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"You researched me? Well, you know, I always kind of wanted my own stalker". Davis Bloome to Chloe Sullivan, Plastique

Chloe and Davis.

Chloe Sullivan and Davis Bloome struck up a close friendship after meeting near a bus explosion at the Daily Planet. The two seemed to share a mutual attraction to one another because the influence of Brainiac.

Chloe and Davis' relationship is known as "Chlavis" to fans.[citation needed]

Season Eight

"Well, Chloe, I grew up hearing a lot of four-letter words and "love" wasn't exactly one of them. If you found it, real love, hold on to it". Davis Bloome to Chloe Sullivan, Plastique

Chloe and Davis met for the first time.

Chloe's relationship with Davis began after a bus exploded outside the Daily Planet. Chloe noticed a girl, Bette Sans Souci, stumbling around and called out for help. Davis heard Chloe shouting and came to their aid. After he finished examining Bette, he thanked Chloe for her help. They meet later on when Chloe went to check on Bette at the hospital. Chloe and Davis quickly began to build a relationship as they worked together to help find Bette a home. When things began to get awkward between Chloe and Davis, she blurted out that she was engaged, much to Davis' surprise.

Chloe says Davis that she can´t see him anymore.

When Oliver Queen was poisoned, Chloe and Clark followed his order not to take him to a hospital and instead Chloe contacted Davis. When Davis arrived, he disagreed with Chloe's decision to avoid involving the hospital, but Davis trusted Chloe and went to get a heart monitor. After Oliver's recovery, Chloe was surprised to find Davis at the Isis Foundation looking at her complicated research. Davis realized that Chloe's intelligence was a bit unusual and guessed that her fiancé didn't know about this ability. Chloe seemed a bit uneasy but Davis reassured her that everyone has a dark side they might not understand.

Davis kisses Chloe.

Days later, one of Chloe's clients was murdered. When she went to the hospital to do some investigating, Chloe found Davis in the morgue and he admitted that he thought, he, himself, might be the killer. Chloe refused to believe this and declared his innocence and promised to help him find the real killer. Later on, Chloe met Davis outside a café. He asked if she helped him because she helped everyone or if there was something more between them. Chloe insisted that she hadn't done anything to feel guilty about but felt like she needed to keep her distance from him for a while.

They are eventually brought back together when Davis' blackouts worsened and he requested Chloe's help to look into his past. She happily agreed, although this led her to be attacked by Faora, who was in search of her son. When Faora revealed Davis' alien heritage to him, he quickly told Chloe to stop investigating him.

Brainiac mocks Davis' feelings for Chloe.

When Chloe started to slowly lose her memory of everyone, the only one she remembered was Davis. This helped to strengthen the bond between Chloe and Davis, as her amnesia caused her to lose trust in everyone but him. Despite Davis' growing feelings for Chloe, he had her best interests at heart and returned her to Jimmy and Clark after tranquilizing her. Once Chloe's memory is restored, she bumped into Davis outside the Talon. She was grateful for his help during her amnesia and mentioned that she would miss him at her wedding. It was then that Davis admitted his feelings for Chloe and told her that he couldn't watch her marry the wrong man. Chloe admitted that when they first met there was an attraction but she insisted that she loved Jimmy. Davis refused to give up and kissed Chloe. She backed away and told him that the connection they had was never "this". Davis remained persistent and declared that he was not ready to let her go and that he would wait for as long as it took.

Chloe calms the beast.

Davis, fully transformed, crashed Chloe and Jimmy's wedding in a jealous rage and kidnapped Chloe. He took her to the Brainiac-infected Fortress of Solitude, which caused Brainiac to possess Chloe. Once Davis reverted back to his human state, he was unaware of Brainiac's control over Chloe and as he approached her, he was surprised by her aggressiveness. She grabbed Davis by the neck and declared that Chloe Sullivan ceased to exist from the moment she entered the Fortress. Davis desperately attempted to appeal to Chloe's humanity, insisting that his feelings for her were genuine. Brainiac then revealed that Chloe's feelings were only simulated by a program designed to lure Davis to him in order to initiate the final stages of his metamorphosis. Brainiac put Davis in a Kryptonian chrysalis in order to rid him of both his human form and emotions but before this process could be completed Clark exorcised Brainiac from Chloe's body.

Chloe dreams of being with Davis.

A month later, Chloe bumped into Davis in the hospital with no recollection of her time during her possession by Brainiac. Davis was clearly nervous about seeing Chloe, which she assumed was because of their kiss. By this point Davis was too concerned with controlling the beast inside him to think about his relationship with Chloe. However, when he discovered that Clark was the Kryptonian that he was sent to Earth to kill, he went to Chloe for help. Unable to stop his transformation, Davis told Chloe to run away but she wasn't fast enough and a fully transformed Davis attacked her in her car. Fortunately, Clark was able to rewind time with the Legion ring.

Chloe and Davis in their trip.

As Davis continued to battle the beast within him, he eventually discovered that being near Chloe stopped his transformation. This only increased Davis' obsession with Chloe. They began to spend more time together until Chloe discovered Davis' origins. Desperate to put an end to everything Davis begged for her help to kill him using a kryptonite cage. Although she was now aware of the danger that he posed, she was reluctant to kill him. Nevertheless, when he began to transform after seeing Clark, she pulled the lever to emerse Davis in refined kryptonite. She ran to the cage in tears and he smiled at her.

Later it was revealed that Davis had survived. Chloe was shocked and scared to discover that he was now immortal and realized that the only way to stop him was to stay near him, as only she could seem to calm him down. Chloe found this situation hard to deal with when Davis murdered one of Bruno Mannheim's thugs and she had to dispose of the body. However, when Clark discovered that Davis was alive, Chloe suggested that she and Davis go on the run.

Davis believed that Chloe had decided to run away with him as she loved him. However, at a gas station, Chloe secretly called Clark to explain that she was doing this to save Clark. Davis finally learned that Chloe's loyalties were never with him when he overheard Jimmy and Chloe reconciling. Despite being separated from his murderous Kryptonian persona with black kryptonite, Davis flew into a jealous rage and impaled Jimmy with a pole. He then went to kill Chloe but Jimmy managed to muster the strength to kill Davis before he too died.

Chloe was left heartbroken. She always wanted to see the best in Davis and blamed Doomsday for his murderous tendencies but this final act proved that Davis had the potential to be just as violent.


  • Although they haven't known each other long, Chloe and Davis seemed to trust each other greatly. For example: Chloe told Davis she was engaged before telling anyone else and Davis told Chloe about his blackouts, which he had never revealed to anyone before.
  • It is revealed in Legion that the mutual attraction shared by the two is the result of Brainiac executing a program designed to lure Davis, or Doomsday, to her.
  • During their strange relationship, Chloe has been killed twice by Davis transformed into Doomsday: once in an alternate timeline and again in a dream sequence. Also, Davis has tried to kill her when he discovered the true reason why she escaped with him. In the same way, Chloe killed him once when she tried to help him commit suicide.
  • Davis and Chloe's relationship is similar to the Hulk and Betty Ross' relationship in Marvel.


Davis: You researched me? Well, you know, I always kind of wanted my own stalker.
Chloe: No. It isn't like that, Davis. It's just that... no, really, I used to be a reporter, and so I have a serious... curiosity complex.
Davis: Okay, yeah..
Chloe: And I'm engaged. You're the first person I've told about that.
Davis: Well, um, congratulations. That's... a very unique engagement ring.
Chloe: Uh, well, you know, it's the story behind the ring that really makes it special.
Season Eight, Plastique

Chloe: Davis, I help people. That's what I do, you know. It doesn't have to mean any more than that.
Davis: Yeah, but it does. Did you help me because of some personal code of ethics, or was there more to it than that?
Chloe: I shouldn't be here right now. (gets ready to leave)
Davis: Why? Because you feel guilty or something?
Chloe: No. And I'd like it to stay that way.
Season Eight, Prey

Davis: There's alot in my life that i dont understand right now but the one thing am sure of.... is how i feel about you.
Season Eight, Abyss

Davis: I can't go to your wedding, Chloe, because I can't watch you marry the wrong man.
Season Eight, Abyss

Chloe: But I love Jimmy.
Davis: Do you? Do you really? I tried to be the bigger man: that's why I brought you back to him. Even though all I wanted to do was take care of you myself.
Season Eight, Abyss

Davis: (to Chloe) I am not ready to let you go. I will wait for as long as it takes.
Season Eight, Abyss
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