Chandler's Field is on the outskirts of Smallville.

Physical Appearance

The field is a wide open field, with a tall windmill on it.

Season One

Lana Lang was rescued by Clark Kent when, exposed to the Nicodemus flower, she climbed up the windmill and fell off. (Nicodemus)

Chloe Sullivan was buried alive under the windmill and had to be rescued. (Obscura)

Season Four

Evan Gallagher requested to see the view from the top before he died. However, upon reaching the top, he aged so rapidly, he caused an explosion and destroyed the windmill. (Ageless)

Season Ten

Kara tried to teach Clark how to fly, starting from the top of the windmill.



  • The field is ten miles due west of Smallville High School.[1]
  • Metropolis can be seen from the windmill. (Nicodemus)
  • The Chandler's Field windmill had been presumably repaired after Evan's explosion destroyed it in Season Four.
  1. (Ageless - Chloe Sullivan mentioning it when describing the location of the power breaks on the DWP-grid)
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