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Lana and Chloe in season six.

Lana Lang and Chloe Sullivan are high school friends who met after Chloe and her father moved to Smallville during their eighth grade year of school.

The two girls' fates first intertwined during the 1989 meteor shower that brought young Kal-El to Earth, where Lana lost both of her parents, and Chloe and her mother became accidentally meteor-infected while driving past Smallville. Their relationship the first couple of school years, was initially defined by rivalry and jealousy over the shared romantic interest in Clark Kent, but after Lana quit cheerleading and asked Chloe for help in finding her mother's graduation speech, they quickly became friends.

After Lana's legal guardian Aunt Nell got engaged, she sold the theatre and flower shop, because she decided to move to Metropolis. However, Lana wanted to stay in Smallville, so Chloe offered to let Lana move in with her and her dad, which led the two girls to cultivate a sisterly friendship, depending on each other for support and fighting for each other's well-being. Chloe had Lana move in to live in the same bedroom with her for almost two years, until the Sullivans lost their home due to Lionel Luthor's scheming and Lana decided to go to Paris temporarily to study art. Chloe had described Lana as a de facto member of her own family, and Lana had openly announced Chloe as her best friend. After graduating high school, they once again became roommates at the Metropolis University, much to Chloe's joy.

Chloe was entrusted by Lana as the sole confidant of her relationship and alleged pregnancy to Lex Luthor, and was the only person Lana invited to her bachelorette party before serving as her wedding bridesmaid. After Lana's presumed murder, Chloe severed her remaining friendship with Lex, even though the latter controlled her journalism career at the Daily Planet. After Lex fired her from the Planet, Chloe went to work at Lana's Isis Foundation. During Chloe's wedding to Jimmy Olsen, Lana took significant risk and came out of hiding to attend and cheer for her friend, and tried to help after Doomsday violently crashed the party and abducted Chloe. After Lana absorbed the explosion of a kryptonite bomb and was forced to leave Clark forever, Chloe was the person who consoled her and kept running her Foundation. Within just over a year, Chloe managed to turn Isis Foundation into a decent outreach organization for the meteor-infected, until her own personal tragedies drove her to work at the Watchtower instead. Neither of them could attend their 2010 high school reunion.

Season One

"We're just friends." "Yeah, we're just friends, too." - Lana Lang and Chloe Sullivan in Rogue, Season One.

Chloe helps Lana find the speech her mother gave in 1977.

Chloe started out freshman year seeing Lana as a rival. She was jealous of Lana because she liked Clark, but Clark was more interested in Lana. Chloe initially gave Lana a hard time about turning from cheerleader to waitress. Nevertheless, Lana relied on Chloe when she needed to find a copy of her mother's graduation speech from 1977, which made Chloe start to see Lana as more of a friend than a rival and be on better terms with her.

Lana was able to return the favor when Principal Kwan fired Chloe as editor of the Torch. Kwan was upset with all the paranormal stories that Chloe was writing, but Lana talked to Principal Kwan and convinced him to lift the suspension of the newspaper. However, he insisted that she take over from Chloe as editor, much to Chloe's annoyance. Lana tried to explain to Chloe that she would still be in charge of things but Chloe still insisted that Lana had betrayed her. To settle the dispute between the two of them, Lana wrote a scathing editorial against Principal Kwan and his treatment of Chloe, which resulted in Chloe's reinstatement. Chloe thanked Lana and admitted that the reason she got so angry was because she was jealous, especially of her relationship with Clark. Lana assured her that she wasn't trying to take Clark away from her and that they were just friends.

Chloe and Lana review Lana's edition of the Torch.

Lana helps Chloe to investigate.

Lana and Chloe began to form a closer friendship after this. Lana helps Chloe with her poll for the Torch and later help her to discover the mystery of the strange behavior of Jonathan Kent. Meanwhile, in secret for each other, the feelings about Clark of the two becomes more intensified. When Chloe was kidnapped, Lana was concerned for her friend's safety and helped Clark find her. Lana encouraged Clark to ask Chloe to the Spring Formal, thinking of her friend's happiness over her own, as by this point, Lana too had started to show an interest in Clark.

Season Two

"Let's define ourselves by what we do, not who we date." -Lana Lang, Heat, Season Two.

Chloe and Lana trapped by the two Ians.

Lana and Chloe's relationship was initially strained after Chloe discovered that Clark had left her at the Spring Formal to find Lana during a tornado. Nevertheless, Lana relied more heavily on Chloe, with the loss of her boyfriend and her Aunt moving to Metropolis. To avoid leaving Smallville, Lana moved in with Chloe, which caused their friendship to become sister-like.

Lana and Chloe at the Torch.

They shared a great deal with each other and helped each other with investigations. They even started dating the same boy for a short time. Unbeknownst to them Ian Randall could duplicate himself and he then started two timing them and playing them off against each other. They were shocked to discover this and after he turned on them and nearly killed them, Lana and Chloe had a heart to heart talk.

Lana and Chloe talk about their feelings for Clark

After this, they admitted to each other that they both had an attraction to Clark, but agreed not to let it get between them. Nevertheless, Lana started to feel more attracted to Clark and was angry and disgusted when she caught a parasite-infected Chloe and a Red kryptonite infected Clark making out in the Talon with complete disregard for her feelings. After Chloe and Clark explained what happened, everything between the two continued on as normal. Lana could no longer hide her feelings about Clark any more, but when she read Chloe's letter to Clark, she became upset with Chloe's feelings. She tried to avoid her feelings for Clark but couldn't and she accidentally snooped in Chloe´s computer files about Clark. In turn, Chloe became angry with Lana as she tried to apologize.

When Lana secretly decided to become a couple with Clark, Chloe discovered them and was devastated with the betrayal of her friends.

Season Three

"Pining over Clark only leads to personal misery. Trust me, I wrote the book. Now you need to move on. He obviously has." - Chloe Sullivan, Exile, Season Three.

Lana and Chloe at the Talon.

Due to Chloe's jealousy, Lana and Chloe spent the summer avoiding each other even though they lived under the same roof. Because of this, Chloe didn't tell Lana that she knew Clark whereabouts after he disappeared and when she said this to her, it produced a rift in their friendship. Nevertheless, once Lana began dating Adam Knight, their friendship was back on track. When Chloe discovered Adam's drug habit, she felt she had to protect Lana and told her straight away.

When Chloe discovered Lawrence Garner's unethical procedures on his patients, Molly Griggs attempted to prevent Chloe from exposing him by sending hypnotic emails to Lana. Chloe was shocked and terrified when her friend turned on her and tried to kill her, but understanding the many mysterious incidents in Smallville, Chloe quickly forgave Lana.

Lana tells Chloe she doesn't trust her.

When Chloe became infected with a truth serum, no one could lie to her, and Lana confessed that she was going to Paris. She didn't feel like part of Chloe's family, and she didn't trust Chloe. Chloe was noticeably upset by this revelation.

Season Four

"You think you know someone, but there's this side of them that you never see. Until it's too late." - Lana Lang, Onyx, Season Four.

Lana and Chloe at the stadium.

When Lana moved back to Smallville, she didn't move back in with Chloe. Instead, she rented the apartment above the Talon from Lex but remained close with Chloe. Lana helped Lois plan for Chloe's eighteenth birthday party in November, but they didn't find an opportunity for a real heart-to-heart until January. When Jason inexplicably broke up with Lana, she confided in Chloe that it may be because they hadn't consummated their relationship. Chloe provided some sisterly advice, suggesting that Lana shouldn't rush into anything, as she regretted her first time being so early.

Lana asks Chloe for advice about Jason.

When both Lana and Chloe were kidnapped by Brendan Nash as a collection of the most successful students in school, they relied on each other to make their escape. When their plan failed, Clark saved them. This experience helped them come to terms with the fact that they were moving on to new ventures. However, Lana decided to stay in Smallville rather than go to college. Chloe seemed disappointed that she was leaving but Clark and Lana would still be together.

Season Five

"I know how much you've dreamt of having a bland, mundane, generic life, but being normal is highly overrated. Besides, it makes my whole sidekick role a lot easier if you can bring super-duper strength to the table" - Chloe Sullivan, Hidden, Season Five.

Chloe wakes up Lana.

Lana eventually decided to join Metropolis University and in order to remain close with Chloe, moved into her dorm. However, with Chloe remaining a close confidant of Clark's, Lana confided less in Chloe about problems in her relationship with Clark.

Nevertheless, both Lana and Chloe continued to look out for each other and provide help when needed. When Chloe was possessed by Gretchen Winters and began to act strangely, Lana was concerned for her friend and requested Lex's help to get her transferred to Belle Reeve for professional help. In turn, Chloe expressed concern when Lana started to act strangely after spending a lot of time with some medical students. She discovered that Lana was addicted to a drug that gave her near-death experiences. Despite offering help, Lana didn't trust her friend and continued with her dangerous actions until Clark stopped her.

Lana gets angry when Chloe asks her about Lex.

Chloe also expressed concern over Lana's growing relationship with Lex, as she didn't trust him. This angered Lana and told her to mind her own business. Chloe decided to give her some space to preserve their relationship, but as Lana's relationship with Lex grew, she became more distanced from Lana.

Season Six

"Clark, you don't hesitate to run into a burning building or jump in front of a bullet because nothing can penetrate that iron flesh of yours. But the one time saving Lana means putting your heart on the line, the Man of Steel is nowhere to be found." - Chloe Sullivan, Promise, Season Six.

Becoming ever more distanced from Chloe, Lana moved in with Lex. Clearly getting over her past lack of trust of Chloe, Lana eventually confided in her, before taking a step to consummate her relationship with Lex. Chloe patiently listened, as Lana admitted that she was having trust issues, but she really didn't trust herself. Sympathizing with her friend and finally understanding her relationship with Lex, Chloe encouraged Lana to take a step to get what she wanted.

As Lana became concerned about Lex's secretive business, she realized how valuable her relationship with Chloe was and began to confide in her again. When Lana fainted in the middle of their conversation, Chloe became concerned for her health but Lana convinced her to keep it secret. She later revealed to Chloe that she was pregnant and confessed that she regretted all her decisions over the past few months. Chloe was surprised but sympathetic and hugged her tightly.

Lana confesses her secret to Chloe.

Bringing their friendship closer again, Lana called Chloe, extremely upset, and asked her to help her find Lex, after he disappeared in front of her eyes. Lana and Chloe arrived at the mansion but they didn't find anything. However, Lex was there on another reality frequency. Chloe and Lana, with the help of Jimmy Olsen, were eventually able to free Lex.

Lana soon confessed to Chloe that she had reservations for marrying Lex due to her lingering feelings for Clark. When their conversation was published by Linda Lake, Lana accused Chloe of gossiping about her. Chloe denied this, claiming she would never betray Lana like that and she should give her the benefit of the doubt. Lana did, but still believed that Chloe was helping Clark hide something from her. Lana realized she left things in a weird place with Chloe and visited her to say that she would quit asking Chloe about Clark's secret if Chloe admitted that he had one. She then asked Chloe to be her Maid-of-Honor and Chloe agreed.

Lana's "bachelorette party" at the bowling alley with her best friend.

Lana and Chloe lived with each other again briefly when Lana received death threats while Lex was out of town. While there, Lana started snooping on Chloe's computer again, attempting to access a file titled, "CK", without any luck. Lana only invited Chloe to her bachelorette party, indicating how important Chloe was to her. Despite this, she used Chloe as bait to expose Clark's secret by locking her in a wine cellar, knowing that Chloe would rely on Clark to save her.

Chloe eventually suspected that Lana had discovered Clark's secret when Lana confessed to Chloe that she had married Lex to protect Clark. Lana, once again, put her trust in Chloe to keep this a secret, but Lana's dangerous scheme stuck in the middle of Lex, Clark and Lionel's secrets led to her car blowing up, seemingly killing her.

Season Seven

"Whoa, someone's been eating their Wheaties!" - Chloe Sullivan to Lana Lang in Wrath, Season Seven.

Lana is confronted by Chloe at the Isis Foundation.

After Chloe's healing power manifested itself, she woke up in the Smallville Medical Center morgue. To remove all evidence of her power, she took her death certificate and found Lana's death certificate underneath it. Chloe was shocked and saddened by this discovery. However, it was eventually revealed that Lana had faked her death. Nevertheless, when she returned to Smallville, Lana didn't see Chloe for a while.

Chloe made several attempts to overcome her new meteor freak status, which led her to the Isis Foundation. She was shocked to discover that Lana was running it. While Lana trusted Chloe to keep her involvement with the Foundation a secret, Chloe did not return this trust and kept her meteor ability a secret, claiming that she was there as a journalist.

Chloe and Lana work together to find Clark.

When Lana accidentally obtained Clark's powers via electricity, she acted very irresponsibly and violently attacked Grant Gabriel, Lois Lane and Lex Luthor, giving Chloe cause for concern. Once her powers were revoked, Chloe confronted Lana about her behavior. Chloe admitted that she didn't believe Lana was malevolent but gave her a friendly warning that she would not let her hurt Clark. Their friendship was strained after this and they didn't see much of each other, as they both remained busy with work.

Chloe was devastated when Lana was attacked by Brainiac and left in a coma. She visited her in hospital and shed a tear at the loss of her friend.

Season Eight

Lana shows Chloe what she discovered about Lex's projects

After Lana's recovery, she left Smallville but visited the Isis Foundation, where Chloe found her crouched by a radiator. Chloe was excited to see her again and Lana congratulated Chloe on her hard work at transforming the Isis Foundation into a fully functioning organization. They briefly discussed Clark, but Lana insisted that her reappearance be kept secret from him. Chloe reluctantly agreed.

Chloe didn't see Lana again until she arrived as a surprise guest at her wedding to Jimmy. Chloe again was thrilled to see Lana, but their reunion was brief as Doomsday then crashed the wedding and kidnapped Chloe.

Concerned for her friend, Lana helped Clark track down Chloe, who was eventually exorcised of Brainiac and returned home. Chloe's jealousy of Clark's love for Lana had clearly gone by this point in her life as she actively encouraged Clark to re-address his feelings for Lana.

Lana says goodbye to Chloe

When Lana went missing, Chloe was concerned for Lana's safety and wondered what it was that she was doing by the radiator that day in the Isis Foundation. Behind it, Clark and Chloe discovered a vital clue to Lana's whereabouts, which led them to Dr Groll's lab, where Lana was found with the Prometheus suit.

Chloe and Lana last saw each other after Lana had absorbed all of the kryptonite from Lex's bomb with the Prometheus suit. Chloe consoled her, as this had made Lana permanently separated from Clark. They hugged each other goodbye for a final time.


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