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Chloe is on her way home only to be attacked. After discovering she is just a kid, the man (whose name is Carter Bickson, though he prefers to be called Bix) reveals himself to be sent by Dr. Walsh. After she and Clark listens to his story about Deletion Force and defending him from the group, Chloe helps him by calling in a favor to arrange for him means of traveling to Mexico. Chloe then decides to continue with the Chloe Chronicles.


Chloe hits the alarm on her brand new VW and gets in, talking to her dad about dinner. Inside, a man with a knife sticks the knife to her throat and tells her to pull over. She slams the brakes and sends the man into the front of the car. Chloe runs.

The man catches her, trips her, and puts her arm behind her back, starting at the fact that she's just a kid. Chloe, seeing a bullet wound, punches him in it. He passes out, calling to her about Dr. Walsh. Chloe stops over his downed form.

At Clark's Fortress, Clark arrives to find Chloe with the now identified Carter Bickson, AKA "Bix".

Bix explains that he worked for the "Deletion Force", a government agency for freelancers that did jobs, sight unseen, all over the place. At one point, they hit the school and burned the Torch.

Another time, they helped bring Teng into the U.S. In Grandville, Bix left the team when he found cloned children. He knew his days were numbered, henceforth.

Working at Level Three, he would inject Dr. Walsh with an antidote for a poison that required a daily injection, and watch him work. Bix, figuring he's about to be deleted himself, slips Walsh a picture of his family and Walsh gives him Chloe's name and Bix leaves, taking out guards.

Bix tells them of how the Deletion Force tailed him and shot him, and gives Chloe a riddle from Walsh:

"More answers are close to home where height creates the pressure that sustains life."

This so that Chloe didn't have to find anything if she wasn't ready.

Chloe later tells Clark that she's gotten Bix onto a truck across the border to Mexico using a Daily Planet connection, because he's kind of cute.

In the morning, Pete comes over and knocks. Seeing a strange person in Clark's loft, he calls the police. The Deletion Force responds just a little too late.

Chloe, Clark and Bix reach the solution to the riddle, a water tower. Inside the lower control room, they find leftovers of the original Smallville Level Three. The Deletion Force arrives, and they bolt for Chloe's car.

The Deletion Force pulls weapons, but Clark melts them, causing the bullets to go off in their casings. Clark runs away at super speed, piercing their tires with his hand.

Later, Bix enters a truck bound for Mexico. He kisses Chloe on the head and thanks her.

Later still, Chloe resurrects the Chloe Chronicles, opening a Walsh Video and closing the first chapter of the story.


  • Chronicle is a historical account of events arranged in order of time usually without analysis or interpretation.
  • In this story, Chloe decides to restart the Chloe Chronicles.


  • This story marks the second full acknowledgement of Gotham City in Smallville's continuity. Prior to this, the Arrival novel had mentioned the Gotham Globe newspaper and the Runaway novel had mentioned the City as well. Gotham City would later be mentioned onscreen for the first time in Reunion.


Bix: (Upon meeting Clark) Another kid? When Walsh said Smallville High, I wasn't expecting the future farmers of America.

Dr. Walsh: Well, good to meet you Bix. Thanks for keeping me alive another day.

Chloe: Hi, it's me. A lot's happened since the last time we talked. And as the investigation has become more dangerous, the truth's grown more urgent. Thanks to new evidence which has mysteriously disappeared, of course. The once cold trail is now hotter than downtown Pompeii. I think...
Computer: You have one new e-mail.
Chloe: It's a video. From Dr. Walsh? If I open this, there's no going back. For better or for worse, my little Chronicle will have an ending.

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