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Despite possessing amazing powers and abilities, Clark Kent has had a number of near-death experiences, many of which involved green kryptonite.

Image Episode Episode Name Near-death experience
Scarecrow.jpg 1x01 Pilot Clark was strung up on a cross as the annual Smallville Scarecrow by Whitney Fordman in Riley Field, who placed Lana's necklace laced with kryptonite around Clark's neck, which caused him to become weakened, until he was found and saved by Lex Luthor.
Hothead 023.jpg 1x03 Hothead Coach Walt Arnold overpowered Clark with the kryptonite in his sauna, but he was rescued by Jonathan.
Clarkdup.jpg 2x03 Duplicity Clark almost died from kryptonite exposure when trying to save Pete Ross from Dr. Steven Hamilton, but luckily Pete saved him.
Visage7.jpg 2x11 Visage Clark almost died when Tina Greer tied him up in the storm cellar and put Lana Lang's necklace around his neck, but his spaceship saved him.
Smallville216 251.jpg 2x16 Fever Clark was infected by a kryptonite toxin left in the cellar, but his father helped Clark use his ship to save him and Martha Kent.
Smallville220 235.jpg 2x20 Witness Clark almost died when he was thrown in a furnace after being exposed to kryptonite.
Smallville303 457.jpg 3x03 Extinction Clark almost died from a kryptonite bullet wound shot by Van McNulty, but was saved by his father.
Smallville305 455.jpg 3x05 Perry After losing his powers due to solar flares, Clark almost fell to his death attempting to save Perry White. However, they were both saved by Pete Ross and Lana Lang.
Memoria510.jpg 3x19 Memoria Clark almost drowned in a kryptonite pool, but Lex Luthor saved him by breaking the pool's glass wall.
Kentstalisman.jpg 3x20 Talisman Clark was mortally wounded by the Starblade in possession of Jeremiah Holdsclaw, but Jor-El saved him through Jonathan Kent.
Hidden4.jpg 5x03 Hidden While Clark was mortal, he was shot to death by Gabriel Duncan, but he was brought back to life by Jor-El's vessel, Lionel Luthor.
517Smallville0842.jpg 5x18 Void Clark Kent died briefly as a result of being injected with the kryptonite-based Limbo drug.
520Smallville1005.jpg 5x20 Fade Clark was almost killed by Graham Garrett, who put him under a pile of dirt along with kyptonite in Clark's jacket pocket, but Clark was saved by both Lois and Chloe who called his cellphone and found him.
603Smallville0795.jpg 6x03 Wither Clark was almost killed by Gloria's vines, until Chloe used a taser on the plant.
608Smallville0903.jpg 6x08 Static Aldar would have killed Clark, if the Martian Manhunter hadn't interfered.
619Smallville0243.jpg 6x19 Nemesis Clark nearly died from kryptonite exposure while he was trapped in the tunnels with Lex.
Clarkneardeathtraveler.jpg 7x14 Traveler Lionel had Clark captured and held in a cage powered by kryptonite radiation. His captor intended to kill him, but he was saved by Kara.
Clarkneardeathquest.jpg 7x19 Quest Clark was incapacitated by Edward Teague and became part of a ritual sacrifice involving an altar surrounded by kryptonite liquid, but he was saved by Chloe.
Clarkneardeathodyssey.jpg 8x01 Odyssey After being stripped of his powers by the Orb, Clark was shot through the heart by a mind-controlled Oliver Queen and died. However, the Martian Manhunter flew him into outer space, where the yellow sun healed him and restored his powers.
819Smallville0961.jpg 8x19 Stiletto As Lois is nearly shot in a room with kryptonite laced money, Clark throws himself in front of her to take the bullet. He is injured, but Lois gets Clark away from the kryptonite and saves him


9x21 Salvation Clark allows himself to be stabbed by Zod with a blue kryptonite knife, and then fell off of a building.
Clois lazarus.jpg 10x01 Lazarus With the blue kryptonite knife still in his body, Clark dies and his spirit is transported to the The Abyss of Life and Death, until he is rescued by Lois Lane who pulls the knife out of his lifeless body; allowing the rays of the yellow sun to bath him restoring his body and powers.
1006Smallville0991.jpg 10x06 Harvest Clark died after being stabbed by a scythe while in the presence of humans who had drank water infused with blue kryptonite. He was eventually buried underground, but was healed after the humans who buried him walked away and he was no longer affected by their blue kryptonite.
X12collateralmkv 000245829.jpg 10x12 Collateral After being abducted by the VRA, Clark was put into a virtual world with the other members of the Justice League, and almost died when Chloe tried to get him out of there.
Sc2938.jpg 10x13 Beacon Clark was almost shot to death by krptonite bullets from Alexander, but was saved by Tess' intervening, who calmed Alexander and threw the gun away.
GreenKscion.jpg 10x16 Scion Clark was incapacitated by Lionel using a green kryptonite rock. Lionel then beat Clark with it and left it next to him, which would have eventually killed him. He was saved by Conner Kent who used his heat vision to destroy the rock.
KentNDclark.jpg 10x17 Kent Thinking he was Clark Luthor, Clark was incapacitated by an alternate Jonathan, using a green kryptonite rock, who then tied him to a chair, continuously exposing him to the rock and beating him with it. He was saved when he convinced Jonathan of his true identity.
S10e19-nd29.jpg 10x19 Dominion When Clark and Oliver went into the Phantom Zone, they were captured and forced to fight to the death by General Zod. Clark was then stabbed through the chest by Oliver and was nearly finished off by Zod, but considering that Clark and Oliver had a plan all along, Clark grabbed the gateway crystal off of Zod and used it to heal himself.
S10e20ex-f.jpg 10x20 Prophecy A powerless Clark was attacked and almost choked to death by a super-powered and mind-controlled Lois. Luckily, he was able to get through to her long enough for his powers to be restored and stopped her by taking off the mind-controlling device.
1021Smallville1279.jpg 10x21 Finale, Part 1 Clark was attacked by an Omega-corrupted Oliver who tried to use Gold kryptonite on him to render him powerless. Luckily, Clark was able to get through to him and free him of the Omega symbol.
1021Smallville2533.jpg 10x22 Finale, Part 2 Clark was confronted by Darkseid in his barn and almost killed by the dark being. However, after Darkseid hurled Clark through the barn, Clark found the strength inside himself to finally master his destiny and soared into Darkseid, vanquishing him.


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