Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve in 1982

Christopher D'Olier Reeve (September 25, 1952 – October 10, 2004) was an American actor most famous for playing Superman in Superman: The Movie and its three sequels. He also portrayed Dr. Virgil Swann in Season Two and Season Three of Smallville.

His body became completely paralyzed after falling off a horse in 1995, but he remained on the set until his scenes were completed.

In the season 2 DVD extras, the producers mention that they wanted to get Reeve into Smallville for a long time and wanted a perfect character for him; they think his portrayal of Virgil Swann makes for a great "passing the torch" moment.


  • Christopher Reeve studied acting at Juilliard. James Marsters (Brainiac) and Sam Witwer were also students at Juilliard. While attending Juilliard Comedian Robin Williams was his roommate.

Public Service Announcements

Prior to his death, Christopher Reeve along with Tom Welling gave a public service announcement for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation to fight paralysis on a few occasions, for example in the episodes Rosetta and Legacy.

After his death in 2004, Annette O'Toole, Erica Durance and Dean Cain also gave public service announcements in the respective episodes; Aqua, Progeny, and Cure. Since Reeve's death, the Superman tags featuring the Superman S-Shield logo and the foundation's motto, "Go Forward." have been available.

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