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Casey Brock was a LuthorCorp lab tech that worked on Project Scion.

Season Seven

The metallic remains of Brainiac entered Casey's body while she was in the lab. She was later found half-conscious in an alley, exhibiting random incoherent speech patterns and was suffering from toxic levels of metal poisoning. When Lana Lang found out about her strange symptoms, she had her contacts at the Isis Foundation quarantine her to keep her away from other patients. Overnight the metal content in her body dropped dramatically, leaving almost no traces of zinc, magnesium or iron in her body. This suggested that whatever had been in her bloodstream had just left.

The speech patterns that Casey was babbling turned out to be Kryptonian in nature. Bizarro wrote down what she was saying, and it turned out to be a hex code. The numbers represented an error message that high tech systems encounter when they can't boot up. The numbers were repeating because the program kept trying to initiate. The computer appeared to be learning from its mistake, and coming closer to booting up.

Lana revealed that Casey was already brain-dead by the time she was found and brought to the Isis for help, Lionel Luthor later revealed that Casey shortly after passed away while in Lana's care from the Brainiac infection. (Siren)


  • Casey Brock was the only person to speak Kryptonian on the show.