Clark Kent has lost his powers and abilities many times over the course of the series.

Known Instances

Screenshots Season Episode Power Loss Restoration
Smallville112 055.jpg Season One Leech Eric stole Clark's powers using kryptonite and electricity when both of them were struck by lightning as Clark tried to save Eric from falling off a bridge during a storm. Clark used electricity and kryptonite in a stand-off similar to the original switch to reverse the transfer.
Sv309Leech.JPG Season Three Asylum Eric stole Clark's powers again with kryptonite and electricity, this time using the generator in the asylum where he had been sent. Clark used electricity and kryptonite again to reverse the transfer, immobilizing Eric and taking him back to the generator.
600px-Sv305Tractor.jpg Season Three Perry Clark's powers flickered in and out during a solar flare, his abilities either escalating to far beyond their current levels or dropping to non-existence. The solar flare passed and Clark's powers came back.
Transference050.jpg Season Four Transference Clark and Lionel switch bodies when they both touch the Crystal of Water. While in Lionel's body Clark is powerless and is dying from liver cancer. During a prison riot, Clark tricks Lionel into switching back into their own bodies by using the Crystal of Water he had concealed long enough to return to his body.
Spell2.JPG Season Four Spell Isobel, Madelyn, and Brianna used magic to strip Clark's powers away. Clark touched the Crystal of Fire and his powers were instantly restored.
503Smallville0482.jpg Season Five Arrival, Mortal, Hidden Clark disobeyed Jor-El's orders to return to the Fortress before sunset, and so Jor-El strips him of his kryptonian powers causing Clark to be mortal. When Clark is shot, he dies, but is restored against his will by Jor-El, who takes the life force of someone close to him in exchange.
601Smallville0042.jpg Season Six Zod Banished to the Phantom Zone by General Zod, Clark discovers he's powerless in this prison dimension. With the aid of Raya and the House Of El portal gateway back to Earth. Clark is instantly restored when he's transported back to Earth.
Labyrinth4.jpg Season Six Labyrinth A Phantom Zone wraith known as Dr. Hudson telepathically entered Clark Kent's mind and created an illusion where Clark's powers were simply a figment of his overactive imagination. With the aid of John Jones and Clark's own willpower, he's able to free himself from the illusion within his mind.
Normal blue338.jpg Season Seven Blue Lara gave Clark Jor-El's victory ring, which contained blue kryptonite. Zor-El made the ring impossible to take off. Clark destroyed the blue crystal and Zor-El, Lara and the ring all disappeared.
Dax-Ur blue k bracelet.jpg Season Seven Persona Clark and Lana purposefully used a big piece of the blue kryptonite from Dax-Ur's blue kryptonite bracelet to overload Bizarro. Bizarro absorbed the blue kryptonite and exploded, and Clark's powers were restored.
Lex chokes Clark.jpg Season Seven Fracture Clark enters Lex's mind to uncover information about Kara's whereabouts. Since it is only his mind walking Lex's mindscape, he has no access to his physical powers. Once Clark escapes Lex's mind with the information he required, his mind returns to its rightful place.
Clarkeshot2.png Season Eight Odyssey Clark is stripped of his powers as a result of Lex Luthor placing the Orb laced with blue kryptonite in the Fortress of Solitude console. Clark's powers are fully restored by John Jones, who flies him into the heart of the yellow sun.
808Smallville0144.jpg Season Eight Bloodline Clark is transported back to the Phantom Zone this time by the Crystal of Knowledge, which has been tampered with. Unfortunately, Clark is not alone this time around as Lois is also with him and he must protect her from the prisoners without his powers. Lucky Clark encounters Kara and together, they make their way to a secret portal gateway. Clark and Kara are transported back to Earth with aid from Chloe's temporary Brainiac abilities, Clark and Kara's bodies are completely healed and their powers fully restored.
S08e21 (8).png Season Eight Injustice Rudy Jones, with a single touch of his hand, steals Clark's powers. When Green Arrow attacks Rudy with the aid of a kryptonite ring, Rudy returns Clark's powers to remove the awful pain experienced from exposure to kryptonite radiation.
909Smallville1101.jpg Season Nine Pandora In an alternate future Clark is left powerless to stop General Zod and his army from ruling Earth in tyranny, due to a Solar tower that turns the yellow sun into a red sun. Clark's powers are restored after the destruction of the tower, returning the yellow sun back to normal.
Smallville 9x22 salvation 006.jpg Season Nine Salvation With Zod using a blue kryptonite knife to prevent himself from being transported to New Krypton, he battles against Clark since they're both on an even playing field without powers. Zod stabs Clark, causing him to plummet to the streets below.
Lazarus 0204.jpg Season Ten Lazarus With the blue kryptonite still in his body, Clark dies as he lays on the street below.

Lois saves Clark's life by pulling out the blue kryptonite knife, allowing him to be resurrected by the dawn of the sunrise, the rays of the sun heal Clark's wounds and restoring his powers.

1006Smallville0643.jpg Season Ten Harvest Clark's powers are temporarily suppressed under the low-level radiation of blue kryptonite that resides in the bodies of Metropolis' citizens due to their water supply. Still, he manages to save Lois from death by using his body to shield her from the blue kryptonite fire in which he received a dire burn on his back. Once the fire evaporated into the air and the people moved back a safe distance away from Clark, his powers were restored and he escapes with Lois.
S10ep12-0079.jpg Season Ten Collateral Clark is imprisoned in a virtual reality world by the Vigilante Registration Act, in which he is stripped of his powers. With aid from Chloe and with the faith he gets from Lois, Clark temporarily accesses his power of flight to escape and returns to the real world.
Smallville dominion screencaps 167.jpg Season Ten Dominion Clark is once more stripped of his powers when he returns to the Phantom Zone and is captured by Zod and his minions, who place him in a gladiator arena against Oliver to fight to the death. Oliver fatally stabs Clark in his abdomen, where he is bleeding to death as General Zod prepares to deliver the final blow. Clark is instantly healed when he grabs the Crystal of El from Zod that opens the gateway back to Earth.
S10e20ex-a.jpg Season Ten Prophecy Clark's powers are transferred to Lois by Jor-El as a trial for a period of one whole day. Clark's powers are restored to him by sundown.


  • Clark has lost his powers ten times (with Jor-El and blue kryptonite being the cause of it on three occasions each): after Eric Summers transferred them away in Leech and later in Asylum, during solar flares in Perry, when Margaret Isobel Thoreaux cast a spell on him in Spell, after he broke his promise to Jor-El in Arrival, when he put on Jor-El's blue kryptonite victory ring in Blue, when he uses blue kryptonite to combat Bizarro in Persona, when Lex Luthor used the Orb against him, the Fortress (controlled by Jor-El) stripped his powers in Arctic, when Rudy Jones used his ability to steal Clark's powers and when Major Zod stabbed Clark with a blue kryptonite dagger in Salvation and Lazarus.
  • Clark regained his powers each time: he transferred them back from Eric both in Leech and Asylum, the solar flares stopped in Perry, the Crystal of Fire restored his powers in Spell, he was resurrected by Jor-El in Hidden, he was able to destroy the victory ring when he shattered the blue crystal in Blue, after Bizarro explodes in Persona, the Martian Manhunter flew him near the sun in Odyssey, and when Rudy Jones transferred them back after facing death due to kryptonite exposure, and Lois Lane pulled the blue kryptonite dagger out Lazarus.
  • Clark has accidentally transferred his powers to others three times, using kryptonite and electricity: twice to Eric Summers and once to Lana Lang. His transfer to Lana was "incomplete", so they both had his powers. In both cases, he transferred the powers back (again using kryptonite and electricity). In all cases, the humans involved appeared to be affected with kryptonite psychosis.
  • Clark was without his powers for three episodes: Arrival, Mortal and Hidden.
  • Season 2 is the only season where Clark did not lose his powers at some point, although he was weakened by the Kryptonite spores released in Fever to the point that Dr. Helen Bryce was able to take a blood sample from him (the extent to which his remaining abilities functioned while in this state was never specified).
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