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Clark and his telescope.

This telescope was originally owned by Hiram Kent who gave it to his son, Jonathan Kent, who then gave it to his son, Clark Kent.

Clark used the telescope to point it at an unsuspecting Lana Lang when she was sitting on her front porch, or somewhere outside. (Pilot) Lana was not aware of this, but once when she came over, she looked in the telescope, which was pointing straight at her own house. Clark quickly moved the telescope higher, to stall his embarrassment that he'd been spying on her. (Metamorphosis) By at least 2002, Clark stopped using it to spy on Lana (he is not really seen doing so from the middle of Season One onward).

The telescope stood right at the edge of the huge barn window in Clark's loft. It has been standing there since he first got it, and he had been using it a while. There were some consequences, though.

The telescope was later broken, and Clark had to disassemble it. (Fade). He later seemed to get another one, which was seen in Kent.


  • Lois buys a new telescope for Clark.

    Lois is seen using Clark's original telescope at the end of Season Four's Lucy. As a gift to Clark for their stargazing date on the rooftop of the Daily Planet in Season Nine's Charade, Lois enlists Chloe's help in finding and purchasing a small, handheld telescope, which Chloe is able to find on Craigslist. Lois says she chose this as a gift because she has noticed that Clark has a thing for telescopes. However, Lois is never shown giving the telescope to Clark on-screen.
  • When Clark Luthor encountered Lois assembling what appeared to be a newer telescope in Lois and Clark's new apartment in Metropolis, he did not seem familiar with or enthused by the telescope and pushed it over onto the ground it. This is what made Lois realize that he wasn't Clark Kent.


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Clark: Wow, you and Chloe as roommates.
Lana: Did you ever see that coming?
Clark: Not in a million years.
Lana: What is it?
Clark: Nothing. Um... It's just you won't be the girl next door anymore.
Lana: I'm not going anywhere, Clark. Maybe now you can give your telescope to Ryan.
Season Two, Ryan

Clark: I thought you said that telescopes were for geeks and stalkers.
Lois: Yeah, well, as was proven over the last few days, I can seriously misjudge people.
Season Four, Lucy

Santa Claus: Now, let me get this straight. You gave up your first Christmas with the girl you loved since you spied on her with your telescope to deliver these gifts?
Clark: Yeah, well, I mean, I wasn't spying.
Season Five, Lexmas