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Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan

The friendship between Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan is one of the oldest on the show.

Early life

Pete and Chloe met in eighth grade when Chloe moved to Smallville and became friends with him and Clark. Pete harbored a crush on Chloe for years, but kept it secret because Chloe always seemed to like Clark Kent.

Season One

Pete and Chloe at the Smallville High

Pete worked on the Smallville Torch newspaper with Chloe and Clark throughout their first three years of high school. Pete had seemingly come to terms with the fact that he and Chloe would only ever be friends, as he regularly went on dates with other girls.

Season Two

Pete and Chloe at a party at the Kawatche Caves

Pete was noticeably disappointed when he consoled Chloe over the break down in any potential romance between her and Clark. Pete was clearly frustrated that she didn't even notice his affection for her.

Season Three

Pete reveals his feelings for Chloe.

During his Junior year in high school, Pete left Smallville to live with his mother in Wichita because it became too difficult for him to keep Clark's secret. Before he left, though, Pete found himself forced by a temporarily meteor-infected Chloe to tell her about the feeling he had for her, and he kissed her.

Season Seven

Chloe reunites with Pete again

When Pete briefly returned, he reunited with Chloe at the Daily Planet. His feelings for her still existed, as he was keen to do anything he could to help her against Lex Luthor, who was spying on her and threatened to expose her meteor freak status if Pete did not steal Kara's bracelet from Lionel Luthor.

Pete says goodbye to Chloe

Chloe was impressed with Pete's powers, although she still showed no romantic interest. She was relieved when Pete stopped eating the kryptonite-laced chewing gum, as she was concerned for his safety as a meteor freak. When Pete left Smallville again, he tells her she doesn't have to tell him what her meteor power is, and they left things on good terms.

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