Emil and Chloe

Chloe Sullivan and Emil Hamilton worked together at Watchtower.

Season Eight

Emil and Chloe discuss Davis's DNA sample.

Within a few months after Emil started working for Oliver Queen, Chloe contacted him and asked him to find a cure for Davis Bloome, giving him a sample of Davis' DNA. Over a webcam, Dr. Hamilton explained that Davis' DNA was nothing he had ever seen before. The nucleus kept mutating and that when he killed a cell, it somehow became stronger. He mentioned that serious body changes could be triggered by strong emotions such as love and hate. He then told Chloe that Davis' control rests in her hands. Chloe decided to leave Smallville with Davis for Clark's protection.

Emil helps Clark and "Chloe".

After "Chloe"'s return, Emil contacted Clark about another Doomsday attack. Arriving at the location, Clark and Chloe meet Emil, who was examining the bodies, reporting them to be meteor-infected. Chloe seemingly panicked and left for some fresh air. Clark accepted this from her, but Emil suspected that something else was going on and told Clark that Chloe came to him looking for a cure. This was confusing as Chloe wanted Clark to destroy Davis but it was revealed that it wasn't Chloe at all, but the shapeshifting Eva Greer, a member of Tess Mercer's Injustice League.

Season Nine

"Dr. Hamilton!"
"If you would be so kind as to lower the nine millimeter Jericho nine four one, I'd prefer Emil." - Chloe Sullivan to Emil Hamilton , Savior

Chloe meets Emil at Watchtower.

Chloe took up residence in the Watchtower, weeks after Doomsday's attack. She heard a noise coming from the elevator entrance of the tower and pulled out a gun, intending to dispose with the intruder. Chloe walked over to the balcony railing and looked downwards to see Emil emerging from the shadow, revealing himself as the intruder and requesting that she put down her gun. Chloe inquiries if Oliver had sent him to aid in her search for her cousin Lois Lane to which he informed her that Oliver and the rest of his team had vanished off the grid after blaming themselves for Jimmy Olsen's death. Chloe said that she believed that it was up to them to reassemble the team. Later Chloe discovers that Emil had used Oliver's money to purchase state-of-the-art technology for Watchtower. He felt inspired to help after their previous conversation earlier. Chloe tells Emil that Lois had returned and someone else came back with her and they start working together to find answers to Lois's three week disappearance. Chloe shows Emil the Legion ring Lois left behind in her hospital room when she returned. She says she thinks her cousin traveled to the future. Emil then shows Chloe on her new hi-tech computer a recorded image of two trans-dimensional portals at the site of the monorail train crash where Lois returned, proving that Lois wasn't the only one to return from the future.

Chloe and Emil work together to destroy the virus.

Chloe is watching something at Watchtower but quickly turns it off when Emil enters. He tries to tell her that they shouldn't have secrets from each other but she says he's in the wrong business for that. Clark then arrives with a sample of Tess Mercer's blood for them to analyze and identify the virus from an ongoing zombie plague. They bring up security footage and Dr. Hamilton hypothesizes that it may be a virus that affects the rage areas of the brain. Discovering the toxin was airborne, Chloe managed to isolate the virus and Emil suggested possibility that the virus had been deliberately released by someone. He also said that the virus induces sleep so it can incubate. Chloe stated an antidote can be made if they only find the right blood type. Upon looking at the data, Emil said he'd only seen a blood type like that once and it belonged to Davis Bloome. They automatically concluded that they needed an exact match of the blood sample. Clark then arrived and revealed his alien origin and then a blood sample was taken from Clark using a kryptonite soaked needle. Emil and Chloe then left Clark to go administer the antidote. They got in Oliver's jet and flew above Metropolis spraying the clouds so it mixed with the rain. Emil then wondered why Chloe was betraying Oliver by tracking him and the Justice League but Chloe said it was to protect them.

Chloe tells Emil to keep Clark connected to Lois.

Chloe asked Emil for Lois's test results when she was admitted to Met Gen after she fell into a coma. Chloe found out Tess had Lois transferred to Belle Reve and connected ]herself to Lois's memories of when she went missing. Clark found out and accidentally hooked himself to her memories. Chloe and Emil examined him while he was connected to Lois. Emil tried to get him to respond while Chloe reported that an ambulance is coming for Stuart Campbell who has lost a lot of blood after being shot by Tess for refusing to corporate. Emil explained to Chloe that Clark and Lois' brainwaves are connected but he may be able pull Clark out of it. Chloe stopped him and said that the reports Tess had on Lois stated that the more times she went to see her therapist, the more memories she recovered. Emil stated that the memories are physically damaging, but Chloe continued saying that the future assassin told Clark that he would destroy the world, and Lois' memories are the key to stopping it. When Clark woke up Emil assured both him and Chloe that when Lois awakes she wouldn't have any memories of the future she saw.

Emil and Chloe examin the body of Wesley Dodds.

Chloe meet with Emil when he examined the body of Wesley Dodds. Emil confirmed that Dodds was murdered the same way that Sylvestor Pemberton was, with ice. Emil said that the ice had human DNA stating that a metahuman was behind both murders. Emil also questioned what "JSA" meant since the mark was at the scene of the crime in blood and Chloe suggested it was a calling-card from the murderer.

Season Ten

Emil examines Chloe.

Emil examined Chloe after Clark had found her in a coma after putting on the Helmet of Nabu. Emil told Clark that Chloe was suffering from an overloaded trauma as a result of putting on the helmet.

Chloe and Emil watch footage from the night before.

Chloe and Emil were both present at Clark and Lois's bachelor/bachelorette party. Emil was recording everything. Everyone ended up getting drunk thanks to champagne being spiked with magic. The next morning, Chloe saw two young girls pass by, clad in leather jackets with Elvis pictures, listening to an Elvis impostor crooning show tunes. Chloe stopped the girls, and a closer look revealed that Elvis was none other than Emil, who seemed to be an overnight success. Clark told Chloe that Emil had been taken into police custody for stealing an armored truck something of which Clark actually did. At Watchtower, Chloe had realized that since Emil's name had no trace in the current police records, Emil must not be in prison. Clark then concluded that the "police officers" who arrested him must have been criminals posing as cops. Chloe and Clark traced the "cops" to Fortune Casino and there Clark saved Emil. Later Chloe, Emil, and everyone else at Watchtower watched the amusing footage recorded by Emil from the night before.


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