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Clark Kent's blood.

Clark Kent's blood has restorative properties for both humans and Kryptonians alike.

Powers & Abilities

Clark Kent's blood had displayed a variety of unique abilities throughout its appearances. Some are natural, and others are under certain curcumstances. It has deeply restorative properties on both humans and Kryptonians:

  • Human Resurrection: Clark's blood was converted by Dr. Lia Teng of Metron Pharmaceutical Labs into the Lazarus Serum: a serum of blood platelets that could restore a deceased human to life for up to 12 hours.
  • Power Transfer: When Lana bit Clark while she was a Vampire, his blood gave her the power of heat vision and increased her strength. (Thirst)
  • Zombie Antidote: It was also converted into an antidote which can cure humans from a zombie virus. (Rabid)


When exposed to green kryptonite, Clark's blood literally appeared to boil.[1]

The exact impact of green kryptonite on undiluted Kryptonian blood has never been shown.

Season Two

Helen draws a blood sample from Clark.

When Martha Kent fell sick after exposure to kryptonite spores, she was treated by Doctor Helen Bryce. Later, Clark collapsed at home from the same exposure; due to his kryptonite weakness, Dr. Bryce was able to draw a blood sample from Clark to examine it. Jonathan Kent pleaded with her to do the testing herself and Helen agreed, promising to keep his medical file confidential. In her lab, Helen looked at Clark's blood under a microscope and was clearly surprised by what she saw.

Lex contemplates Clark's blood.

Later, Helen and Lex Luthor were stunned to learn that someone had broken into her office at the hospital. Helen went straight to the Kent Farm to tell Jonathan that the vial of Clark's blood that she drew from him when he was sick was missing. Helen suggested that Jonathan might have stolen it while Jonathan accused Lex. Lex reassured Helen that he had nothing to do with her office break-in. He told her that if she believes he could deceive her, maybe she shouldn't be marrying him. She called his bluff by saying maybe he was right and left. It was revealed that Lex did indeed steal the vial of Clark's blood from her office and had stored it in a box behind a bookshelf.

Later, Lex confessed to Helen that he had ransacked her office and stole Clark's blood sample. He apologized and declared his love for her, but she seemed unmoved and later decided to use his love for her against him. She still married him only to try and kill him later for his money. She even betrayed her strong "moral" work ethic when she turned around and sold the blood to Lionel Luthor for $100,000. Despite her disloyalty to the Kents, she never told Lionel whose blood it was.

Season Three

After Lex's seeming death, it was apparent Lionel had the vial of Clark's blood sample.[2]

Jonathan discovers Clark's blood.

When Intergang boss Morgan Edge hired Clark (who at the time had been living a life of crime in Metropolis as Kal via red kryptonite as a ring) to steal a package from LuthorCorp, Clark accepted Edge's job offer because he wanted to leave Metropolis because he felt Chloe Sullivan was going to betray his location to his family and friends back in Smallville. After Clark broke into the building and retrieved the package and as he turned to go, he was confronted by his father Jonathan and the two fought until Clark destroyed his kryptonite ring and became himself again.

Later, Clark showed Jonathan the package that Edge hired him to steal from Lionel, which turned out to be Clark's vial of blood. They speculated on why Lionel would want his blood as Jonathan destroyed the sample. It's later revealed that a healing serum was made from Clark Kent's blood.

Season Nine

The antidote based on Clark's blood is released into the air.

When a Kryptonian virus that turns humans into zombies was released into the air and the millions of citizens of Metropolis were endangered, Clark's blood was believed to be the only cure to the virus. During a painful surgery, Dr. Emil Hamilton with Chloe's help managed to use a syringe with a needle dipped in liquid kryptonite to obtain a blood sample from Clark. They created the antidote and mixed it with water molecules during a storm thus managing to spread the antidote throughout the city.

Clark used a drop of his blood to restore Zod's powers, including his healing factor; this allowed him to heal from a seemingly fatal wound.

Season Ten

While talking to Lois Lane, Clark speculated that Lex used the blood sample that Helen Bryce had to extract his DNA and help create Conner Kent.

When Clark and Oliver Queen were lured into the Phantom Zone, Zod revealed that Clark's same blood that healed Zod was used by Zod to open the Crystal of El.



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  1. This happenned when Jonathan put Clark's vial of blood near green kryptonite in Phoenix and when Clark witnessed this phenomenon when he gave the Lazarus Serum to Garrett Davis and saw the serum start boiling when it got near Garrett's kryptonite-powered bomb in Resurrection.
  2. It is later revealed by Helen in Phoenix that Lionel promised if she gave it to him he'd leave her and Lex alone.