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Chrissy Parker (also known as Missy Parker and Robin Stroud) was a student at Smallville High with the power to suck the youth out of students with a kiss. She is the main antagonist in the Season Two episode Redux.

Powers & Abilities

  • Youth Absorption: Chrissy had the ability to absorb the life energy from the people she kissed, the rate at which she absorbed their victims's youth apparently varying according to the length of time she kissed them: a brief kiss with Troy left him looking relatively young for another minute or so before he began to rapidly age, but a longer kiss with Russell aged him in a matter of seconds. It would appear that three absorptions over a forty-eight hour period would be enough to retain her youth for around a decade, given that this marked the length of time between her 'crimes'. It was implied that she absorbs some of the memories or even souls of the people she absorbs, since she states that the people she absorbs the life from will 'live inside" [her] forever.

Early life

Little is known about the life of "Chrissy Parker". By her own admission, her parents died prior to 1902.

Season Two

She served as captain of the cheerleading squad and was a friend of Lana Lang. While attending a swimming competition, she kissed the current champion Troy Turner, who subsequently sank to the bottom of the pool after rapidly aging during a race with Clark. Later on, she kissed Russell Burton and repeated the process, aging him in a matter of seconds.

Remembering that he had seen her with both victims prior to their deaths, Clark asked Chloe to look into her past, which resulted in Chloe learning that there were multiple cases of triple-'uber-progeria' stretching back until around the "Hammond School for Girls" class of 1921, all featuring Chrissy present in some form or another, under such aliases as 'Missy Parker' or 'Robin Stroud'. Due to her being confronted by the new principal, Terrence Reynolds, about the lack of records from her old school and his inability to contact her parents, Chrissy knocked him out and attempted to drain his life energy.

As she prepared to absorb Reynolds' life, Clark confronted her and told her to stop, Chrissy defending her actions by explaining that she regarded absorbing peoples' life energy as 'saving' them from lives that would never be as good, youthful or perfect as they were at present. When she moved back towards Reynolds and attempted to drain Clark's life energy, Clark threw her through a stage set, crashing onto an electric keyboard. Before he could reach her, Chrissy looked at her reflection on a spinning mirror and her enhanced aging caught up with her, resulting in her collapsing into a pile of ash in a matter of seconds.


  • Chrissy marked the first freak of the week whose powers definitely were not caused by the meteor rocks: while in some cases, such as Justin Gaines, it was unclear if the meteor rocks had affected them, it was still possible for the rocks to be involved, but Chrissy began her youth-sucking activities so far in the past that it is impossible for the meteor shower to have been responsible for her abilities.
  • When Chloe goes over Chrissy's past, and tripple progeria cases, she includes Hammond School for Girls, an all-girls school. Her M.O. in 2002 points to Chrissy being involved with her victims (Troy Turner) or seducing them (Russell Burton). Indicating that Chrissy might have done the same at Hammond School for Girls. She turned violent towards Terrence Reynolds (an adult, setting him apart from her standard type of victims) out of desperation.


  • According to the High School Yearbook, Chrissy was most likely to "Live for a hundred years".[1]
  • Chrissy's chraracter is similar to the character of Pamela Dare, from the Superboy TV series (1988-1992). Dare's character was born in ancient Egypt and survived, by absorbing the youth of young men. When she tried absorbing Superboy's lifeforce, it cause her to grow younger: returning her to her original form of white diamonds.