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Cassandra Carver's vision hinted at Lex Luthor's destiny as a murderous monster.


Lex as a murderous monster.

When Lex hears blind elderly metahuman Cassandra Carver is able to see a person's future by touching them, Lex asks her to see his future. Although he isn't aware of it like Clark Kent was earlier, she sees a vision of Lex in the White House then will bring great misfortune amongst the human race as conveyed when a mere touch from his right hand's black glove turns an entire field of flowers into one of bones and ash with Lex simply smiling as he's showered by a rain of blood. It's clear to him whatever Cassandra saw produced too much shock for her elderly age to handle, resulting in her unexpected demise.


  • Several elements of Cassandra's vision had come true in Finale, Part 2:
    • Just as Lex wore a black glove in the vision, Lex indeed put on a black glove to hide his hand due to his composite clone's imperfect cloned hand.
    • Just as Cassandra had seen Lex in the Oval Office of the White House, he was President-elect in 2018.
    • Although he usually wore black clothing, Lex had been seen wearing a brilliant white suit in Cassandra's vision and again after becoming President-elect on TV.
  • The only element of Cassandra's dream that didn't come true was when it rained red blood.
  • It can be assumed that Lex doesn't literally stand atop a mountain of bones; they represent all of his victims. It's not that big a leap to assume that the raining blood is similarly metaphorical. Blood won't literally rain from the heavens, but Lex Luthor's soul will be drenched with the blood of all of the people he kills.
  • Among the skeletons, one can spot one wearing a Batsuit, a Power ring, an alien skull, a skeleton with bracelets and a tiara.

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