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Clark Kent's dream in Salvation hinted at the eventual destinies of Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, and their shared destinies in the year 2013.


An airplane towing a banner reveals the date to be 2013 during the World’s Fair, which is being hosted in Metropolis. Lois Lane is exiting the office of Perry White, the Editor-In-Chief of the Daily Planet. She was just assigned to investigate a scandal at the Pentagon and mentions that 2012 was just like the Y2K scare years ago, something she correctly assumed. Upon exiting she is immediately confronted by Jeff the intern informing her of numerous things including a fruit basket from the Dalai Lama as well as Clark Kent wondering about her sandwich preference at a deli; Lois mentions that Clark would forget his head if it wasn't attached with a necktie. Lois is handed a newspaper with the main article being about Lex Luthor running for President of the United States and is shown to be wearing a ring on her left hand (alluding to either her engagement or her marriage to Clark). She expresses her frustrations with her current assignment but is interrupted when she notices Clark's glasses sitting on his desk and his chair spinning rapidly, followed by various declarations that the plane had lost power and was headed for the Daily Planet.

Lois runs up the stairs and yells for Olsen, saying that he "had better be getting every pixel of this!" As she walks to the window someone shouts, "up in the sky", which Lois smiles about. As the focus shifts upwards, Doctor Fate's words can be heard in the background declaring, "You will lead this generation as Hawkman once led ours." The reflection of the plane can be seen in the Planet's rotating globe, followed by Superman, flying past it twice and correcting the plane's course.

Clark wakes up gasping for air, revealing the previous sequence of events as a dream.



A familiar figure reflected in the Daily Planet Globe.

  • During Clark's dream, there's a brief easter egg of Superman's reflection on the Daily Planet globe, making it the first time Clark's destiny is actually shown instead of just being alluded to.
  • In Clark's dream of the year 2013, Clark has fully embraced his destiny, Lois and Clark are still partners at the Daily Planet and are married as depicted by Lois's wedding ring on her finger, Perry White is the Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper, Jimmy Olsen is apparently a photographer and Lex Luthor is alive and currently running for President. However, the fates of Chloe Sullivan, Tess Mercer, and Oliver Queen are unseen while the Watchtower is still standing tall in the year 2013.
  • Interestingly, in Clark's dream, Lois is seemingly a top reporter but her desk is still located in the basement where only junior reporters and photographers work.
  • Like all dreams, Clark's parallels many aspects of his life: Clark's constant struggle between his destiny and a normal life; Clark's common red/blue attire and Red-Blue Blur "uniform"; Glasses as a part of a cover story; Clark's relationship with Lois and job in the Daily Planet; Perry White's recent return in Season Nine's Hostage; Clark's guilt over Jimmy Olsen's death in Season Eight's Doomsday; Lex Luthor's presidency in an alternate reality in Season Seven's Apocalypse and his prophesied return in Season Nine's Absolute Justice, Part 2.
  • The reflection of the House of El in Clark's eyes is not a correct reflection, as the "S" is not backwards.
  • Co-Exec Producer and writer Al Septien confirms on his Twitter page on August 26, 2009 that the ring seen on Lois's finger is in fact a wedding ring alluding to her marriage to Clark Kent/Superman in the year of 2013 as seen in Clark's dream sequence depicting their inevitable future in Season Nine's Salvation. However, their wedding date is not until some time in the year 2018 as depicted in Season Ten's Finale, Part 2 so they are still engaged as of 2013.
  • According to Al Septien,[citation needed] Clark's dream wasn't just a dream but a depiction of the future Dr. Fate saw when he was touched by Clark in Season Nine's Absolute Justice, Part 1. We see this future come to pass in Season Ten's Finale, Part 2.


  • Star to Jimmy Olsen in Season Six's Crimson that she could see that Lois and Clark's destinies are a little more entwined than they both realize.
  • Lois mentions that she went to see a fortune teller who told her she was destined to fall for a guy who flies a lot and likes to wear tights in Season Nine's Identity.


Lois: If you remember, I'm the one who said 2012 would just be another Y2K scare, and I was right. Not to fear, White... If there's a scandal in the Pentagon, yours truly will be the one to find it.
Jeff: Miss Lane, seven calls from the state department, confirmation on your flight to Jordan, fruit basket from the Dalai Lama, and Clark's at the deli. He wants to know if you want pastrami or roast beef.
Lois: Clark would forget his head if it wasn't attached with a necktie.
Jeff: Well, there's something else.
Lois: Yes? Luthor is making a play for the Oval Office, and White has me playing dodge ball with armchair quarterbacks at the Pentagon?! I can't believe it!
Unknown Reporter: News helicopter lost power! It's heading straight for the Daily Planet!
Lois: Olsen! Olsen! You had better be getting every pixel of this.
Unknown Reporter: Look! Up in sky! (pointing at Superman)
Doctor Fate: Your fate is utterly binding. You will lead this generation as Hawkman once led ours.


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