"For all we know there could be lots of people out there who've been infected who lead perfectly normal lives... And they could be using their abilities for good, too." - Jonathan Kent, Extinction

Benevolent metahumans: most people who gain special abilities are psychotic versions of their former selves, but some of them use their abilities for good and to help others.

When Clark encountered some of them, they were already using their abilities to help others, while others like Maddie or Kyle were afraid and confused by their powers. However, Clark's example and assistance allowed them to gain a better understanding and control over their powers and also inspired them to use their powers for good. Some, like Bart Allen, at first used their powers for their own needs; but they were not doing it because they where evil or psychotic but rather because they had been ostracized and rejected by friends and family and were simply using what they had to survive. Clark was able to persuade them to use their powers for good in the end.

It is unknown why these unique individuals have been able to acquire meteor powers without being deprived of their sanity due to Kryptonite Psychosis. Some may call it luck or a fluke but it is generally believed kryptonite psychosis only enhances malevolent intentions. All the benevolent empowered individuals are good people, despite some showing fear of their abilities to begin with therefore supporting the theory that only people with selfish intentions fall prey to psychosis.

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