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As one of Clark Kent's closest friends, Chloe Sullivan has frequently been put in dangerous situations, and thus had many near-death experiences.

Image Episode Episode Name Near-death experience
X01pilothdmkv 002369494.jpg 1x01 Pilot Chloe was almost killed by Jeremy Creek alongside the other Smallville High students but was saved in time by Clark.
Smallville103 479.jpg 1x03 Hothead Coach Walt Arnold almost burned down the office of the Smallville Torch with Chloe inside, but Clark scared him off and saved her from the fire.
Smallville105 492.jpg 1x05 Cool Sean Kelvin tried to freeze Chloe by sucking all the heat out of the pool. Clark arrived to free Chloe and threw Sean across the room.
Smallville108 378.jpg 1x08 Jitters Chloe almost died in a gas explosion, but Lex Luthor saved her and the rest of her class.
Kine2.jpg 1x13 Kinetic Some former jocks robbed the Luthor Mansion where Chloe was interviewing Lex Luthor. During the attack, they pushed Chloe out of a fourth story window, giving her a broken arm, concussion, and bruises. She recovered after a week at the hospital.
Smallville119 515.jpg 1x19 Crush Chloe was attacked by telekinetic metahuman Justin Gaines who threw her across the room, then picked her up and dropped her, spraining her ankle. He hit her on the head with a horseshoe, but Clark arrived and saved her.
Smallville120 258.jpg 1x20 Obscura Chloe was kidnapped by Deputy Gary Watts and buried alive under the windmill in Chandler's Field. Lana had a kryptonite-inspired vision of Chloe's location, and Clark supersped over to pull her coffin out of the ground.
Smallville209 366.jpg 2x09 Dichotic Ian Randall took Chloe and Lana to a dam and tried to throw them over. Chloe fell and was knocked out, and Ian tried to throw her over. Clark supersped to the dam and caught before she could be hurt.
Smallville214 779.jpg 2x14 Rush While exploring the Kawatche Caves, Pete Ross and Chloe got infected with a parasite that caused them to do impulsive things. Clark had to save the two from driving their car off a cliff.
Delete.jpg 3x11 Delete Molly Griggs attempted to prevent Chloe from writing a planned expose about Lawrence Garner by sending out hypnotic emails to her friends to attempt to kill Chloe. She was saved by Clark who stopped Molly.
Smallville316 399.jpg 3x16 Crisis Adam Knight threatened to shoot Chloe if Lana did not leave with him. She was saved by the self-sacrifice of Lana.
18TruthBodyCount.jpg 3x18 Truth Chloe was exposed to a kryptonite-based truth agent at LuthorCorp and the drug was slowly killing Chloe. Her car was almost pushed off of a bridge before Clark saved her with an antidote.
S04e02gone720pmkv 001764262.jpg 3x22 Covenant When Chloe was sent to a safehouse for protective custody, an explosion blows up the place and she was declared dead. Later was revealed that Chloe hadn't died and that Lex had arranged the explosion to fake Chloe's death so that Lionel could not hurt her.
S04e02gone720pmkv 001849931.jpg 4x02 Gone Lionel sent an assassin, Trent MacGowen, to kill Chloe and prevent her from testifying at his trial. Trent found Chloe but failed to kill her due to the combined efforts of Clark and Lois Lane.
E04devoted720pmkv 001989904.jpg 4x04 Devoted Under the influence of a kryptonite-enhanced love potion, Chloe attacks Lois until Lois knocks her into a furnace and frees her from her trance.
E07jinx720pmkv 002111943.jpg 4x07 Jinx Mikhail Mxyzptlk threatened to murder Chloe if Clark didn't throw the championship football game, but Clark was able to superspeed and win the game and save her.
Smallville410 149.jpg 4x10 Scare Chloe almost succumbed to a lethal air toxin, released from LuthorCorp but was saved by the antidote developed by Luthorcorp.
412Smallville0589.jpg 4x12 Pariah In an effort to prove that Clark is a meteor freak, Alicia Baker teleports Chloe into her car and starts to drive dangerously fast. After calling Clark to rescue them, Chloe and Alicia are teleported out of the car and Clark appears revealing his powers.
417Smallville0730.jpg 4x17 Onyx Chloe almost died at a LuthorCorp lab as Alexander drops a large block of concrete on top of her and Clark. Clark saved her.
419Smallville0920.jpg 4x19 Blank Two large electrical columns almost crush Chloe but Clark saved her.
X21forever720pmkv 002006875.jpg 4x21 Forever Chloe was kidnapped with many other students by a psychotic school photographer who had the ability to petrify people and was turned into a wax statue but was rescued by Clark.
X22commencement720pmkv 002510007.jpg 4x22 Commencement During the second meteor shower that hit Smallville, an angry Lex confronted Chloe and dragged her by the force to the caves. She freed herself and knocked Lex before he could discover Clark's secret but was teleported to the Arctic in the process.
501Smallville0321.jpg 5x01 Arrival Chloe and Clark were transported to the Fortress of Solitude in the Arctic. Unable to withstand the sub-zero temperatures, she called out to Clark, who interrupted his training to save her life. Clark took Chloe to a hospital in the Yukon where she recovered.
503Smallville0749.jpg 5x03 Hidden After Gabriel Duncan attempted to blow up Smallville with a nuclear missile and took Chloe to his bunker for safety, they struggled over his gun and Gabriel was shot.
505Smallville0748.jpg 5x05 Thirst Lana bit Chloe while infected with a strain of vampiric rabies. Chloe called Clark for help and he used his super-hearing to find her as she passed out. Lex gave Clark an antidote from Project 1138, and Chloe and Lana were both cured.
513Smallville0339.jpg 5x13 Vengeance While investigating the Angel of Vengeance was attacked by the vigilante who warned her to stop her investigation. Clark tried to rescue Chloe, but the Angle flies and release Chloe.
514Smallville0884.jpg 5x14 Tomb Chloe cut her wrists when she was possessed by Gretchen Winters but was assisted by Lois who took her to the hospital. Later Chloe was almost shot by Michael Westmore but was saved when Gretchen's spirit leaves her body and kills Michael.
X16hypnotic720pmkv 001873874.jpg 5x16 Hypnotic While trying to save Clark and Lex from Simone Chesterman, she commands Lex to shot Chloe. Chloe struggles to get the gun away, but in the fight, the gun goes off and hits Simone directly through the amulet and into the chest.
522Smallville0805.jpg 5x22 Vessel During the Dark Thursday riots, a car flew through the basement window of the Daily Planet, but Clark sped in front of it and stopped it from crushing Chloe. Later, Chloe was attacked by a mob while trying to escape Metropolis but Lionel saved her.
601Smallville0643.jpg 6x01 Zod Chloe and Jimmy were threatened by an earthquake and a high frequency beacon caused by Zod. Both were saved by Clark who stopped Zod in time.
604Smallville0272.jpg 6x04 Arrow While helping Lois to investigate a mysterious thief, an arrow lands and spews a green gas. Chloe and Lois pass out and the masked man collects the ring.
610Smallville0836.jpg 6x10 Hydro Linda Lake tried to kill Chloe after she discovered that Linda is a meteor freak. Chloe fought with her at the Daily Planet and later in the Metropolis streets before Lana saved her.
611Smallville0032.jpg 6x11 Justice Dr. Caselli arranged a meeting with Chloe after she learned that Lex paid him to authorize transfers of dangerous metahumans from Belle Reve to Level 33.1 and tried to kill her by pulling a gun on her. She was saved by Bart Allen
612Smallville0606.jpg 6x12 Labyrinth In Clark's delusional dream, Chloe was shot in the chest by the Luthor's bodyguards and died in Clark arms.
615Smallville0794.jpg 6x15 Freak Chloe was nearly run over when Lex's team while kidnapping meteor freaks. Later in the episode when meteor freaks were being assassinated, Clark saved Chloe by removing the GPS device that had been put inside her.
618Smallville0734.jpg 6x18 Progeny Lex forces Chloe's mother Moira to use her power to help him and threatened to kill Chloe. Finally, both are rescued by Clark.
620Smallville0866.jpg 6x20 Noir Jimmy fought in the lobby with a gunman, but the gunman gets the upper hand and knocks Chloe off the balcony. She falls down the middle of the spiral staircase but Clark caught her just before she hit the floor.
622Smallville0849.jpg 6x22 Phantom Chloe died briefly after using her meteor power to bring Lois Lane back to life. She came back to life in the morgue, possibly through the use of a latent healing factor.
Bizarro319.jpg 7x01 Bizarro Chloe was pronounced dead by the doctors who tried to saved her and later was sent to the morgue were she resurrected thanks to her powers and was rescued by Clark.
Cure6.jpg 7x04 Cure Dr. Curtis Knox tried to kill Chloe to steal her kryptonite-rich heart and give his wife Sophia immortality. Clark fought with Dr. Knox, and saved Chloe from death.
Gemini158.jpg 7x09 Gemini Chloe discovered that a bomb had been planted on her by Adrian Cross while she was trapped in an elevator with Jimmy Olsen. Bizarro saved them both, and threw the bomb off the roof of the Daily Planet.
Chloe Siren.jpg 7x11 Siren Chloe was threatened by Black Canary while collecting information for Oliver at the Daily Planet. She was rescued by Oliver.
Normal fracture722.jpg 7x12 Fracture Chloe died after using her powers to heal Lex. She was dead for 18 hours, before coming back to life through her meteor power.
716Smallville0872.jpg 7x16 Descent Chloe was knocked out by Gina at the Isis Foundation while investigating Lionel´s death.
17sleeperbodycount.jpg 7x17 Sleeper Chloe was almost beaten to death by Agent Webber, but Jimmy Olsen saved her by knocking out a DDS agent and Agent Webber in hand to hand combat.
Normal arctic0589.jpg 7x20 Arctic Brainiac pierced Chloe's head with his finger tendrils but Chloe's power enabled her to resist for a short while. She was left in catatonic state and Clark saved her.
801Smallville0403.jpg 8x01 Odyssey Chloe was tortured by Ray, but Clark arrived and freed her.
S0802-12.png 8x02 Plastique Bette Sans Souci attacked Chloe with her ability to project explosive force, but Clark saved her using his super speed and invulnerability.
Truth.png 8x05 Committed Chloe and Jimmy were abducted by a psychotic jeweler who electrocuted them when they failed a lie detector test. He freed them after they passed his test.
808Smallville0683.jpg 8x08 Bloodline Faora tracked down Chloe and began to strangle her demanding information about her son before Chloe dropped her files of Davis on the floor and Faora left.
Forehead kiss chloeview.jpg 8x09 Abyss Brainiac began to remove all of Chloe's memories, until she had almost no memories left. Clark went to Jor-El, and had him restore almost all of her memories and saved her.
810Smallville1272.jpg 8x10 Bride Chloe is kidnapped by a super-powered Davis Bloome, and brought to the Fortress of Solitude were she was possessed by Brainiac.
811Smallville0876.jpg 8x11 Legion The Legion was going to kill Chloe when she was possessed by Brainiac, as they didn't know any other way to stop Brainiac. Clark intervened before they could do it, however, and they agreed to work together to remove Brainiac and keep Chloe alive.
814Smallville0744.jpg 8x14 Requiem While visiting Oliver at the hospital, Chloe was ambushed by Winslow Schott who knocked her unconscious with gas. After she recovered, she helped Clark and Lana track him down.
815Smallville0904.jpg 8x15 Infamous During an alternate timeline, Chloe discovered the truth about Davis Bloome and ran for her life from him but was killed by Doomsday before she could escape.
816Smallville0640.jpg 8x16 Turbulence On Jimmy's dream, Chloe was killed by the beast that attack Jimmy on they wedding.
817Smallville1067.jpg 8x17 Hex Chloe was caught in Zatanna's vortex but was saved by Clark.
819Smallville0707.jpg 8x19 Stiletto One of Bruno Mannheim's thugs was going to kill Chloe but Doomsday saved her.
822Smallville0946.jpg 8x22 Doomsday Chloe was about to be killed by Davis Bloome after he learned the truth about their relationship but she was saved by the sacrifice of Jimmy.
907Smallville0639.jpg 9x07 Kandor (episode) Chloe was knocked out by Jor-El to protect her from some armed men. Clark later found her.
909Smallville1042.jpg 9x09 Pandora In a possible future, Alia killed Chloe with a sword on the streets of Metropolis and died in Lois arms.
910Smallville0642.jpg 9x10 Disciple Clark saved Chloe from being killed by Vordigan when he unknowingly arrived in time at the Watchtower, causing Vordigan to flee.
911Smallville0065.jpg 9x11 Absolute Justice, Part 1 Chloe was put in danger during the battle between Sylvester Pemberton and Icicle, but Pemberton throws her into a dumpster to protect her.
912Smallville0819.jpg 9x12 Absolute Justice, Part 2 Chloe was attcaked by Icicle that held her in a choke hold until she was rendered unconscious. She was saved by the Justice League and the Justice Society.
913Smallville1140.jpg 9x13 Warrior Chloe was almost crushed by a falling planet at Metropolis Wonder-Con, but was saved by Warrior Angel. Later she was taken to the top of the Crow's nest by Devilicus who wanted to kill her and was thrown off the rooftop but was rescued by Clark.
914Smallville1087.jpg 9x14 Persuasion Chloe was beaten and almost shot by Tess before Clark saved her.
917Smallville1106.jpg 9x17 Checkmate Chloe was almost shot and killed by a Checkmate agent. Despite not knowing where she is, Clark was able to find her using his super hearing. He promptly used his super speed to race to her side and his invulnerability to stop the bullet from killing her.
920Smallville0582.jpg 9x20 Sacrifice Chloe and Tess almost died from lack of oxygen when they were trapped in the Watchtower but both were saved by their common efforts.
SV 0593.jpg 10x01 Lazarus Chloe passed out after putting on the Helmet of Nabu despite knowing the risk that this entailed and later Emil confirmed that she was suffering from an overloaded trauma. She wake up from her catatonic state and traded herself for Oliver to protect him.
X02shieldhdmkv 000911577.jpg 10x02 Shield It was revealed that Chloe was tortured and then killed herself with a cyanide pill to protect Oliver from Rick Flag. However it was later revealed that she'd actually faked her own death.
Sv1012 433.jpg 10x12 Collateral While trying to free the Justice League, Chloe was caught by the VRA and almost killed, but both teams (Suicide Squad and Justice League) were able to save her.
SvS10e14.jpg 10x14 Masquerade Chloe was abducted by Desaad who threatened Chloe with a knife and confronted her with hallucinations of the Deadly Sins plaguing her to give into Darkseid. Clark managed to rescue her from Desaad.
Sv1015 000567.jpg 10x15 Fortune Chloe was attacked at the Fortune Casino by Amos Fortune thugs, but she was able to defend herself after Lois warned her.
1021Smallville1237.jpg 10x21 Finale, Part 1 During Clark and Lois wedding, Chloe was shocked to learn that Oliver was possessed by the darkness and was saved from being hurt by Lois. While trying to escape from the chapel, Chloe was caught in a mob of people trying to escape, but ends unharmed.


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