Chloe Sullivan had a complicated history with Lex Luthor. She became involved with him indirectly through her father, who worked for LuthorCorp, and through her relationship with Clark, who also had a close friendship with Lex Luthor.

The High School Years

Lex warns Chloe against investigating his father.

Chloe first met Lex, when Clark arranged for Lex to give her an interview for 'The Torch'. Lex invited Chloe to his wedding to Desiree Atkins, indicating that they were on the verge of a friendship. Lex gave Chloe a friendly warning when he discovered that she was investigating Lionel's past crimes. He was clearly concerned for Chloe's safety, as he knew what his father was like. However, Chloe's distrust of Lionel caused her to also doubt Lex and, when the Torch was ransacked by Officer Mason, she accused Lex of of organizing the theft of her research about Lionel. Lex denied any involvement and was keen to start an open and honest relationship with Chloe. He took Chloe to the morgue to show her that Mason was dead and said that he suspected his father did it. He then offered Chloe protection, although she refused at first, as she was still not sure that she could trust Lex. Nevertheless, her fear of Lionel led her to accept Lex's kind offer and she confided in him about her relationship with Lionel and the information she had uncovered about his past.

Chloe's alliance with Lex led him to be Lionel's next target by drugging him to make him appear crazy and then erasing his memory. As Lex suffered a mental breakdown and was sent into Belle Reeve Asylum, Chloe was keen to help him, indicating the growth of their friendship. Nevertheless, after his recovery, Lex selfishly ignored Lionel sacking Chloe's father in order to better position himself against Lionel by letting him think that he was weak. Nevertheless, Lex came to Chloe's aid again when Molly Griggs tried to kill Chloe.

Chloe and Lex compare notes on Lia Teng.

In return, Chloe trusted Lex with information regarding Adam Knight's strange behavior and connection to Dr Lia Teng. She requested that Lex try to find out more but Lex remained secretive about what he discovered, although he claimed that it was for Chloe's safety. Nevertheless, he didn't mind putting Chloe in harms way when he asked her to question Lionel with her temporary meteor power that can make people tell her the truth. As she began to realize that their relationship was only to benefit Lex and that he was responsible for her father's unemployment, Chloe got angry with Lex and questioned his motives. Chloe's meteor power made Lex reveal that he only wanted to be loved by his father. Chloe softened to him after this revelation, although Lex was clearly embarrassed.

Deciding that Lex was the lesser of two evils and after realizing that he was her only hope of escaping from Lionel, she decided to remind Lex that Lionel and Morgan Edge murdered his parents and that he had got a confession, but Lionel had his memory erased. She said that she had also got a taped confession, but it was erased too, although she hoped that Lex's money and power could restore it. Lex was grateful to Chloe for reminding him of this and they agreed to help each other bring Lionel down, although Lex remained worried for Chloe's safety and decided to fake her death in order to keep her safe from Lionel.

Chloe agrees to help Lex take Lionel down.

Lex was extremely protective of Chloe during her stay in the safe house, even keeping the truth from Clark. He worried about Chloe when he discovered that she had been kidnapped from her safe house, although it was clear that this was only because he needed Chloe to convict his father. Once the court case was over, their relationship broke down a little, as Chloe was keen to dissociate herself from the Luthors. Nevertheless, Chloe was keen to help Clark exonerate Lex when he was accused of murder. Even when Clark began to doubt Lex's innocence, Chloe persisted and uncovered vital evidence to prove his innocence.

Chloe's trust in Lex broke down after LuthorCorp released a dangerous toxin into the air that made people (including Chloe) hallucinate their worst fear. She was angry that this was being swept under the rug and that Lex was being let off without any consequences. She was further reminded that any Luthor was not to be trusted when black kryptonite split Lex in two, unleashing his hidden evil persona. Chloe's suspicions of Lex were raised when he left Dr. Sinclair's hospital room just after his monitors flat-lined. Realizing that Lex was responsible for his death, Chloe investigated. Defending his secret, Lex tried to kill Chloe by releasing a large block of concrete on her, but Clark was able to save her. Nevertheless, her subsequent relationship with Lex was understandably shaky, despite Lex becoming one again.

Chloe is wary of Lex when Clark loses his memory.

After this, Chloe warned Clark to be careful around Lex after Clark lost his memory. She rightly suspected that Lex would use Clark's amnesia to help him uncover the truth about him, which indicated that Chloe gained a deep understanding about how the Luthors operate during her involvement with them.

When Lex found Chloe in his library with his vault open and the Crystal of Water gone, he was openly hostile. Suspecting that she was the thief he forced her down to the Kawatche Caves against her will. Chloe did not react kindly to this and despite their once amicable relationship, the animosity between them quickly built up as they argued during the second meteor shower. With Lex having burnt his bridges with a trusting relationship between Chloe and him, Chloe chose to protect Clark's secret by denying knowing anything about Lex's crystal and, when they noticed a bright light from deeper in the cave, Chloe resorted to violence and knocked Lex unconscious while she investigated what it was.

The bright light transported Chloe to the Arctic Circle to Clark's new Fortress of Solitude, leaving Lex in the caves. Lex was clearly angry that Chloe had given him the slip but he tracked her down to a hospital in the Arctic, much to her surprise. She was clearly nervous that he had found her and knew that he would continue to investigate and get closer to discovering Clark's secret. When Lex brought up this matter again, Chloe retaliated by threatening to ask questions of her own if he persisted. This made Lex back down. Although he continued to investigate Clark, he stayed away for Chloe for a while.

The College Years

Despite spending more time in Metropolis, attend Metropolis University, Chloe could not avoid contact with Lex. When Chloe was attacked by Lana Lang after she became a vampire, Lex was the only one who could save Chloe, as he had the cure. He supplied Clark with the antidote, although this was largely as Lex wanted to save Lana, due to his growing feelings for her, rather than caring about Chloe's welfare.

Chloe was keen to put a stop to Lex's bid to run for State Senator and even relied on Lionel Luthor again for insider information. Ironically, despite running to Lex for help when her relationship with Lionel turned bad, as her relationship with Lionel improved, her relationship with Lex declined. She was keen to help Lois Lane uncover any of Lex's deep dark secrets, however she was aware how sneaky Lex could be and warned Lois that bringing Lex down would not be easy. Although Chloe discovered that Lex was hiding the Black Ship, all evidence disappeared once Clark defeated Brainiac. Chloe was thrilled when Lex lost to Jonathan Kent at the election.

Lex and Chloe are shocked they killed Simone

When Chloe became convinced that there was a ghost in her apartment, everyone believed that she was mad. Lex seemed to sympathize with her, having had a mental breakdown himself. He tried to arrange the best doctors from Belle Reeve, but Clark broke her out of her restraints before the plans were finalized. Although Chloe did not appreciate it at the time, as she was keen to prove that she was not going crazy, Lex's kindness helped to go some way to repair their relationship, as she seemed to temporarily change her opinion of him. Shortly afterwards, when Clark blamed him for Victor Stone's transformation into a cyborg, Chloe defended Lex.

Simone Chesterman's hypnosis caused more problems between Chloe and Lex, as Simone ordered Lex to kill Chloe. As they both struggled with the gun, Chloe and Lex ultimately killed Simone, breaking Lex from the spell. Chloe did not seem to hold this against him, as she had a good understanding of the strange happenings in Smallville. She saved Lex, after he was injected with a limbo drug.

Lex's dream

When Lex was shot and he dreamt of how his life could be, he dreamt that he was close friends with Chloe again, as he had helped her write a book exposing LuthorCorp's illegal activities. There was a strong trust between them and Chloe acknowledged that she owed her success to Lex. As Lex dreamt this, he clearly wished that their relationship had not turned sour, as all of his relationships tend to.

During the Lex and Lana Relationship

Lana and Chloe search for Lex while he is trapped on another reality frequency.

Despite Chloe and Lex improving their relationship slightly, Chloe was less than thrilled when she discovered that Lana had started a relationship with Lex. Chloe was angry that Lex was taking advantage of Lana when she was still getting over her break up with Clark. Aware of the dangers of being involved with the Luthors from her past experience, she warned Lex that she would not let him hurt her friend. Lex maliciously retorted that Chloe shouldn't pass comment, as she had never had a boyfriend, which upset Chloe. Despite not being happy with this new situation, she kept Lex and Lana's relationship secret out of her loyalty to Lana.

Chloe was forced to work with Lex when she needed to help Clark find Martha Kent after she was kidnapped by Lincoln Cole. Chloe and Lex remained civil for Lana's sake, and Lex even agreed to give Jimmy Olsen an interview as a favor to Chloe. When Jimmy thought he was on to a story about Lex's illegal activities, Chloe was apprehensive about getting involved personally, due to her fragile relationship with Lex, and was reluctant to allow Jimmy to pursue his lead as she did not want Jimmy to get entangled with the Luthors, as she had done before.

Lex orders experiments on Chloe.

Chloe was not pleased when she discovered that Lana was pregnant with Lex's baby. Nevertheless, when Lana asked her for help after Lex disappeared, Chloe agreed for the sake of her friend. On the surface, Chloe seemed to endorse Lex's relationship with Lana and even attended their engagement dinner. However, in secret Chloe helped Oliver Queen's Justice League to put a stop to Lex's 33.1 experiments at a LuthorCorp facility. Regardless of his relationship with Lana, Chloe was not prepared to stand to one side and let Lex get away with criminal activities when she had proof.

Lex with Chloe's mother Moira.

While Chloe went behind Lex's back, he did the same to her when he ordered Chloe's kidnapping after discovering that she was a meteor freak. Chloe remained unaware of Lex's involvement, although she suspected him. Still they remained two faced to each other, as Chloe remained civil to him during her bridesmaid duties at his wedding to Lana. However, Lex finally took a step that completely destroyed his relationship with Chloe when he kidnapped her mother, Moira Sullivan, and experimented on her and ultimately kidnapped Chloe as well. After being controlled by her mother's meteor power, Chloe confronted Lex with a gun in order to escape. Lex tried to reason with her, insisting that she should not do something that she would regret. However, Moira's mind-control proved too powerful for Chloe to overcome it and she pulled the trigger, although Lex was saved by Clark.

Lex threatens Chloe.

After her escape, Chloe tried to expose Lex by writing an article. However, Lex arrived at the Daily Planet to put a stop to it. Chloe informed him that she was tired of his games but Lex warned her that he had a multitude of evidence of her assaulting him and stealing his flash drive. Chloe remained undeterred and stated that she would happily go to jail if it meant taking him down, but Lex threatened her with worse than prison unless she killed her story. Realizing that she was in his cross-hairs, she decided to give in, as she was unlikely to ever be victorious in fight against the Luthors. Nevertheless, Chloe harbored deep resentment towards Lex for his cruel actions to her mother.

Chloe was able to learn from her experiences with the Luthors and she was clearly scared of what Lex might do to her and her family, as she warned Lois away from the Luthors when she became obsessed with bringing Lex down. Chloe's resentment towards Lex increased when she discovered that he was responsible for Lana's death. However, Lana eventually reappeared, revealing that she had faked her death, although that did not change Chloe's feelings for Lex, as she was still aware of the terrible things that he had put Lana through that drove her to fake her death.

The Daily Planet Years

Chloe heals Lex.

Chloe was not pleased when Lex took over running the Daily Planet, however, this did not stop Chloe from helping Oliver intercept data files from LuthorCorp via the Daily Planet computers. Lex monitored every reporter's computer files, which Chloe was horrified about and she confronted him. They had a heated debate but, in fear of her job, Chloe backed down, although she was not happy working at the Daily Planet after this.

Chloe was forced to save Lex with her healing power after he was shot. However, Chloe did not save him out of concern for Lex's wellbeing but rather she was desperate to save Clark, who had gone inside Lex's mind. Chloe was surprised at herself for coming to Lex's aid, especially due to consequences of using her powers, which cause her to die for hours at a time. Nevertheless, she felt she had little choice. Lex remained ignorant to the cause of his miraculous recovery and continued his grudge against Chloe by threatening Pete Ross to steal Kara's bracelet for him or he would reveal to the world that Chloe was a meteor freak.

Lex finds the key and Chloe is fired.

Lex ultimately fired Chloe from her job at the Daily Planet when he found Lionel's Veritas key in her desk. Chloe lied to him in order to keep the key hidden from him, but he clearly distrusted her and searched her desk to find it. Although Chloe was angry with Lex initially, she realized that it was better in the long run, as she was released from Lex's grip. This was the last time she and Lex saw each other, although Chloe continued to help Clark protect his secret from Lex, as he came closer to unearthing the secret of Veritas.

Despite their past hostility, Lex came to Chloe's aid, at Jimmy's request, to clear her name when the Department of Domestic Security believed her to be a terrorist. However, typical of the Luthors, Lex had an ulterior motive, as he then told Jimmy that he would want a favor in return one day. Soon afterwards, Lex threatened to have Chloe arrested again if Jimmy did not lie to Lois that his expeditions to the Arctic were to drill oil. When Jimmy stood up to Lex, Chloe was taken into custody again. At this point, Lex clearly had no concern for Chloe, other than to use her as a pawn in his manipulative games.

After Lex's disappearance

Lex watches the video of Chloe's wedding.

Whilst everyone believed that Chloe was being held by the DDS, she was in fact in a LuthorCorp facility in Black Creek. Lex had ordered this before his disappearance in order to discover her new meteor power that she obtained from Brainiac. After she escaped and discovered that Lex was missing, Chloe was relieved that he was out of her life but, despite being away from Smallville, Lex kept an eye on Chloe as he watched her wedding video, after Doomsday attacked.

When she eventually discovered that Lex was still alive, Chloe was concerned for Clark, as he now knew Clark's secret. Despite her dislike of Lex, she disagreed with Oliver Queen murdering him.

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