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"You can fear the future or you can embrace it. The choice is yours." - Cassandra Carver, to Clark Kent, Hourglass.

Cassandra Carver was an elderly, blind, metahuman living at the Smallville Retirement Center.

Physical Appearance

She was an elderly woman with graying hair.


Cassandra was kind, gentle, strong-spirited, and was a rather down-to-earth individual, who looked for the good in people. [citation needed]

Powers and Abilities

  • Precognition: By making physical contact with someone, Cassandra could see into their future.

Early History

Cassandra lost her sight when the meteor shower struck Smallville on 1989. A meteor hit a field near her house and the resulting flash burnt her optic nerves. Around the same time, Cassandra started seeing snapshot visions that she couldn't control.

Season One

When Cassandra met Clark Kent, she gave him two visions of his own future; one featuring Clark standing in the middle of a graveyard surrounded by the graves of his family and friends, and one of multiple people in trouble. She knew something of his future since she had seen him in the futures of so many of the people she had touched, and told him that he took away their pain and fear. When she and Clark last met, before he joined Chloe and Pete in searching Harry Bolston/Volk's room, she assured him with a smile that his secret was safe with her.

Lex Luthor visited Cassandra and asked her to see his future. Although he wasn't aware of it, she saw a vision of him in the White House, then surrounded by flowers, which turned to corpses while he was bathed in a rain of blood. The shock of the vision killed her.


  • Clark's presence in Cassandra's visions of many people's futures suggests his destiny to become Superman.
  • The name Cassandra is based on Greek mythology. Cassandra was given the gift of prophecy by Apollo, but when she did not return his love, she was cursed so that no-one would believe her predictions.
  • Cassandra marked the first person outside of Clark's family or his various meteor rock-based adversaries to become aware of his secret.
  • Cassandra was the first benevolent meteor freak Clark came across.


  • Cassandra's vision of Lex's future is very similar to his own vision of his worst nightmare in Scare.
  • Given that Clark could also see Cassandra's visions when no other person could, there are similarities between her power and the power of Sarah Conroy, as both of them were able to at least partly manipulate Clark's mind in a pacifistic manner due to his non-human status.
  • Clark seems to have forgotten about Cassandra by Extinction as he claims that his encounter with the meteor infected citizens never end with them becoming friends or shaking hands. There is the possibility however that Clark didn't know that Cassandra was a meteor freak; alternatively, he may simply not consider her a conventional 'freak' given her fundamentally passive powers and greater age.


Cassandra: Because... we both know... you're not like other people.
Clark: Sure, I am.
Cassandra: No, Clark, I've seen you...before we ever met. More than once, I've touched people, and I've seen such pain and despair and -- but then you were there, and the pain was gone. I think that's your destiny, Clark -- to help people, to save them from fear and darkness.
Clark: How?
Cassandra: That's for you to figure out. You can fear the future, or you can embrace it. The choice is yours.
Season One, Hourglass

Cassandra: Clark, your secret is safe with me.
Season One, Hourglass


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