jimmy pleads for him not to hurt the others but Ultraman finds it pathetic. Lois Lane tries to stop him from hurting Jimmy but then Ultraman realizes she is not the same Lois his wife is and he tells her that he wanted to get rid of Superwoman for a long time but that meant he would be left without a suitable mother for his child but now he found this Lois he can do whatever he wants with her. Lois calls Superman but Ultraman tells her that nobody will come. Meanwhile Jimmy was able to activate his Superman communicator watch and surprisingly Black Adam responded. Ultraman is informed by Grid that Black Adam is heading towards him and when he arrives there, Ultraman engages into a fight with him, saying to Black Adam it is not so easy to break him. He later succeeds on defeating Black Adam.

After overhearing Owlman talking to Nightwing about his plan to take down Ultraman, Superwoman reveals to her husband her pregnancy and she also tells him Owlman will eventually betray the Syndicate and that he has to stay strong for their unborn child but Ultraman says he stays strong only for himself and no one else.

After one of Ultraman's teammates from the Syndicate, Power Ring, is killed by Sinestro, his ring, the Ring of Volthoom has gone off looking for a new host but it’s energy pulse isn’t confined to just one universe. So when the Syndicate tracks the energy source, they found out, as Ultraman suspected, that whatever destroyed their world looks to have arrived in Prime Earth too.

When the Injustice League attacks the Crime Syndicate and free their hooded prisoner, who is revealed to be Alexander Luthor a.k.a. Mazahs (from Earth 3), Ultraman and Deathstorm try find a way to stop him. Clark says that Superwoman's lasso of submission might help them but she is nowhere to be found. Suddenly Superwoman appears along with Alexander Luthor, revealing she has been working with him all along, as he is her lover and the real father of her unborn child. Ultraman asks her why she betrayed them and she says because Alex is stronger than him. Ultraman and Alexander start to fight and he says to him that he should have killed him back in Earth 3 but Alexander says that Ultraman was still worrying about the being that destroyed their homeworld and after he kills all the members of the Syndicate he will destroy that being too. Alexander, while taking Ultraman out, says that Clark used to be stronger but after Alex killed all of Ultraman's teammates and took their powers, he is far more powerful than him now. Later, when Ultraman awakes he says that he needs more kryptonite to become stronger so he decides to let the others kill eachother first. After Alexander Luthor is killed and Superwoman is taken out, Ultraman attacks Lex Luthor and almost kills him but Sinestro and Black Adam stop the eclipse Ultraman created and let the sunlight get to Earth. Ultraman is weakened by the sun and after he humiliated by Lex he asks him to kill him. Lex refuses saying that he will let him stay this way, knowing he is the weakest man on the planet in body and mind. Ultraman is later imprisoned by the Justice League.


  • Clark Luthor has fulfilled the literal meaning of his father's message from his spaceship: "On this third planet from this star Sol, you will be a god among men. They are a flawed race. Rule them with strength, my son. That is where your greatness lies." Using his powers, Clark Luthor rules Metropolis with strength.
  • His relationship with his adoptive mother Lillian Luthor, if there was any, is unknown as there is no mention of Lillian of Earth-2's fate.
  • His relationship with Tess can at most be considered incest on a technicality since she is only his adopted sister.
  • Ultraman is traditionally empowered by Kryptonite in most portrayals, while it seems that Clark Luthor is empowered by sunlight.
  • Clark Luthor turned against Jor-El after being convinced by Lionel, something Clark Kent did when he met Milton Fine in Solitude.
  • Clark Luthor did not have the mental barriers Clark Kent had on his powers, meaning that he likely was more powerful than his Earth-1 counterpart at the time of their encounter.
  • It's unclear why Lionel on Earth-2 would name his son, "Clark." However, it is hinted that Lionel named Clark Luthor after Martha Kent's maiden name (Clark) because he mentioned like his Earth-1 counterpart, he also had a fondness for Earth-2's Martha Kent.
  • Lois and Tess are the only two main characters to interact with Clark Luthor in Kent and Luthor.
    • Oliver also interacts with Clark Luthor, but this is unseen when Clark Kent suddenly arrives back at Watchtower.
  • In Season 8's Eternal, Clark wondered what his life would've been like if Lionel Luthor had found him instead of the Kents.
  • It is never mentioned if Doomsday made an appearance in Clark Luthor's universe.
  • Clark Luthor is Smallville's version of Ultraman, an alternate universe's evil Superman.
  • Clark Luthor is the first live-action incarnation of Ultraman as well as the first live action incarnation of the founding members of the Crime Syndicate of America (i.e. Ultraman, Superwoman, Owlman, Power Ring and Johnny Quick).
  • According to Bryan Q. Miller, there was a scene that did not make it into the final script, featuring Clark Luthor's demise, as one of Chloe's flashes. It was going to take place right after the events of Season 10's episode Kent. There, it would have been revealed that Chloe of Earth-2 attacked Luthor at the Fortress, right after Clark had first communicated with his father, along with that Universe's versions of Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and Cyborg with blue kryptonite enhanced weapons. Clark would have tried to show his enemies that he had changed but they would be too vengeful to care with Chloe giving the final shot against him.[1]
  • Ultraman is also the name of a Japanese Tokusatsu hero who grows giant.
    • Coincidentally, the first episode of the series he debuted in aired roughly 2 years after the comics debut of Ultraman.

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  • Clark and Jor-El: Details on his complex relationship with Jor-El and Lara.
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