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This article is about the Daily Planet reporter known as Cat Grant. For the television host, see Catherine Grant.

"It's Catherine. But my friends call me "Cat." Cat Grant. With a "C." Want a cookie?" - Cat Grant, Shield

Catherine "Cat" Grant (born Mary Louise Shroger) is a reporter for the Daily Planet that temporarily replaced Lois when she left for Egypt. She became Clark Kent's new desk partner in 2010.

Physical Appearance

Cat Grant

Cat has blond, curly hair and is pretty. She also has blue eyes. She dresses in a rather conservative manner.


"Safety first. My granddaddy always told me, seat belts save lives. [Car Explodes] " - Cat, Shield

At first Cat comes off as extremely nice and sweet sort of girl, to the point that it becomes obnoxious. With a cutesy and high-pitched voice, she is obviously a girly-girl, and adores the color pink. She's clearly a loving sort of person, though, particularly to her son who she goes out of her way to protect. Cat is also somewhat intelligent, despite her "dumb blond" appearance and personality, apparently having become valedictorian in high school or so she claims.

However, given her strict and rigid conservative views, Cat also appears to make harsh and unfair judgments about people's "life style" choices, in particular, vigilantes like the Blur and Green Arrow who she deems menaces to the world who are morally against the "natural order" of things. She gets most of her opinions from Gordon Godfrey, a controversial shock-jock. She also seems to particularly despise Lois Lane, claiming that her "liberal" opinions are corrupting the people. She's also shown signs of wanting to disrupt Clark and Lois' relationship both romantically and in regards to work. Whether it's because she actually has a romantic interest in Clark, or because she just likes provoking Lois is unknown however.

Season Ten

"You know, the world may never see me as some big hero... But maybe someday my son will", Shield

Cat introduces herself to Clark.

Immediately taking over Lois Lane’s desk, Cat made herself the new partner of Clark Kent, much to Clark's personal dislike. Cat managed to inadvertently alienate herself from Clark by first insulting Lois and after listening to some anti-hero talk from Gordon Godfrey on the radio, proceeded to bad-mouth heroes, such as the Blur. It appears that Cat gets much of her conservative views from Godfrey, and has made it her personal crusade to villainify heroes, having written an anti-Green Arrow piece back at her small town paper.

Green Arrow "attacks" Cat.

On their first day working together, Clark and Cat are caught in an exploding car caused by Deadshot, who was hired to supposedly kill Cat. Clark of course managed to get them to safety. After talking with Tess Mercer and investigating Cat's background, Clark discovers that Cat's real name is Mary Louise, and she changed her name in order to protect herself and her son from an abusive ex.

Meanwhile, Clark had Cat stay at Chloe and Lois' old Talon apartment for safety. However, she is confronted by Green Arrow, who was looking for clues to Chloe's recent disappearance. Trying to protect herself from what she deems was a hero out to kill her, Cat used every type of defense she had, but failed against the archer's skills.

Cat finds herself a hero.

It was later discovered by Tess, that Cat was not Deadshot's target, but Clark himself who was being tested. Cat attempted to leave Metropolis by bus, but was tracked down by Deadshot, who almost killed her until Clark managed to intervene, who blocked, caught and placed the bullet Deadshot fired, onto Cat's bullet-proof vest, so as to make it appear as if the vest saved her. Still, Cat saw Clark as her personal hero for trying to save her, claiming that the world needed heroes like him who walked in the daylight, rather than skulking in shadows.

Upon her return to Metropolis, Lois gets Cat assigned to cover the dog sled racing event in Alaska. Lois also reclaims her partner Clark Kent and her desk at the office by throwing out Cat's things in the garbage.

Cat returns to the Daily Planet

When Cat returned from Alaska, its to find that Lois had retaken her desk and Clark as her partner. Unwilling to let the Liberal Lois to return without a fight, Cat has her desk pushed against Clark and Lois'. She then begins to flirt with Clark much to Lois' annoyance, and undermine their relationship by trying to get Clark to work with her on the missing Amulet of Isis story. Clark refuses, and Cat later goes off to the warehouse to investigate the story alone. There she runs across Isis, who has possessed Lois' body and how demonstrates super-human powers to steal the Heart of Osiris. Deeming that Lois is the super-power Blur, she attempts to take photos of Lois as Isis to use in her exposition article. Clark however speeds Cats to a cafe before she can take the picture.

Cat talks to Tess about a story

Unrelenting to give up on the chance to destroy Lois Lane, Cat goes to Tess Mercer to reveal what she found out. However when she arrives, she sees a photo of a red-haired boy and assuming that its Tess' son offers up some idea on how to take care of him. Tess retorts that the boy is not her child, and abashed, Cat pushes on to explain that she believes Lois to be the Blur. Tess explodes into laughter at this, which only pushes Cat to expose Lois all the more. Before Cat however can get security footage of Lois/Isis' actions the night before, Tess makes certain to erase the security cameras form the warehouse.

Cat spies on Isis

Cat then goes to the museum, where she sees Isis performing a resurrection ritual on Clark. She manages to take a few photos, but knocks over a bust, alerting Isis to her presence. Cat attempts to run away, colliding with Green Arrow who agrees to keep her safe by putting her side an empty tomb. After Lois is saved by Clark and Oliver, life goes back to normal. However, Cat unaware that Lois was possessed and no longer has super-powers, stabs Lois in the hand with a pen in order to prove herself right. Howling with pain, Lois pulls back her fist to punch out Cat, only be to be stopped by Clark. Cat then reiterates that Lois is the Blur, but Clark and Lois explained that Lois was only possessed. Cat refuses to believe this, despite Lois shouting at her that in Metropolis, anything can happen.

Cat has a change of heart.

Later that year at the Daily Planet, Cat walked up to Lois, spotted her engagement ring, and assumed that Lois was pregnant. Lois told her if she started that rumor, she'd knock her out. Cat talked about how her marriage train-wrecked and undermined Lois by saying she'd need to work on her domestic skills. The next morning Cat confronted Tess for not running the story about Oliver and the VRA, but was dismissed by her. Cat later turned Lois, Emil Hamilton, and Tess over to the Government whom they believed had helped the Blur and the other vigilantes. Cat ran into Lois as she escaped and Lois, much to her dismay, told Cat that she was a good reporter and convinced Cat to not tell officers that she had seen her.

Cat is a member of Booster's fan club

When Booster Gold arrived in Metropolis, Cat saw him as the hero she's been waiting for and wanted to interview him, as that may be the opportunity she needed to earn the promotion Lois was up for with her vigilante articles. While Booster was trying to contact Lois, Cat met him at an autograph signing, where she offered to interview him, however Booster declined wanting Lois to do it, as she was the one who made the Blur famous.

Cat as a "Booster Girl"

During the rehearsal for his presentation of the key, he was in the middle of choosing which one of his showgirls would present him with the key, Cat walked in dressed as one, much to Booster's approval, who chose her to do it. During the later rehearsal, Jaime, trapped inside the Scarab, started attacking Booster Gold. Cat shielded the mayor, and asked Booster to help, who waved her off. When the Scarab pointed one of its energy blast at her and the mayor, Clark came in between the blast, and blurred away. Cat instantly recognized the Blur as the one who saved her.

Cat shows her support for the Blur.

Later, when Lois earned the promotion, Cat offered her a box of cookies, each blue with the red and yellow House of El symbol. Cat told Lois she was taking her desk, and Lois told Clark about his new deskmate. Clark knocked down Cat's box, and in a bumbling manner, picked them up. Cat told Lois Clark may be great, but he is no Blur.

Season Eleven

Clark's return to work is greeted by Cat Grant

After Clark takes care of a fire, he heads to the Daily Planet basement. There he is confronted by Cat who wonders why he hasn't answered any of her calls. Clark meekly replies he forgot to charge his cell phone. Cat then reveals he has a visitor, with Booster Gold jokingly greeting him.

Lois, Chloe, Clark and Tess read an article on the Daily Planet, titled "The New Cold War" and written by Cat Grant, presenting Superman as a threat and even stating that the Monitor's ship was actually his. Lois is furious with Cat's article and gets even more angry because of the fact that Franklin Stern didn't publish her story about the murder in Gotham.


In the Comics

Cat Grant as she appears in the comics.

Cat Grant first appeared in Adventures of Superman #424. She met and became friends with Clark Kent when she moved to Metropolis to be a gossip columnist at the Daily Planet following breaking up with Joe Morgan. Grant accepted an offer from Morgan Edge to become a television correspondent at Metropolis' WGBS. There she discovered Edge was head of a secret criminal group known as "Intergang". Working with Clark Kent, Grant exposed Edge's activities. Edge's father, Vincent Edge rehired Grant. Despite a dispute with Vincent Edge, Edge offered Grant a job in charge of a WGBS news show where she now works with Jimmy Olsen. Grant's son (Adam) was killed after being kidnapped by a newly psychotic Toyman. Grant is a long time recovering alcoholic. Recently with Jimmy Olsen's help, Grant convinced the WGBS board of directors to fire Vinnie Edge and give her his job.

When Lex Luthor successfully ran for the Presidency of the U.S.A., he named Cat Grant as the White House Press Secretary (President Luthor: Secret Files and Origins #1). After Luthor was deposed of his Presidency, Cat wandered a bit, ultimately returning to her birthplace in Los Angeles where she worked for a newspaper called "The Tattler." Her decision to return to Metropolis came about when Jimmy Olsen uncovered possible proof that Toyman had not intentionally killed Grant's son. The troubled "villain" claimed he had designed a double for himself, a robot that would handle his affairs if anything were to happen to him. Toyman asserts further that the robot, which developed an unforeseen glitch killed Adam, and swears that he would never hurt a child. As Jimmy delved further into researching this information, the story wound up on a snag, but his last bit of research shed a bit of doubt as to Toyman's truthfulness.

Cat is now back working at the Daily Planet, editing the Arts and Entertainment section of the newspaper, though her personality seems to have altered during her absence. After getting breast implants, she's now very flirty, dresses and acts provocatively - even coming on to Clark at one point. Lois believes Cat has lost her mind but Clark thinks differently. His opinion is that in her continuing grief, Cat is doing what she can to cover up the painful memories of the loss of her son.

Cat has seemed to also develop a sort of vendetta against costumed heroes, though only one in particular: Supergirl. Cat has made it her purpose to villainize and discredit the Girl of Steel, claiming that due to her history of mistakes, she is a greater threat than the villains she tries to stop.

Cat Grant in DCnU.

In the New 52, Cat is still journalist for the Daily Planet and was there, as the new building of the newspaper was opened and the old on was destroyed.

Clark Kent learns that Cat Grant wants to run a news and entertainment website with him. She tries to persuade him but Clark seems to be skeptic. Their rendezvous at the rooftop venue is interrupted by screams as dancers begin throwing themselves to Earth. With Cat looking away, Clark can become Superman to save the day. After Superman saves Cat she takes an interview from him for her new blog.

Cat and Clark Kent, after he leaves Daily Planet, are trying to set up a revolutionary news blog site called, which is struggling. They meet to discuss details about the site and Clark notices some small things about Cat that show she is hurting a bit financially. Later Cat receives a flashdrive, which consists pictures of Superman and Wonder Woman kissing, revealing the secret relationship of the two members of the Justice League. She decides to publish the photos on their site, feeling this is exactly the sort of publicity that the small start up blog needs and later throws a party in Metropolis to celebrate the success of ClarkCatropolis now that they broke the Superman/Wonder Woman romance. She throws the party at her boyfriend's lab, Aaron, who works on a device where all knowledge can be downloaded into someone's mind. When Clark tells her that he is suspicious because they don't know who sent the photos, Cat says she does not want to investigate it further. Also, Cat refuses to divulge her sources to other reporters and later, she is offered $13 million cash by Morgan Edge for Cat is in a dilemma but while Clark understands the sentiment, he tells her she should be proud of making a true news site, something with integrity and that he believes in her. Jimmy then advises both of them that if Morgan Edge is offering them so much money is because he wants to shut them down.


  • Her birth name is Mary Louise Shroger.[1]
  • She has several stuffed animals as decoration for her car.
  • She has a great appreciation for her grandfather.
  • She only spent weeks at her town newspaper, the Deepdale Morning Register, before being hired by the Daily Planet.
  • Cat has a son named Adam, much like her comic book counterpart. In the comics, Adam was kidnapped and murdered by Toyman.
  • Cat has met Clark, Lois, Oliver and Tess, but didn't meet Chloe. Chloe didn't appear in any of the 4 episodes featuring Cat.


  • The producers have split the character of Cat Grant into two separate individuals. The Catherine Grant character that appeared in Season Nine's Crossfire is from the comic story arc in which Cat becomes an on-air reporter at WGBS who eventually gets her own talk show The Cat Grant Show. This Cat Grant is a slight variation of the single mother Cat with a young son named Adam Morgan. This is made fun of on the series as Cat says that people think she is related to the one on TV, referencing Catherine Grant from Crossfire.
  • This marks the second appearance of the character of Cat Grant in a live-action adaptation of Superman. Cat's first appearance was in the first season of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman in which she was played by actress Tracy Scoggins.

Other faces of Cat Grant


  1. This was stated by Clark in Shield.

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