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Clark Kent's glasses.

Clark Kent's glasses are a part of Clark Kent's disguise as a mild-mannered reporter at the Daily Planet.

Double Identities

"You know, Clark, maybe you can have your cape and wear it, too. Say that Clark Kent, the unassuming journalist, buttoned up in a starched shirt and tie, but then, when he's playing the hero, he—" - Chloe Sullivan
"Steps out of the shadow into his red and blue, creating two completely separate identities?" - Clark Kent
"The Blur is not the disguise, Lois. Clark Kent will be the mask." – Clark, to Lois, Masquerade

Clark had difficulty coming up with a disguise for himself and going public with his hero identity. He often expresses the interest to help people, but without hiding his face because that's who he really is. (Vengeance, Prey, Beacon, Masquerade) For years, Clark has tried to hide his abilities from the world as the ultimate anonymous hero until recently. Clark joined the Daily Planet in order to hear about disaster as they happen so he'd know where he is needed. After the death of Jimmy, Lois' disappearance, and Davis finally turning evil, Clark gave up hope on humanity and decided that his human persona, Clark Kent, is now dead, believing his human attachments caused him to lose perspective and prevented him from saving more lives. However, he came back to the Daily Planet to keep an eye on Lois. (Odyssey, Plastique, Doomsday, Metallo)

Clark has begun to come up with a secret identity; first with an alias, then two separate identities. (Identity, Infamous, Turbulence) After an incident with Lois almost finding out he is the Blur, Clark decided throw her off the track by claiming he is near sighted. (Idol) In a vision of the future in the year 2013, on Clark's desk there were glasses which he took off in order to save the bi-plane as Superman. (Salvation) By October 15, 2017, Clark had been known as Superman for nearly 6 years. He and Lois both still worked at the Planet but were now top reporters, working on the 8th floor of the building in their own private office. Clark's disguise appearance was now that of a nerdy, glasses wearing uptight mild-mannered reporter to conceal his identity as Superman. (Homecoming) No explanation was provided for this phenomenon...

Lois kisses the new Clark.

Clark revealed to his mother about his meeting with his future self and revealed he didn't want to disguise Clark Kent but Martha revealed as long as he helps people and stay true to himself he will always be her son. With the Vigilante Registration Act overthrown, Clark began to catch criminals around the world but at the same time began to risk his identity in public. Lois suggested that Clark develop a new identity in order to prevent people around him from starting to suspect that Clark and Blur were one and the same. Clark at first very hesitant of this idea. But after sees first hand how some of his work colleges are starting to suspect that Clark is the Blur because he talks like a cop, walks like a fireman and beats the police to most of their own crime scenes. Lois makes a suggestion to improve his Blur costume, with a hood and shades but Clark didn’t approve of it because he doesn't want to wear a mask hiding his face while he's out their saving humanity. So he decides that in order for him to continue his superhero duties as the Blur, he must make "Clark Kent" the disguise and so he dons a pair of black horn rimmed glasses and begins to adapt a mild mannered persona as "Clark Kent" much to the delight of Lois who approves and supports him. (Beacon, Masquerade)

Clark finds Booster Gold at his desk.

On the streets, Clark and Lois argue over making 'Clark Kent' disguise more mild-mannered and less recognizable almost forgettable. Lois tries to teach Clark how to under take a new persona. Lois mentions that The Blur has been offered the key to the city by the mayor. Lois points out an example of a mild-mannered young teen. When Clark sees the teen, he is reminded of what he used to be like in his early freshman years in high school growing up in Smallville. It took a lot for him to overcome that persona of his character and he feels he can't go back to that. Lois reminds him that his real persona is the Hero he is and if he wants to earn the citizens trust completely he's going to have to reveal himself publicly soon. But before his hero debut in public, He's got to perfect his civilian identity first and that requires him to keep his glasses on. Lois continues to try to make Clark clumsy and forgettable by doing things such as bump into Ron Troupe.

Clark talks with Ted Kord.

At Kord Industries, Clark questions Ted Kord on the lost cargo from earlier and all the while assumes his mild-mannered persona. He asks how if the weapon was dangerous and Ted Kord asks how he knew it was a weapon. Clark mumbles and asks for directions to a restroom. After helping Booster Gold stop Blue Beetle, Clark continues to be more mild-mannered and drops Cat's cookies. Cat expresses that Clark is nice but he's no Blur.

At Kent Farm inside the living room on the couch, Lois is reviewing Booster's profile while wearing Clark's glasses. Clark comes in and tells her after seeing how well Booster hides his own insecurities he thinks he can make the transition of himself as a mild-mannered reporter work but he reveals to Lois the real reason, he was worried about adapting the mild-mannered persona to his everyday life. He wasn't afraid of what people might think of him, but about how people would think of Lois for being married to a mild-mannered Clark Kent. Lois reassures him that they can make this work and kisses Clark passionately. (Booster)

Six months after Clark saves the The World from the planet Apokolips crashing and Lois as well as the AF1 with the President of the United States inside, Clark lives with Lois in their Metropolis apartment. He is no longer known as The Blur to the public, instead he is known by the name of Superman which was dubbed to him by Lois after won the battle with Darkseid by mastering his ability to fly, putting on the suit, pushing Apokolips away from Earth, and finally fulfilling his destiny by becoming the Earth's greatest savior.At some point, after his public debut, Clark updated his Superman costume.As they lament their independently busy lives - he with saving the world, she with becoming a pre-eminent reporter - Lois mentions that the Russians have already announced they will be commissioning a statue of Superman to commemorate his saving of the space station. Clark expresses his discomfort at the hero worship, but Lois assures him that it is inspiring people, just as he wanted to do with the suit. Clark states that he'd like to finally tell the world that Superman is an alien. Lois counters that with all of the concern brought on by the pictures of the aliens on Apokolips, it might not be the best time, especially with Lex Luthor making such noise about it in public.

Lois discourages Clark from revealing he's an alien.

Lex and Clark.

Recently, he saved a Russian space station from a mysterious explosion. Later, in his mild-mannered disguise, Clark met Lex Luthor on the street. Lex introduced himself to Clark, because he doesn't remember Clark. Luthor only knows from the video clips that they were friends when they were young. He hardly recognized Kent. Clark is surprised that Lex knew that they were friends years ago. Lex doesn't understand how they could ever have been friends. Clark responded with: "As you said, we were younger."The next Morning in Metropolis, following an incident involving the military, Hank Henshaw and Clark, Superman pays a visit to Lex Luthor at LexCorp where he attempts to apologizes for misjudging him before on their last encounter . Only to discover that the Guardian shuttle incident was a no accident it was a means for Lex to coat Superman with a isotope radiation that he could track Superman's whereabouts anywhere on Earth with his satellites. Superman realizes what this means and angrily threaten Lex this isn't over as he leaves.

Clark makes a solemn promise to Lois.

Floating above the Daily Planet rooftop, Clark awaits for Lois who arrives hoping to find "Clark Kent" only to see Superman instead. Superman tells her that "Clark Kent" will be taking an extended leave of absence. He wouldn't risk leading Lex Luthor into their lives because he could track his whereabouts with the radiation. Lois is angry with this startling revelations and wants to hurt Lex. But Clark forbids it. Lois then suggest that Clark uses his Heat vision to destroy Lex's satellites but Clark says that isn't the answer either. Clark tries to comfort Lois but she is still uneasy about the whole situation, Clark reassures her that he'll find away to come back home to her. He kisses her tenderly then flies away.

Clark and Lois at the Daily Planet.

In 2018, Lois Lane runs into a bumbling Clark Kent while coming down the stairs after speaking to Jimmy Olsen. After assuring that no one was paying attention to them, she asks that Clark drop the act. Lois then asked Clark if he has their wedding rings to which he displays them to her with immense anticipation. Lois asked him if he is ready and he says that he has been ready for 7 years to have an official public wedding ceremony. Just then they are alerted to the fact that a bomb has been found in an elevator uptown. Clark mentions he'll be a few minutes late to the ceremony Lois says she'll be waiting for him.

Rushing up to the rooftop, Clark removes his glasses and runs forwards, ripping open his shirt to reveal the red and yellow House of El symbol against a wash of blue, as Superman flies off to save the day.




Martha: Clark, come on out. (referring to the glasses) Sweetie, they look fine.
Clark: Yeah?
Martha: Yes.
Season Three, Whisper

Jimmy: (Jimmy after meeting mild-mannered reporter Clark) What's with the glasses?
Season Six, Noir

Lois: They guard that nuclear football better than the Hope Diamond.
Clark: I'll get past security.
Lois: Wait. Even if you white-tornado your way in there, you're still gonna stick out like a red-and-blue thumb. You need to blend in. Olsen's roommate's about the right size.
Clark:Lois, we don't have time for this.
Lois: Then, stop standing around. Strip.
Clark: All right.
Lois: Kent, this is no time to be modest. Armageddon's minutes away. Well done. Here. Put this on.
Clark: "Lois Lane"?
Lois: If anyone asks, it's a typo. Your name's Louis.
Clark: What's wrong now?
Lois: Something's missing. (referring to the glasses)
Season Seven, Apocalypse

Clark: Your eyes still closed?
Lois: This isn't what I had in mind when you said you wanted to meet in the copy room, but, hey, I'm open.
Clark: You said I had a secret. You're right.
Lois: I was dangling 100 stories above the pavement. I think I get a free pass on that one. Let's see what you've got.
Clark: I'm a bit nearsighted. I've been trying not to wear them.
Lois: They're very... ...Clark Kent. I guess you're not the only one who's a little shortsighted. It's just sometimes I feel like I see a whole other side of you than anyone else.
Clark: Lois?
Lois: It's okay. It's my hero complex to resolve. I take the nicest guy that I know, and I weigh him down with all this shining armor. And it's not fair. Nobody can be two different people.
Clark:(to Lois, referring to his glasses) I wish I could. Is this your long-winded way of saying that you hate these?
Lois: Personally, I don't mind the bump in your geek factor. But professionally, there are these newfangled things you can try. They're called "contacts".
Season Nine, Idol

Future Lois Seriously. I know we agreed to keep our professional lives to ourselves but what kind of secret story got you to dress up day? Here hold this...and honey I know you don't like them but you're the one who decided you wanted to wear them and lucky for you I have a spare.
Clark No I--
Future Lois I know they're not fashion forward but if it ain't broken honey don't fix it.
Season Ten, Homecoming

Clark: I want to be the man that you made that suit for.
Martha: Clark, you don't need a suit the be the world's hero.
Clark: Well, when I saw those people willing to defend me, it was inspiring. It got me to thinking that, in order for The Blur to be a true beacon of hope, maybe people need to see my face, too. I've been to the future, and I saw the hero that I will become to save the city. But I also saw me -- I mean... Clark Kent -- disguised behind glasses and a bad haircut.
Martha: Well, I'm sure you still looked very handsome.
Clark: Mom, I don't how I can treat Clark Kent as a disguise. I mean, you and dad raised me to be who I am right now -- the real Clark Kent.
Martha: What's real is your strength and integrity and compassion. As long as you remain honest to those things, it doesn't matter what you wear or what name you go by, because... you'll always be my son.
Clark: So, you're saying that I should become that hero and step into the light?
Martha: Clark, you are the light.
Season Ten, Beacon

Clark: And I should be wearing a mask. Unfortunately, I've lived my entire life up until this point without needing one. That's why I've been so reluctant. I mean, this is the face that my parents raised. It's the face of the man that you love. And I don't want to deny who I am when I'm out there doing what I was born to do.
Lois: Then why bother with the jacket, Clark, the symbols?
Clark: When I'm out there in the red and blue, and I'm saving people, that's who I really am. And I know this is gonna sound weird, but it's not what I'm called that should define who I am. It's who I am that should define what I'm called. Clark Kent --'s just a name. It's just a word. I am The Blur, and I always have been.
Lois: Clark, you can't just whip out a new costume at work.
Clark: The Blur is not the disguise, Lois. Clark Kent will be the mask.
Lois: Okay. Okay, but the only way the glasses are ever going to work...
Clark: If I adjust my behavior when I use them. I know. The world needs to believe that Clark Kent is way too normal to be...
Lois: Super.
Clark: And even though we silenced Godfrey, we shutdown Granny's orphanage, and buried Desaad underneath Belle Reve, it's not the last time we've seen Darkseid. But I'll be ready...(puts on glasses)...hiding in plain sight.
Lois: So you're willing to dial back the hometown hero and crank up the average Joe?
Clark: If that what it takes to be the hero the people need, yes, Miss Lane, I am.
Season Ten, Masquerade

Clark: (touches his frames) These glasses are driving me crazy.
Lois: So you've said.
Clark: And this jacket's not helping.
Lois: (sighs and turns around) Okay, you were the one who chose to take his hero game public. So either the Blur starts wearing a mask or...
Clark: (nods) Clark Kent does. I know.
Lois: Your words, not mine.
Season Ten, Booster


The glasses complete the disguise.

  • In the main timeline, he wears glasses while he's considering them as a secret identity and claims he's nearsighted to Lois. Later in Masquerade Clark and Lois were trying to figure out a disguise with The Blur becoming more public with Clark ultimately decided that he will hide in plain sight with glasses.
  • His glasses are also seen in a dream of the year 2013 on his desk in Salvation and fifth time is when he travels to the distant future where he forced to wear them for a brief time himself and then he encounter's his future self wearing them as a part of his disguise in Homecoming.
  • In the Superman mythology, Clark's glasses are a big part of his secret identity as a reporter of the Daily Planet to conceal his identity as Superman. In the limited series Superman: Birthright Martha Kent explains that the glasses covers Clark's natural eye color which are distinctively blue. As pointed out by Martha, no one else on Earth had that type of recognizable feature.
  • In the Silver Age Superman origins, and revived again in Superman: Secret Origins by Geoff Johns, Martha uses two shards from the remains of the shattered Kryptonian crystal from Clark's spaceship to create his glasses in an effort to prevent Clark's heat vision from going off in public.
  • In the 1980s Superman miniseriesMan of Steel by John Byrne, It is stated that Clark wears glasses in order to unwind and relax and be human for a while when he is not saving people.

Lois' glasses.

  • In Adventures of Superman #440, Batman congratulates Superman on creating an effective disguise as Clark Kent in which he's throw off suspension that he's Superman. Batman points out that since as Superman he's decided to go maskless he has manage to convince the public from thinking he has another identity outside of the cape and tights.
  • As an added precaution, Superman would vibrate his face (like Jay Garrick, the Golden-Age Flash), slightly so that photographs would only show his features as a blur, thus preventing the danger of photographs of both identities being reliably compared with him.

Batman deduces that Superman is Clark Kent.

Clark deciding glasses.

  • In various occasion Lois is known to have worn Clark's glasses as sign of affection and admiration for Clark in the comics and the TV series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman. She's also been known to use them as a part of her disguise while undercover.
  • In Smallville's continuity, It appears as though Lois Lane is partly responsible for helping Clark Kent create his mild-mannered reporter disguise at the Daily Planet. In Season Seven's Apocalypse, the alternate Lois get's Clark to don a dress suit and glasses to pose as a reporter. In Season Eight's Plastique, On Clark's first day as the newest recruit reporter at the Planet. Lois get's him to change from his normal farmboy attire into a professional dress code as a reporter . In Season Ten's Homecoming, Lois of the future place glasses on young Clark of the past to conceal and protect Clark Kent of the future's secret identity as Superman. She also informs young Clark that the two of them came up with the idea together for a dress code for work at the planet to separate his two identities. We see this come to forewishing in Masquerade as the couple come up with an effective disguise. This is similar to the elseworld story, JLA: Another Nail when Lois, Martha and Jonathan was coming up with a disguise for Superman.
  • In the promotional photo shoot for Season 8 featuring Lois at Clark's desk we see his glasses laying on the desk and in another image we see Lois wearing them .
  • It is stated by Barry Allen that "Clark slouches, wears clothes two sizes too big and raises his voice an octave" as part of the disguise, making him seem shorter and overweight instead of muscular.

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