Central Kansas A&M


Central Kansas A&M
Field Secondary Education
Industry Academics
Location Near Smallville
Status Operational

Central Kansas A&M University (also known as Central Kansas University or CKU) is a university located within close proximity to Smallville.

Clark at CKU

Clark Kent attended CKU for a little over one semester. He turned down a scholarship to Metropolis University to attend Central Kansas so that he could continue to live at home and help his parents with the farm.

During his freshman year, Clark took a World History class taught by Professor Milton Fine, who was actually the Brain Inter-Active Construct in disguise. Professor Fine later hired Clark as a research assistant on his investigation of LuthorCorp, claiming the purpose of his research was to expose the truth behind LuthorCorp and publish his findings in a book,while his true plan was to use Clark to free General Zod from the Phantom Zone.

After the death of his father, [1] Clark told his mother he "sort of dropped out" of college, but she urged him to go back. He has not been seen attending classes since Jonathan's death in January 2006.

Others at CKU

  • Lex Luthor donated a considerable amount of funding to this university, which gave him top level access to the dean and academic review board.
  • Joseph Willowbrook is a professor here. He was the advisor for Jeremiah Holdsclaw, a graduate student. Holdsclaw was writing a dissertation on the "slumbering place", an ancient Kawatche burial ground, before he was put into a coma. [2]

Jason at CKU.

  • Jason Teague attended Central Kansas while working as an assistant football coach for Smallville High School. While they were dating, Lana Lang considered applying to CKU to be close to Jason. She didn't give Clark the same consideration when they were dating later, saying they didn't have the classes she wanted to take (like Astronomy).


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